Stickman Readers' Submissions March 10th, 2010

The Road To Sexual Gratification

Billy Bunter's submission called “Secret Mans Business” was interesting as it brings up numerous questions about male sexuality.

When you start to recognize that the majority of the Stickman submissions are based on men and what happens to them in Thailand and the connection to Women and Sex then you could say the main theme of most of the submissions is sexual in

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You see that the submissions, often enough, drift away from the sexual aspect of things pertaining to Thailand but always, sooner or later, the submissions drift back to the subject of sex with Thai woman and therefore the subject of men’s

Billy Bunter’s submission, in part, talks about all the emotions and heart felt confusion found between the sexes today and throughout history for that matter if you want to get deep into the subject

If you take the time to read between the lines written about male and female relationships and the battle of the sexes throughout history ( as we know it) you will come to realize that men have always been bemoaning women and a women’s
state of mind concerning sex and sexual relations with their male counterparts, just as women have always been bemoaning men and their state of mind concerning sex and sexual relations towards women.

Naturally the submission here are overwhelmingly written by men and therefore they reflect the way that “Men Think” concerning sexual relationships and men’s pursuit of sexual gratification originating from men’s

Women do not see the subject of sex the same way and everyman knows that but understanding or at least trying to understand how they think and why they think the way that they do is worthy of our attentions because it will help you to get
“laid” more often if you take the time to study your opponent!

Billy Bunters gave some interesting examples of young men craving for sex and what they intend to do about it concerning how they are going to “get some”

How to get laid is always on a mans mind, if not in the forefront of his mind it is certainly idling in the back of his mind

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Rather than use their brains and some creativity in their pursuit of pussy they are going to get on a plane and “get some” in a foreign land, which is OK by me but I have to chuckle when I read the submission say: “They
have given up on Western Women”

The young men mentioned in his submission have Thailand on their minds and or places similar to Thailand where prostitutes are available and or lots of perceived to be easy pussy and or more girls in general are available.

The chances of them meeting any local Thai girls that are 100% NOT Prostitutes or not on the game in some way or form is somewhat unlikely.

They may not fully understand that upon arrival in Thailand they will, by circumstances, end up having sex with prostitutes and or girls that are prostitutes but do not fit “their” image of what a prostitute means to them…at
least not like they think or understand prostitution to be in their own home area or country.

Even if everything is fully explained to them they will most likely go anyhow because knowing that they are going to get laid and laid again and again is going to incite the average guy to go and do just that.

A more favorable and sexually conducive environment is what they desire and they will certainly encounter that while in Thailand in all the tourist locations that offer such indulgencies

If they do go to Thailand, in effect they are simply changing the odds in their favor, in many respects, by traveling to Thailand or similar places where prostitution is more readily available, convenient and said to be cheap!

More “Bang for the Buck” kind of money spent accounting is on their minds.

I can easily relate to what Billy Bunter is talking about when he elaborates on his feelings being somewhat torn between 2 countries. I also have lived on both sides of the extreme where once I was over whelmed by sex and sexual gratification
at my finger tips and I dived in deeper than the average guy …but then, sadly for me …I had to leave that wonderfully addicting sex charged environment and came back to my home country.

(A frustrating and agonizing turn of events that forced me to leave Thailand in less than 24 hours, after more than 13 years in sexual paradise)

I also ended up back in my home country having to Bite the Bullet, so to speak, finding myself in a seemingly hostile environment as compared to where I had lived in Thailand for so long concerning any female relationships and or any EASY
sexual gratification to be had..

From a sexually charged environment where “My cup runneth over” to “My cup is bone dry”

On closer examination, my new reality concerning womanizing was not really so much the “comparable” environment but rather a much different but “normal” environment than Thailand. How to approach that environment
was more about “myself” and my laziness and my lethargic attitude and my perceptions while very reluctantly having to exercise all the effort into going through all the “Common” motions and considerations necessary
to get laid under “normal” social conditions.

Most of the sexual gratification found in Thailand will simply make “nearly” every man who goes there “lethargic” concerning any effort or creativity he would normally have to exercise to get laid. Along with the
necessary cheery attitude and the mental conditioning it takes to satisfy ones sexual gratification under normal circumstances in the home countries that most of the readers on this site originate from.

Lets be honest and recognize a number of things about sexual gratification in Thailand

If Thailand did not have the abundance of Prostitution it does have then most single men would not be choosing Thailand as a “single mans” holiday destination …overall.

