Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2010

Sweet Cold Revenge

We had been together over 2 years. Me a thirty something divorcee from Farangland and her a sweet hard bodied early twenties from Isaan. I have lost count of the number of one night barfines I’d sampled, but she was “ different”.

Being self employed with a very understanding business partner I was able to enjoy over 6 months every year in Thailand. My partner who I will call Nid for the purpose of this story seemed blissfully happy. I was, nay still am a very generous
man. Over the course of our relationship Nid received many gifts including breast augmentation, a farang style nose, gold, motorbikes and even a grand house built which was the best house in her village.

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I loved her a lot, but there were arguments. Lots of them in fact. The arguments always boiled down to her material wants, and it was destroying us. She would say such things as “Mem’s boyfriend buy her Jazz” or “Jaem’s
boyfriend make 2 houses for her”. Things were going downhill faster than a bobsleigh.

Our arrangement was that we live together in my house in Thailand, and she return to the village to live with her son when I was working in Farangland. She did on a number of occasions come to Farangland with me but hated the food and the
cold weather.

When I was in Farangland and she was in Isaan I would call her twice every day. In fact these conversations kept me going. On a few occasions I felt that I heard a guy's voice, but I assured myself that I hadn’t.

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Around 2 years ago I visited the home in Isaan I had built for her, and around 9pm a few Thai guys came to the door and there seemed to be a big argument. That is the first time that I suppose it dawned on me that she had a Thai gik.
I'm not dull when I see 5 guys and even though I don’t speak fluent Thai I understood enough to realise when a guy wants to hurt me. I confronted her and she told me that it was a childhood boyfriend, and she had been having an affair
with him, but it was because she was lonely when I was away. I am now sure that I should have jumped ship, but I didn’t and I suppose I can only say that love is blind and I was a fool.

I was never able to let her infidelity go, and I am sure that my money was keeping them together so I finished with her. She stayed in the village with him for a few weeks, but when her money ran out, so did her gik. She started
working in a gogo bar at Pattaya at this point, and I when I saw her she said she had made a big mistake and would I take her back. I did! I loved her so much.

The time came for me to go home to work for 8 weeks and I didn’t relish the thought of her going to the village with this guy about, so she kept the room on that she had rented for 2500 baht / month. Fast forward 8 weeks and I returned,
only to be told that her gik had been staying in her room with her again. Clearly the money I gave her was going to him. I was furious and we broke up immediately, and I vowed to myself never to give her a chance ever again. In a previous
submission I write about meeting my now wife, and what a fantastic girl she is, and I now feel like I am the luckiest guy alive.

Anyway, the interesting part of this story happened just a few days ago. I was out with friends and ventured into a new establishment on Walking Street. Lo and behold my ex was working there. She came over to me, and I was surprised that
all feelings had gone. I just felt nothing for her. She was marked with bruises all over and she said her Thai boyfriend had beaten her the previous night because she didn’t take any money home. Wow, I felt mad at him and could feel my
temperature rising. She asked me if I would go to their room with her because she wanted him out and he wouldn’t go. My sensible side said to leave it go, but I really wanted to meet this bully one to one so I said yes. She asked me to
assure her that I would only throw him out and I just nodded. On the way to her room I asked a bit more about him, and she said that he had told her he thought I was scared of him when I wouldn’t fight him and his 4 friends. By now I was
angry as hell. She gave me the key to his room and in I went. He was watching television but he recognized me straight away. I told him in my best Thai that I was not afraid of him and that I was angry that he had hit my ex, and that she wanted
him to leave straight away and take all his things. He had a choice…. fight or flight? . He ended up choosing both. He went for me with a kick and missed. I won’t glorify my actions here, but I am sure that he will think twice before
lashing out at a farang ever again. He was missing a few teeth, and he decided to run. My revenge had been had, and I couldn’t believe that I would ever get this chance.

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My ex asked me to stay with her but I told her I no longer had any feelings for her at all and I had a new love now. I told her that my actions were for me, not for her. I then left.

On reflection, I’m sure that it was my ex who made the running for this guy, but he had seen me often in the village, and he knew full well that she had a boyfriend. Sleeping with a farang's bird and taking the money the farang
provides seems to be a regional sport in Isaan. He crossed the wrong guy this time though and on reflection I feel a great deal of relief that I now have closure on the matter. I told my new wife all that happened and she was a little upset, but
understood my need to sort this guy out. She told me that if someone slept with her mum her dad would have shot him, so maybe this guy got off lightly.

This is a true story and happened a few days ago. I hope there will be no repercussions, and I hope this Thai man sends message to his mates that there is no such thing as a free ride, even from a Thai girl.

Cold revenge was around 2 years after our first confrontation and he certainly was not hard without his 4 mates.


Stickman's thoughts:

So many of these girls are in a situation just like this. All the money they make just goes to the bloke they're casually seeing. Can't say I have ever heard of a foreigner doing what you did though!

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