Stickman Readers' Submissions March 3rd, 2010


Now this is something that on the farang – Thai girl relationship is of great debate. I’m guessing many a Stickman reader may in some sort of way sponsor a girl or indirectly assist her, though I‘ll guess 95% would deny it. The belief of
one's own intelligence would refuse to make such a ’mistake’. Now this comes on many levels. Fact is some people do it blindly not realising the potential con, but I’m sure many do so willingly.

You get the whole range from the green unknowing first timer who ends up sending 10,000 baht a month or occasionally for sick buffaloes. The rich Farang who sends 50,000 a month- because that’s surely what a Thai girl needs to live
for a month. (I actually know a Thai girl on 100k baht a month from her 32 year old boyfriend). The normal farang who is now working overtime to send 5,000 baht a month that he can’t truly afford to that beautiful girl because he’s

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I’ve always had a funny thing with the whole sponsorship idea. I’ve got to admit at first I always felt it was the ultimate Thai dream foolishness. I’m guessing 90% of Stickman’s investigations are started by sponsors
wanting to check where their money was going / are they still working in the bar. <Spot on!Stick>

To this end I always said to my TGF Koi (nominal name) I’d never ever consider sponsoring her. It was 100% out of the question. I in fact I advised her to keep her current sponsor happy (30k baht per month not to be ignored!). She
managed to screw that up – well, I’ll take blame for that one. After 3 years she still refused to say she loved him. My contact with her while she was visiting him in his country made her a supremely moody bitch to the point that he told
her to get lost. Indirectly my fault, her Thai bargirl acting skills not up to the job – guess long term benefit for me.

Anyway I digress, now as I say in principle I don’t believe in sponsorship. Who wants to go to work whilst paying your girlfriend to sit around home, watch TV and drink? I don’t have a problem with someone sitting at home, eating,
drinking, watching TV, but shit I’m not going to pay someone to do it! However not to hark on about the old moral debate, there’s a few obvious questions. How can I in principle not pay sponsorship to a girl I deem to be my girlfriend
and expect her to be faithful?

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I recently had a question published by Stickman about a Thai none graduate getting a reasonable job in Thailand. Well sad fact is and my own research and Stickman’s response sees that Koi working would get paid 170 baht a day- or approx
4-5 k baht a month. You cannot convert a bargirl into a minimum wage girl- IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

I’m hoping I’m striking some sort of a chord with other Stickman readers who may be in similar situation to me. Feeding them easy money is not the answer, trying to get them to get a job- it’s just not going to happen.
I’m trying to go the only other route and empower Koi by giving her opportunity to earn her own money through small business. Now I actually realise this will be a 100% hit and miss operation. It will also cost me more money than sponsorship,
however the potential rewards are all round far greater. I may create a girlfriend who doesn’t need my money as she will be earning enough herself.

Small business is easy in Thailand- fact is there’s no paperwork, no tax and too many Thais don’t bother due to capital outlay they’d rather drink. When I look at opportunities I seriously reckon by end of next 2 years
my TGF will be looking at around 100k baht per month earnings. Ok that’s optimistic- but reality is business in Thailand has no overheads- so what she only makes 50k per month… sure she can live with that.

To summarise. Maybe next time you think about sending your TGF some money, why not think about not only doing something that will be better for you but will be ultimately better for her. I’m not talking about buying girls massive businesses
requiring big money but setting up small enterprises for them to learn the value and enjoyment of earning decent money without spreading their legs.

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I’m only at the beginning of what could be an interesting experiment. Thing I realised is to make some decent money in small business it’s to be diverse. So last week I set her up selling petrol from outside her home. First
day she was gutted as she sold just 1 bottle. By the 5th day she was selling 5 bottles. This week I’ve set her up selling slushies as well. Now this is all little stuff- but a lot of small income from different sources creates a far bigger
income than a single idea. If I can make a series of these small projects work I’m sure bigger things will. I hope this may inspire others to consider the benefits of not sponsoring but empowering these beautiful girls.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sending money to a Thai woman from afar to support her and keep her exclusive is a flawed idea. Much of the problem is that the guy has not put a plan in place for the couple's future. He just sends her money with the idea that she remains faithful to him. Why should she? She is looking for a future and if that has not been mapped out, either in his country or in Thailand, AND communicated to her then it is natural that she should look elsewhere. Money should only be sent to a Thai woman as a gift with nothing expected in return OR to a woman who you are supporting for a short period of time that you are apart while you are working towards being together permanently.

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