Stickman Readers' Submissions March 6th, 2010

Singapore And Thailand

I read your article comparing Singapore to Thailand.

I respect your opinion and I'm very happy to know that a Westerner like yourself loves Asia so much.

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Just a frank opinion, I think you've not got the right idea of Thailand and Thai ladies being less attractive than Singaporean ladies, especially Chinese Singaporean ladies. Actually if you live in Singapore for a longer period of time,
you'll realize that Chinese Singaporeans are not good-looking in general (if not majority). And I would like to point out that Thailand has more Chinese than Singapore. There are some 10 million Chinese (mostly 3rd or 4th generation Chinese
just like Singapore's Chinese) whereas Singapore only has slightly more than 3 million Chinese.

If you compare city to city to be fair, which means Bangkok to Singapore (since Singapore is itself a city also), Greater Bangkok has 6 million Chinese out of the 10 million. It's 60% of Bangkok or for every 5 Bangkokians, 3 are of Chinese
descent. Even though Chinese (especially young Chinese) in Bangkok speak Thai, they still practice Chinese habits and follow customs like Chinese New Year celebrations and some Chinese festivities, similar to the Chinese in Singapore. In fact
they preserve Chinese traditions better than some Chinese Singaporeans, who tend not to think too western and yet not westerners and their English (or rather Singlish) suck big time.

If we wanna compare the Chinese ladies in both cities, the Chinese girls in Bangkok are prettier and more attractive than Chinese girls in Singapore. Perhaps when you were in Singapore for the few days, the prettier Chinese girls you saw
were foreign Chinese girls from other Asian countries who happen to visit Singapore or work in Singapore. If you happen to live for at least 1 year and move around Singapore from north to south and east to west, from neighborhood to neighborhood,
you'll know what I mean when I say they can't match their Chinese cousins in Thailand, especially modern Bangkok (if compare city to city instead of country to country). Thai youngsters also dress better than the slacky Singapore youngsters.
Thus you can see why Thailand produces more fashion brands than Singapore and better designs in terms of clothing. Just shop in malls and department stores in both cities, you'll see more affordable, yet better quality and designs than those
in Singapore.

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I don't mean to degrade Singapore but really, to a certain extent, Singapore has been over-rated. Perhaps it's suitable for some westerners from Europe, Australia and America due to its English-speaking public (though not good English
by every Singaporean), it's not a very friendly or comfortable place for many fellow Asians. Many foreigners left Singapore unhappily as well complaining about the discomfort. You hear many reasons for their leaving Singapore. Even Singaporeans
are moving out every year.

Many Chinese Singaporeans are suffering. Some Singaporeans even told me that they envy the Chinese in Bangkok. They often see the Chinese-Thais as richer. In fact many are upper middle class, if not high society people.
are worse off than Chinese-Thais, who tend to be business owners and have no problems owning cars and land / properties. This is what many Chinese-Singaporeans often find lacking in Singapore.

Many of my friends in Bangkok are happy. Eat happily, drive a decent car and live in a relatively bigger house owned by their families. Whereas my Chinese Singaporean friends struggle everyday to earn a decent living but have no savings.
Many of them can't even own cars and live with their families in HDB flats (government-built apartments with only a 99-year lease). Many don't own land.

So you can see who are more well off if you wanna compare Chinese in both countries.

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Well, I think there is too much to talk regarding this issue. I just pointed our a few points. Happiness index? See if Singaporeans can beat Thailand for happiness. Many Singaporeans envy Thais and don't be surprised if you see Singaporeans
move to Bangkok to restart their lives and their lives are better than ever. This is not my opinion. My Singapore friends told me how much they prefer Thailand than their own city-state. There are reasons why Singaporeans are unfriendly. They
are not happy.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting indeed. I have not been to Singapore for a fair few years but admit I would rather like to visit again.

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