Stickman Readers' Submissions March 24th, 2010

The Making of a Monger

I used to periodically contribute to this site, but had a short hiatus while I got down to business. I came out the other end of it with a clear perspective on my life with prostitutes, the philosophies I have created that govern the majority of my decisions, and how I came to those conclusions. As I now sit in a remote location for a time re-amassing wealth, it’s worth recording where I am now mentally and how I got there to let some of you know you aren’t alone out there.

I always take it back to adolescence and the girls that did me dirty and sent me down this path I find myself on. If I were to go back I suppose it would be a collective of my own adolescent awkward inability to get the job done combined with being thoroughly put into the friend zone by one too many girls I was interested in and invested a hell of a lot of time in trying to win over. It was in my junior year of high school that I left the concept of dating and romance behind and got straight to business.

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I used my first whore at a relatively young age for a Yankee, buying a gnarled up streetwalker to pop my cherry on my 16h birthday. She was about as cracked out as they come probably out to score some meth money. They say you never forget your first. After that I found myself making proper use of the then budding internet scheduling booty calls with any swamp donkey that took the time to give me her phone number, and revisiting the beasts under the streetlights when I hit a dry spell.

I was 24 when I had my first experience with a ladyboy. At the time I was naïve enough to believe he was truly a she. In fact the concept of cocks in frocks was completely foreign to me. Never thought this type of shit went on in Oklahoma. This was also my first experience with an Asian chick. Although seeing as it was a dude maybe it wasn’t, semantics. The $20 BJs and insistence that I never touch her below the belt would through later contemplation allow me to come to the realization that I quite possibly turned part queer.

In Frankfurt, Germany at age 26 I had my first international whoring experience blowing through six months enlisted man’s pay over the course of two weeks visiting sex hotels for whores who were a step above anything I had previously encountered. I got the inkling that maybe the US was not the place for me. Fortunately my country went on a rampage through the Middle East opening up six figure jobs for the barely qualified (me), and I began dreaming of the next level of deprivation I would soon experience.

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When I fell off the turnip truck in Bangkok and found myself on Patpong for the first time it was sensory overload. Something about these ladies was definitely different. Before Thailand it had been all business, but here I was with a hot girl at a bargain basement price who now was sitting in my hotel professing her love. This was virgin territory for me. A relationship? I had never been on the decision making end of that before. So I acquiesced and she settled in to be my first girlfriend.

Well relationships are tough I was to find out. I figured since she got a train run on her every night it would be cool if I brought different girls home. Boy was I wrong. I went home from Bangkok the first time broke, sticky, and confused.

Back to work again, and there I took a good long look at my life thus far. I decided I had really wasted so many years that could have been spent doing something much more constructive. Fortunately having never had a stable girlfriend my bank account was quite booming for my age so I made the best decision of my life. I sold up everything and set out on an endless summer of love.

First on the agenda was the Philippines which turned out to be a very frustrating experience as for the first time a girl who walked and talked like a whore was off limits to me (cherry girl). This was a new form of rejection so I nixed the PI off the list and found myself hopping from 3rd world to 3rd world making a conscious effort to skip the more developed nations as the desperation would be less intense and therefore would take away my bargaining advantage. I skipped through Southeast Asia, South America, and parts of Europe until eventually I found myself sipping a lukewarm bottle of Chang beer on the shores of the majestic Pattaya Beach.

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So that gets us caught up to where I am and what I believe now. I have read a lot on this site about the industry and how it affects lives. I have also read about consideration for the girls and what not. I believe in leaving morality at the door. If I know she really doesn’t want to do this but needs the money that is my ideal situation. This site has given a lot of credence to the slogan, “Prostitution destroys lives,” a very ironic thing to say on a site that actively promotes the practice (granted having been acknowledged).

To this I say yes it does most certainly. I find at times the act becomes secondary to the satisfaction received through the knowledge that this is against her will truly, but she complies for monetary reasons. Many times I am more interested in what she won’t do sexually then what she will do as placing a sum of money in front of her that causes her to break whatever moral boundary she has set in place only serves to send her further down into a spiral of degradation which I can revel in knowing I contributed to it. Becoming a complicit catalyst in the destruction of innocence is a tantalizing commodity indeed.

I recognize that in some eyes this opinion demonizes me, but does intent define malice? In the end the chap sitting to my left or right is playing the same role whether lesser or greater. Just because he may delude himself through moral justification doesn’t mean his role in the destruction of his own and another’s life is not actively taking place through his mere presence.

I am a John, a monger, a trick, or whatever other myriad slang can be employed to describe a man who actively pursues women with the intent of paying them for sexual favors. I don’t apologize. I accepted that western society would describe me as an evil person a long time ago. Recognizing and accepting that broke the shackles of moral justification allowing me to act freely and really enjoy whores for what they are. So please stop justifying and finding moral high ground for paying for sex.

Stickman's thoughts:

I really like your honesty. That you are ok with things in your own mind is important. I think there are quite a few of us, me included, who struggle with that.

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