Sure you would still want to travel the country and be there for numerous other reasons but take away the sex factor and Thailand would not be such a big attraction to a man or men who want to get laid while on holiday.
If the common
Women in Thailand (eliminate the prostitutes from the equation) where as cold as stone then most men would not stay around when there are other countries having a female population that is more “Accommodating”…sexually accommodating
that is.

Statistically only a small percentage of Thai women are sexually accommodating to us foreigners but the vast majority are not.
Women who are sexually accommodating or perceived to be sexually accommodating create a powerful good reason
for a lot of men to choose a vacation destination because sexual adventure, on top of the normal adventure aspect of travel has always been a major reason as to why men are born with a condition called “Wanderlust”

“Wanderlust” in part, may be what Billy Bunters is alluding too.
In his submission he has touched upon this particular aspect of every mans character and soul in a somewhat indirect way.
It may be this part of men’s
character that needs to be elaborated upon concerning the longing for so many men to get back to Thailand or go to other such places.

Wanderlust in men includes the desire to copulate with many multiple partners of the opposite sex.

Historically wanderlust has always been driven by men’s sexuality and the possible sexual encounters that men may very well enjoy during a mans life and the many possible adventures…sexual adventures included.

To a greater degree, conquering armies throughout history have been incited to conquer if they believed there were women to be conquered also…possibly the greatest conquest of all in some respects.
That translates into “getting

Besides the adventure of travel and the many other reasons as to why men are always restless while needing to feed their souls, wanderlust translates into feeding their sexual desires and their libido also.
Throughout history, in the
minds of men, meeting women and any possible sexual encounters with women have been one of the underlying reasons men traveled so far around the world.
When men were needed to join armies throughout history a large part of what incited them
to partake in the acts of warfare was the knowledge or even the rumors that the women in those far away lands were “beautiful“.
The explorers and conquers returned with tales of adventure and intrigue, including stories of the
women and stories of male sexual conquest.

Amongst uninitiated men, while listening to stories told to them by their comrades about adventures in far away lands, there has always being an underlying sexual curiosity.

“And what of the women” the men asked.
“They posses great beauty and feminine charms beyond your wildest dreams” came the answer.
Essentially, it is not much different today for many men and their desire
to travel will always include their desire to encounter women along the way.

Thailand so happens to have developed into a country having a lot of Prostitution as compared to most other countries. Thailand and several other travel destinations have become a sexual convenience for any man that is simply lethargic or
fed up with Western Women or Women from which ever country he comes from or thinks he needs to get laid without all the “effort” it takes to get laid the “normal social way.”
That and any travel is always an exciting
idea so why not travel to a great travel destination which also includes the bonus of “travel sex.”
It could be any country you travel to but it so happens that Thailand, for example, offers all the more travel gratification
because you, as a man, will get laid in Thailand for sure.
A vacation, in most other countries or travel destinations are not going to accommodate your libido the way that Thailand can and does…but the sex is Prostitution based far more
so than not and needs to be elaborated upon.

Not that all men who travel to Thailand come for the sex because a good many do not but on the Stickman Website the majority do.

Just don’t delude yourself into thinking Thailand or places known for prostitution like Thailand will address your needs concerning sexual relations, romance and lust with the opposite sex in the manner that you may be thinking or
used to in your home country.

You may say that the men we think of are not deluded and they know the score but apparently there are loads of men who end up being deluded or at least thinking they have found the means to romance and sexual compatibility in Thailand.

Another thing that has to be recognized is the local male population in Thailand have the EXACT same complaints about how it is so difficult to get laid with the local Thai girl population…their own kind!

It is the same EVERYWHERE in the world:

Boy pursues Girl for sexual gratification and he is somewhat mystified about how to get that sexual gratification.

It is commonly awkward and frustrating for men everywhere in the world.

“What to do ..what to do …no sex for me and I’m feeling so blue!”
“Women on my mind, lust in my loins.”
“What to do with my pockets full of gold coins!”

Besides prostitution based sex men everywhere have to obtain their sexual gratification with girls and or women who may seem like a “cock blocking” barrier or certainly a challenge to your libido but it is not rocket science
to figure out how to deal with women.

Point being, you should not be thinking “prostitutes” when your sexual frustrations and sexual fantasies are taking control of your mind.
But they are a nice and convenient “alternative” in many respects.

