Stickman Readers' Submissions March 18th, 2010

Post Fourth Thailand Trip Report

Ok, My Thai trip was over 3 weeks ago. The blood flow has finally gone back up to the big head, and I'm thinking a little bit like my old self. No delusional thoughts like selling everything I own and moving over there. I sure do miss my little sex routine I had over there. I would get up (most days) and go to Lolita's, which, the "value of money spent for sex", I would rate it high. No hassles. I guess The Eden Club is pretty much the same deal, You know what you're getting, you know the amount you need to pay, and you know you'll leave a satisfied customer.

Then, I'd leave the rest of the day open to explore. If I felt like it, I could pickup a freelancer for a quick visit to my room, or go out that evening and hook up with another one. Like most sex tourists over there, it's kind of "hit and miss". Sometimes you just click with the girl, and sometimes you just go through the motions and get the deed done. It's like Woody Allen said, I've never had a bad orgasm. Even with the worst sex, the orgasm was "right on".

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Things seems very slow for the girls I saw on my last trip. All the bars were full of girls, but I hardly saw any leaving with guys. I left my hotel near Nana and passed a girl standing curb side. I came back in an hour and she was still there. She looked great, so I took her to my room. I told her I couldn't believe she had been there standing for a whole hour. We had fun and I walked her back to where I found her. Then I went out for about 5 hours messing around Nana Plaza. I took another girl back to my room, and I pass this same girl!! She's been standing there for 6 hours with just me as the one customer! I was rather shocked. I always thought they all made pretty good money at 1000 – 1500 a pop, but 1000 baht for standing there 6 hours? 1000 baht is about $33 U.S. dollars. Divide that by 6 hours and she's making $5.50 an hour selling her body. I can't even imagine standing in one spot 6 hours. That just showed me how truly desperate some of these girls are. The cute one I talked to in the Beer Garden on Soi 7 had been coming in there sipping a coke slowly all day for 8 days with no customers and she was a cute thing. I can't imagine how bad it gets before some of these girls just call it quits. It's pretty sad.

Anyway, the two girl a day thing was ok, but I think the sex with the girl in the evening would've been stronger if I would've waited and just did one a day. But, I'm an addicted sex tourist and the thought of all those available girls and only doing one a day, is just not going to happen. I guess I could try the Viagra thing, but I'm waiting till I really need it which, I'm hoping will be sometime in the far future. If I lived over there, I would definitely taper down my two girl a day habit and probably would get burnt out on the bar scene like other guys do.

Anyway, Lolita's was always great. I found this really cute girl that was really great at her job, so I saw her most mornings. She told me that I could get two girls to do their specialty together by just paying 1400 baht instead of the 700. I thought about it. It's always like I need to keep raising the bar to spice things up. I thought about it. I also was told they have a third floor short time room. Never tried it. Maybe next time. I asked do you ever go off premises to provide your specialty services, and she yes. But it costs 4000 baht or more. Wow. She said some rich businessmen do it. Wow, having one of those girls under your office desk!…..and I thought I was lucky having a fax machine! ha!

I raised the bar last trip by going to the Eden Club 3 days in a row. I just happened to pick the two best looking ones in there to tag team me. That was my third trip. The memories are still burnt into my memory banks, to the point that I know I could never top it, so why go back to try.

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Stick has had some pretty good submissions lately. I laughed at the guy that wrote, I've got this Thailand thing all figured out. I don't get attached to the girls, even though he flies there 4 or 5 times a year. I'm thinking ….five times a year? He's definitely addicted to something!!

Then the guy who went over specifically wanting to get a wife. He went through a high priced agency and methodically made his choice of women. It sounded like he was picking out a new stereo system with the way he went about it. I wish him luck. He'll probably have a successful marriage.

I've read Stick's recent weekly articles on Nana Plaza, Patpong, and Soi Cowboy. Wow, this guy has really been around! I can't believe his overall knowledge of the whole Thailand bar scene. What memories he must have. Bet he's seen a ton of changes. I'm still waiting for him to write a book about his whole life over there. I wonder who would star in the movie? Ha!

I'm planning a 30 day trip next time this November and I've already called the condom companies and warned them to boost up their production ahead of time. Oh yeah, Astroglide lubricant. (don't leave home without it).

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Overseas air ticket $1100

Hotels $1500

Meals $ 800.

Beer $300.

Sex with Thai girls- PRICELESS

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting at the very end of the submission to see your cost breakdown. I think it's always interesting to see just how much people spend on the whole trip broken right down. Could make for an interesting piece. What's the bets people end up spending more than they thought they would?

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