Stickman Readers' Submissions March 27th, 2010

What If?

At the age of 23 I'm finally planning a trip with friends to return to Pattaya after 5 years. The following is the story of my first trip to Pattaya, which I'll never forget as this was the last chance I got to spend time with my father before he sadly passed away. This itself is a story but this story is about a girl called Noi (not her real name).

First I would like to point out that I'm Thai / English and have grown up around Thai women. I know what they are like (my mother is one). Luckily I was born and raised in the UK and have a western mind, but I do see Thai traits in me. A good example of this is that I too don't like to lose face.

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I visited Pattaya back in 05 and stayed for one month at the Sandy Springs hotel on soi 13. Being 18 (just) and a long way from home I decided to stick with dad for the first two weeks (to learn how things work from a Pattaya vet who was on to his 2nd Thai wife), then after a talk which resembles the speech given by the father lion in the movie the Lion King I was set free!

So I set off, money in my pockets and the 3 F's in mind (find 'em, fuck 'em, fuck 'off). I made my way though many gogo bars stopping at each one for only a drink or two. The attention I was getting was a little scary at first but I was soon pretty smashed and it didn't bother me at all. Seems that Thai girls like the fact that I'm half Thai and everywhere I go I'm approached by shy 19 year olds with smoking bodies who I am "told" are new to Pattaya and like me very much and want to know if I have a girlfriend. Not wanting to get stuck with the same girl for the next 2 weeks I turn them down and move on.

Then whilst I was sat in Wordwide near soi 8, a young sexy lady approached me and sat down. She was stunning with a good face, killer body and firm ass easy, the nicest looking girl in there. Her name was Noi and she was 22, her English was good and we could talk quite easily as I can talk some basic Thai (I know… a Thai that can't talk Thai, I am a farang still after all, no matter what colour I am). She offers her phone number and tells me she's off tomorrow and that I should ring her if I wanted to. I act interested and play it cool and tell her maybe I will and leave. Getting back to my hotel I knew definitely I was going to ring her and couldn't wait till morning. I reflect on the night… I know I said I didn't want to get stuck with the same girl for 2 weeks but Noi was hot, 22, and worked in a gogo bar. How many other 18-year olds that lived my crappy hometown could say that they had slept with such a beauty.

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The next day I ring and we arrange to go to Tony's on Walking Street. I meet her and we go have a good time. Not once does she mention money and she seems happy enough to pay for her own drinks. She finds it most funny when I'm asked to produce my ID card and I have explain I'm a farang. Being half Thai has its perks when someone tries to rip you off, you simply remind them that "mare con Thai" and prices seem to fall a lot. That night Noi stayed with me and we screwed like rabbits. Morning came and we went for breakfast (still no mention of money). She told me that she liked me and wanted to go out again that night but had to work. Call me cheap but I'm a young guy who didn't want to pay for what he got last night for free. Then before I said anything she told me to go to her bar that night and she would pay her own bar fine! She then handed me 500 baht and told me to pretend I was paying it, "you not have to pay", she said and kissed me goodbye.

I was glowing and rushed to see my dad who was happy for me but reminded me not to get to attached. Noi could defiantly teach me a few things in the bedroom and I couldn't wait to meet again. That night I "paid" her bar fine and once again we had a great night. The thing about Noi was, she was not your average Thai. She thought about what she said and showed to have logical thoughts which made me sad because she's seemed educated but still worked as a "dancer". In the morning we boom boom again and she tells me she loves me. I didn't say it but inside I felt it.

Me and Noi spent the rest of my holiday together and despite what people might think, we were very much in love. I never paid Noi anything, in fact it was quite the opposite. She often bought me drinks and turned up with food which again she refused payment for. When I left Thailand it was very sad. She cried and I must admit I had a few tears. I was to return after I had earned enough money but first I had to find a new job as I had walked out of my old job when my boss said I couldn't have a month off (remember what I said about losing face).

2 weeks later my dad passes away and things get put on hold. Noi rings everyday but I'm upset and my mental health wasn't really doing well and I stop taking her calls. For months she tried to contact me but I just ignored her calls and eventually they stopped. I still think about Noi to this day (5 years later) and will never forget her. She's that what if in my life.

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I thought I'd share this as 90% of the stories you read are about how bad Thais are to farang. Sometimes but not often we the farang are just as bad.

Stickman's thoughts:

That's a completely different perspective to what we usually hear about. What I think will be interesting is how you look back on this experience in the future.

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