It needs to be pointed out it is not that difficult to communicate with girls or women if you actually know how to communicate with women and know how to say all the many things that “need” to be said to women that eventually
lead up to you getting laid because it all starts with talk and communication.

But the sex part that your crave so much seldom ever happens quickly so you have to practice patience and have that: “Never give up Attitude” …like so many other things in life.
That and it is a numbers game where if you
are continually trying to befriend girls in a acceptable and appropriate manner with finesse and some adventurous attitude thrown in you will be surprised at the out come.

Yes you have to make friendly with them first so that takes some effort and some creativity on your part “naturally“…because “naturally” you have that ability in you.
You are born with it and it is there
to be utilized because you were born with a brain that you know to be far more creative than a woman’s brain.
Not to say that women are not creative but as we all know, historically, it is men who pursue women and there has and always
will be a certain level of creativity needed to full fill your sexual gratification when pursuing women under the normal social conditions that prevail.

I guess it could be argued a trip to Thailand is also creative but we are trying to formulate a more common creativity here concerning what a guy could do to get more of what he craves

I am not trying to make like I am an expert on the subject but I am just trying to point out if you use your intelligence on top of some creativity you would be surprised at how your sex life can be greatly improved.

I guess that part is for all the guys not presently vacationing or living in Thailand and they are feeling forlorn and sorry for themselves because their sex lives are not what they want it to be or what they fantasize about

Billy Bunter tells of his situation being such that he is more or less totally removed from any chance of sexual gratification due to his job and the type of work he does and the way that he makes money…the money that he has saved and plans
on spending on another sexual gratification trip to Thailand.

I applaud him for his ability to get focused and get a job and make money and save his money for his next sexually based adventure while becoming comfortable enough with a total lack of sex and or little interaction with any desirable females
in his home country.

It is not easy.

That is because I did the same and similar things as Billy Bunter in my home country but rather than go back to Thailand, when I traveled, I went to the Philippines where I already knew that the same or similar conditions exist.
I prefer
the Philippines because you can actually meet regular women and form great relationships with the local girls in near every place you travel in the Philippines with far, far less struggle then you would in Thailand.
The “Non Prostitute”
average Filipina girls are far more receptive to foreigners than Thai women and most of them speak English well enough or very well.
I am not saying that you can pick them up just like that and off you go to bed with them but most of them
are encouraging.
Communication and language is a major factor here.
I highly recommend them.
Many are just as good looking as Thai women and you might as well say they are the same looking overall remembering the majority of Thai women
are not so good looking and I said that before in another submission years before.
When I hear men say that Thai women are beautiful I always “cringe” because that is a overly used word to describe Thai women.
Amongst Thai
girls and Thai women there are a small percent that are considered by any mans standard to be very, very good looking as their facial features are such that the word “beautiful” comes to mind. Many are really, really cute and effeminate
or very pretty along with great bodies or very appealing bodies when you compare them to so many of the large Western Women who are all too often fat and totally out of shape.
But call them what you want, I just feel that 90% of them are not
that good looking in that classic sense of what men consider beautiful so I never used the word beautiful to describe Thai women, nor do I use that word to describe Filipina women but on the looks department the Thai and the Filipinas are more
or less the same so you would be just as comfortable with the looks of the women in either country.

Anyhow, saving your hard earned money for sex trips to Thailand is not the best way to use your money and most men would not be thinking about “paying” for sex when they are comfortable enough with how they get their sexual
gratification in the environment that they live in at present.

However, if you do spend time in Thailand and places like Thailand where the game of sexual pursuit and easy sexual gratification is continually in your favor then be assured it will effect your thinking and attitudes towards women back in
your home country and any home country that does not have the same sexually charged environment such as Thailand does for visiting and vacationing foreigners and or long term Expats

You have to recognize “most” of the sex that goes on between foreigners and Thai girls is based on prostitution and the “Entertainment” format in which it exists plus the “YOU HAVE MONEY TO SPEND”
factor that is so advantageous and favorable for you.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking all women could or should be so sexually accommodating making a mans life so much less complicated.
But the thought is nice!

You have to recognize that prostitution exists in all nearly all of the so called Western countries also and if you want you could easily participate in it but you don’t for a number of reasons. ( At least most men don’t)
Having said that it has to be pointed out that there are a notable number of men who do participate in prostitution in their home countries while sustaining the realm of prostitution that does exist in their home countries.. The prices for prostitute
based sex in such countries are relatively affordable in relation to wages etc. and a “good number” of men do indulge often enough.
It is just that there is less or far less of the fun filled ambience, entertainment and adventure,
for example, and it is a more or less a “Wham, Bam thank you Mam” type of experience as compared to the numerous ways and means that it occurs for you in Thailand.
In Thailand the sex is all surrounded by fun filled adventures.
However, most men don’t participate in their home countries in part because of the “perceived costs” involved. The costs that you or they “believe” are too expensive “Per Session”
However the
cost is not all that expensive.
Not really because you are going to spend several thousand dollars or more on a holiday in Thailand that will cost you a calculated amount “per girl” in “real costs” that could have
been spent on chasing regular girls and or paying for prostitutes in your own country…if you desired to do so.

I also think that most men, when they think of prostitutes in their own countries, they commonly think of street walking “whores” who are all too often drug addicted and under the control of pimps and criminal gangs along with
the stigma of participating in something that is always under the watch full eye of the police and society.
You would not want to be involving yourself in such indiscriminant behavior in part because it seems to be “seedy” and
the girls are used and dirty, you are thinking.
The upscale places where prostitution exists are just too expensive, you are thinking, because 200 or 300 dollars equivalent for 1 or 2 hours of some Prostitutes time in a back room has some
stigmas attached to it also and you just cant get comfortable with that means of spending your money.
Then there is the “Call Girl” method and that may be the way to go because that way is far more private and discreet but still,
calling a prostitute over to your residence or to a hotel room having no real idea what she looks like and opening the door to find out she is not what you would have picked. Then there is the awkwardness of the whole situation and it is also
seemingly expensive at $200 to $300 or more dollars for a more or less “Wham, Bam thank you Mam” sort of experience.
You might meet a real beauty of a woman in that way and have the best sex ever but more than likely not, so
like most guys you just put that sort of paid for sex out of your mind.
Then there is the “feeling” that you should not have to lower yourself to the level of getting sex by way of paying a prostitute and you would probably never
tell your buddies about it openly…maybe some guys but most would not.

Those forms of prostitution exists in Thailand also but we can easily see that it does not seem to bother all those men who pay for it in those ways at all and I am trying to understand why when a man can do nearly the same thing in numerous
cities in numerous countries around the world but he does not.
What is it that makes him “drop his pants” in Thailand but he wont do it in his own home country??

I guess it is because you could participate but it is not the same is it??? …Not even nearly the same as a great holiday adventure in a foreign land filled with all the excitement and stimulation that you enjoy along with the extra large
bonus of easily available SEX…surrounded by SEX your face SEX…up and down SEX and every which way around SEX and possibly some exotic, romantic SEX if you want to try that also.
But it seems the costs involved do not bother you because
that money was destined to be spent anyhow on your travel adventure and you soon learn all that “Sexual Adventure” is well worth paying for just as all the other parts of your travel adventure are worthy of your hard earned money.

For the men living there in Thailand it seems it is all part of the living costs there in Thailand but when back home they never included prostitutes, in any form, as part of their entertainment costs and or living costs

For many men it is “worth” saving for and while spending the money on the girls you find yourself convincing yourself it is simply part of the costs involved for “any” travel destination if sex with as many girls
as possible is what you desire…or sexual romance, if that is what you crave and that is also on your mind.

As an example I guess you can say a single men going to Miami Florida during “spring break” are going there for the entertainment aspect and all that spring break entails but you and all your travel buddies also have SEX on
your minds.
But you have the awareness of just how much it is going to cost you to get there and stay there and hopefully get laid there…if you are so lucky (get “lucky” as they say) considering all expenses involved to arrive
and stay in a sexual charged environment for X amount of days.
If you get laid then all the money spent seems well worth it.
Coming back home, after all that money spent and effort put into meeting girls and then having no sexual encounters
to remember is a frustrating scenario that all too many boys and men find themselves in all to often.

It is not the end of the world by any means but most boys or men would be thinking…“Damn, I didn’t even get laid…not even close”

That male libido thing is a powerful driving force and effects the way you think about how you spend your money often enough.

Even before you embark on a great travel adventure that is sexually orientated you know paying for sex with girls (prostitutes) in your home country is not the same in many respects as paying for sex as part of a “Foreign” holiday

There are many perceived ideas and or reasons why and many factual reason and many excuses also but you still find yourself going through all the motions to make it a reality until you finally arrive in country, ready for travel adventure
and sexual encounters.

Then there is the “YOUR ATTITUDE” factor before you leave your home country and all the more so when you arrive back to your home country knowing that you have to actually put a whole lot of work and thought into getting laid
with 99.9% of the women in your home area who are NOT prostitutes and they are not going to simply fall into your lap and have sex with you and satisfy your libido.

But, if you want you can seek out prostitutes in your home country and get your sexual gratification but you know that it will not be the same as the sexual gratification you get in Thailand because the whole setting and the whole environment
back home is just not the same.
Plus the “look” of the western woman is now far less appealing because of their size and shape and ages and their Western Woman “ways” and you “believe” the women have
the wrong attitude while your attitude is just fine…or so you think.

You have been spoiled in so many respects and your mind has now been altered and therefore your thinking and therefore your whole attitude is altered and misguided.

Sexual gratification has simply been TOO EASY in Thailand and now you think about women in a different way and it is in a negative way in respect to having to “work” for your sexual gratification so you start to develop a little
bit of animosity towards women in your home country and you become critical of their presence and what they represent to you…sexually that is!
You find yourself looking at them in a mostly sexual context and not much else because you don’t
want much else from them and all the unwanted attachments and considerations that naturally will and can occur are a turn off to you.
On a human level many of the women could or would be the finest examples of the female specifies ever to
exist but sex between you and her is just not going to happen anyhow (due to many circumstances) and that reality effects your judgment.
You find yourself thinking you have little in common with them and you look at them with disdain and resentment
because you can not have sex with them so easily, knowing that there are all kinds of considerations and social etiquette to be practiced and necessary to simply get laid…something that became a near everyday occurrence without all the frustrating
efforts while your in Thailand…or certainly when YOU decided to pursue sexual gratification …at your discretion.

That and you compare the “White Woman” or “Western Women” to Thai Women while actually believing or convincing yourself that Thai Women are better than their Western counterparts when in reality all women are basically
the same and of the same nature.
They just look different from region to region and they live in different regions and they certainly are not going to let you “So Easily” convince them that sex between the 2 of you is going to
happen on short notice and or without any considerable attentions to detail on YOUR part.

But the obvious difference is that you get laid all the time in Thailand, besides the adventure of simply being there, so why would you not want to go back to Thailand or any country that accommodates your adventurous desires and more importantly
your adventurous libido.

You eventually delude yourself into believing or thinking that Thai women are the best sexual partners a man could ever have or hope for when in reality if any man spent time in nearly any country and had lots and lots of great sex with many,
many women from that country you would be thinking the same about the women in that country.
You can be addicted to abundant sexual gratification in any country!

There are a number of countries that can and do accommodate men’s sexuality and their pursuit of sexual gratification by way of prostitution by way of “that” percent of women who are sexually available for a price or
compensation of some sort.
Thailand happens to be all the more accommodating than most other countries so Thailand is a good choice, without argument.
Brazil is another excellent destination and highly recommended but of a different flavor
and numerous other Latin American countries also.
I went to the Dominican Republic.
Eye Carumba!…a man could soon get addicted to that country and if you think Thai women are so great…sorry to inform you boys the DR girls are far and
beyond the Thai girls and they just ooze with sexuality and passion and they are sooooo cooperative…so sexually accommodating.
You get the feeling that they are far more “natural” at fxxxing and far more comfortable with men.
But I am talking of experiences with the girls and women who are prostitutes and that influences your thinking about the regular local girls who hardly look at you.
Same as Thailand most of the local “good girls” do not express
interest in foreign men and even if you speak fluent Spanish they do not encourage you to openly flaunt your sexuality upon them.
If you want a relationship with a local DR girl, who is not a prostitute, or not on the game then it would frustrate
you even more than chasing any local girl or woman in your home country.
But they are worth pursuing also.
I met guys there that told me they tried the “Thai Thing” and the “Filipina Thing” and some had been
to Cambodia and they swear by Dominican Republic girls.
Anyhow, in other words you can easily get hooked and addicted to women from any region of the world if you are getting lots and lots of sexual action and sexual gratification in that

But in reality your thinking has been altered from your trips and you are more or less out of touch with reality when you are back in your home country and it is all up to you to get your act together and get your attitude in order and stand
up to the task of doing what needs to be done …that being…interacting with the opposite sex while talking to the women and charming those women and persuading them or maneuvering your way towards a sexual encounter…or just friendship if
that is satisfying enough
Although not nearly as quickly as you would like it to happen and usually it comes with all the considerations and emotions attached but it is what you have to do if you want to get laid under normal social conditions
back in your home country.

But yes, I am well aware of how difficult it is to stop “comparing” the Western Women you encounter to the more often than not “young” or younger than yourself nubile Thai women whom you have had sex with.

When your back home, think of it like a somewhat difficult job and the reward is sex rather than money.

The Western Women you meet under such conditions are not prostitutes …so what are you thinking and or get your thinking in order!

If you don’t get out their and do like all the other guys have to do then women never have and never will be chasing after you the way we chase after them.

You have forgotten that MOST of the other men who have “Not” been to Thailand have no real serious issues when it comes to socially interacting with Western Women because their thinking and their attitudes towards women and
sexual gratification has NOT been altered by trips and travel to places like Thailand.
They simply carry on as usual and get laid when they have the opportunity and or when all their manly womanizing “efforts” are successful.
Although not laid nearly as often as a man who has spent time in Thailand he does what he can and learns to work within the limitations of his environment.

You can also if you get focused and get creative and …if alcohol is needed to help along the way then so be it but as they say: “Girls just want to have fun” so play along

Another “Reality Check” that has to be pointed out is related to just how much sexual activity does occur in the western societies with Western Women as compared to many of the countries in the world.
Statistically, amongst
the Male X Female populace in the western countries there is more random sex occurring now than ever before and the trend will continue.
As pointed out before, if you are a Thai man living within Thai society and under all the social restrictions
you have to endure and living within the complexities of Thai society and the “Thai Way” I can assure you the average Thai men are not getting laid by a multitude of different partners at random when ever they so desire.
Thai men that have lots of money and or those that pay for sex, in various ways, while getting plenty of sexual gratification are but a small percent of the Thai men. The overwhelming majority of Thai men are also mystified as to what a man has
to do to meet women and form a relationship in an effort to get laid … at least once in awhile.
Sex amongst the populace in Thailand is something that is all the more repressed than our western societies and although that statement does
not seem to be true to you because of all the prostitution in Thailand and all the fxxxing that goes on you have to recognize that with out all the prostitution, in its many, many forms in Thailand, the average single Thai man is starving for
sex and if he wants sex and does not participate in prostitution then Thai woman are NOT falling all over him.
It has been said before that most of the prostitution in Thailand is utilized by Thai men far, far more so than Foreigners so knowing
that I surmise it can be argued that the average Thai girl does not “Put Out” so easily, so Thai men turn to prostitutes to get laid when they feel like just getting laid without all the usual male to female social interactions required.
Also, statistically, Thailand has a high rape rate and many, many years ago I thought differently until I read newspaper and magazine articles about the frequency of rape in Thailand.
The figures are not good and they are disturbing.
average Thai guy is just as sexually frustrated as your average western male…just a different locality.
Because of the historic social fabric of Thai society Thai men struggle all the more than us westerners, in our own countries, while
they try to befriend Thai women and try to get laid . The whole scenario is just as awkward and frustrating for Thai men as it is for Western men…even more so in many respects.
Thai men also have to follow all the standard social etiquette
that applies to befriending women and somehow getting them into bed.
Truth be told the average Thai woman is so “Virtuous” it almost borders on unbearable!
At least that was my experience when trying to befriend and date
MOST of the so called “Good” Thai girls
If you think Thailand and Thai society is a shining example of sexual freedom then you are mistaken.

On the other hand the western countries with their liberated populace and their more or less non-conforming values has resulted in somewhat of a free for all sexual rampage —“as compared” to Thailand if all the prostitution
and the sexual activity occurring from prostitution in Thailand was to be eliminated from the equation.

Statistically there is more “Sport Fxxxing” going on in the western countries amongst the Average citizen and the populace at large than there is in countries like Thailand.

You may be “thinking differently” about what I just stated but if you are complaining and bemoaning Western Women and their sexuality because you are not having much sex or not getting any sex with Western Women anymore or just
cant get into the “Western Women Thing” anymore then the reason for that is because YOU “are” …THINKING …differently or incorrectly about them.

I know that statement can be argued back and forth and said to be a matter of opinion but the all too often “Jaded” sexual male thinking about Western Women seems to be common amongst men who complain about Western Women mainly
based on not getting sex the way they want it with them and or just not being able to be in control of when and how they get sexually serviced.

When you are in Thailand living your sexual fantasies, more often than not, you are not really thinking. Your mind slowly grows numb because you really do not have to exercise your skills concerning the ways and means that you have to use
those skills to get laid under normal conditions in nearly every country in the world…not just your home country.

If you are living in a western country you have all the more opportunities to get laid by Western Women because the western women is the most sexually liberated woman in the world…publicly and privately.

But…like all Women who are not prostitutes they still do and always will make the man work for his reward.
When you are back in your home country you simply have to re-adjust or “REVIVE” all your male sexual instincts
and get out there and practice them because if you don’t you will be living a lonely life.

Do the best that you can and make like you have never been to Thailand and turn your efforts into a percentage game.

I am talking about most men living in socially conducive environments and not some men who are living far away and removed from any contact with women like Billy Bunter explained in his submission.
Not much they can do if their life conditions
have removed them from the presence of Women.

Having said that I am well aware of how many aspects of pursuing sex back home are “just not that simple” but if you think it is useless to try then you are mistaken.

On the other hand if long periods of time without female company or sexual gratification does not bother you and or being a social recluse is comfortable for you and the effort to get out there and socialize with the opposite sex somehow,
someway is not important to you then the sexual aspect of the Thailand experience will just be a pleasant memory and should not frustrate you all too much…if at all.

If you would rather save all your money for sexually rewarding trips to Thailand and the likes of Thailand then I encourage you to do so but don’t blame the conditions on which your thinking exists on all the so called “Western
Bitches” because it is not their fault you can not figure out how to use your brain and or put serious effort into changing the conditions of your sex life in your own home country and with your OWN kind!

But that is not the case with most men and the Stickman Bangkok site often has submission posted by men who live in a “paradox” of sorts torn between their pursuit of sexual adventure and sexual gratification while living 2
lives, it seems.

One where they satisfy their libido in a fun filled sexually charged environment in far away exotic destinations and the other life lived under social conditions and their own mental conditions that suppress their libido and therefore effect
their emotional well being.

Their perspective on life and women in general become jaded and their absence from the sexual playground and the sexual gratification that sooths their soul and that which they long for, with heavy heart, affects how they interact with women
and society in general.
They find themselves analyzing the modern Western Woman and her “perceived” attitudes about men and conclude that the women are difficult to deal with when the truth of the matter is they are easier to
deal with “sexually” than women from most other countries.
On many other matters the Western Woman is far more of a challenge but “sexually” she has never been easier to sexually conquer.
It does not need a
brain surgeon to see how the Western Women has evolved into somewhat of a male version of sexual libido and although I feel sorry for many Western men and what they have to live with concerning the “attitudes” ( lots of bad nasty
woman attitude these days) and the character of all too many of the modern Western Women it has never been easier to get laid by the Western Women than it is at present.
That is one beneficial aspect of all the years of liberation resulting
in all the more Women being all the more open to “sport fxxxing” while making it all the more easy to get laid if you want to indulge in meaningless sex with all the more Western Women who also just want to have meaningless sex.
The numbers keep increasing year by year.
This is not my opinion…this is statistical fact and it is reflected in the significant increase in teen pregnancies and the increase in the abortion rates and the side effects of more sexual activity
than ever before including the significant rise in sexually transmitted diseases recorded in the western societies.

Lots of fxxxing going on here so all the more reason you can “get some” also but not if your mind is all hung up on Thai women and your feeling sorry for yourself and crying the blues.


But even while the repression of sexual behavior is being lifted in the Western societies Western men still have to play up to women (all women under normal circumstances) and that aspect of chasing women will be forever with us.

Get used to it or go to Thailand or go where you can buy the sex but 99% of the women in the world you will ever meet do not sell themselves like that so learn to play both sides to your advantage.

You have to be smarter and figure out how to work within the present modern environment.

You still have to play the game but the rules have been relaxed considerably concerning the Western Women and sex with them.

I am just trying to make the readers here understand that it has so much to do with YOU and YOUR ATTITUDE and your state of mind concerning Western Women.

They are not unapproachable and they are not stuck up, overall, but they are leery of your “intentions” and always have been…all women are ..everywhere in the world.

To understand them you have to consider their situation concerning sex and its ramifications…mainly pregnancy!

It is already understood they like sex as much as men ..but it comes with legitimate fears and concerns on their part and it is the core reason that they do not invite the attentions of strange men and or pursue men for sexual gratification
the way that we pursue them with such vigor.

They are not nearly as comfortable with their sexuality as we are because they have to bare the burden of life altering responsibilities if they get pregnant along with what pregnancy often does to alter their bodies along with the personal
health aspects to be considered and all the other personal burdens that fall upon them.

They also know how “irresponsible” so many men can be so that is another valid reason as to why they are cautious about sexual relationships with men in general.

Most of them are not eager to “sport fxxx” the way that men like to do and for good reason…at least in their minds anyhow.

There are many, many more reasons if you want to elaborate on the women’s point of view but that could make for a whole lot of dialog far too long and complicated to get into right now

But the point trying to be made here is the Western Women is far more sexually active than her Asian counterparts than you have or may have been lead to believe.

There are more Western Women “Slut Puppies” than ever before so if you want a piece of the pie then you have to be prepared to at least get into the line up and accept that you have to wait in the line up.

Or you can just wait and go back to Thailand and pay for your sex…which is fine by me and I recommend that you do just that but never expect to encounter the same or similar sexually charged entertainment based sex industry environment
in your western country the way it exists in Thailand.

And even if it did I surmise you would not participate or maybe reluctantly because it is just NOT the same or not the same feeling and just not as satisfying if you have been to Thailand once or many times.

Either way you now have a comparison to make and or you have the attitude that you have a choice to make and so you choose Thailand…many men do and will continue.

Sex with Western Women or Sex with Thai Women…which to choose?
Both …if you have any sense at all.

The reason I elaborate on this issue is because I am laughing at the same old complaints that are so often re-iterated here on this website about the Western Woman and Western Society and how the both of them “suck” and how
the comments and submissions are so often more or less based on how much sex a man gets in Thailand verses how little he gets in his Western Country.

It is interesting to note how the mind of man thinks and just how much of his thinking is persuaded by and or controlled by his libido and the need for sexual gratification.

In effect he is somewhat pissed off at the Western Woman making him actually WORK for his reward when he can simply get it from Women in another country and it does not bother him that he has to pay for it directly or indirectly but he gets
more of what he wants and more or less gets it the way he wants while saying ..“Fxxx you Western Women”

But in reality it is a very distorted view and way of thinking and it is not the answer to solving the gap in relations between him and the Western Woman counterpart and I am not saying you should take it upon yourself to be the leader of
trying to repair the widening gap between Western Women and Western Men.

Just trying to add some perspective to the issue of so many men rejecting the Western Woman and actually believing that Thai Women are the answer to their personal problems or perceived problems related to interacting with Western Women and
or sex with Western Women.

I can assure you if you were in a sexually conducive environment and all the women were Western Women and or “White Women” and all of them could easily be had sexually, under the same circumstances and conditions and the same
way that you have experienced Thai Women sexually you would be thinking…“You just have to love these White Girls“…These Western Women are Great” and you would be thinking…”They are worth tolerating and or living
with and …marrying”

Anyhow…just get your mind in order and refrain from comparing sexual relations with Thai prostitutes verses sexual relationships with Western Women who are not prostituting themselves.

Even the good Thai girls can be just as much of a burden and a major pain in the ass and just as frustrating as any Western Women .
The truth be told, 80% of Western Women are just fine and make for great companions but the 20 percent
of them that are mouth pieces and aggressive and many who openly criticize men upset the balance and ruin it for all the other girls that don’t have any serious issues with men and the men who don’t have any serious issue with women

Just as 80% of the men in the world are just fine also and they make for great companions but 20% of the men piss women off all the time with all sorts of upsetting behavior ruining it for all the other guys and it ends up effecting the way
women understand us or think they understand us resulting in how they interact with us.

Don’t quote me on those figures but I am just trying to encourage you guys to pursue Western Women also and don’t give up on them so easily.

Anyhow…figure it out on your own if need be and keep on going to Thailand if you want and if you can meet a Western Women in Thailand …do her also if you can.

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