Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2010

Please Let Me Enjoy This While It Lasts!

When my friend from America asked me to take a trip with him to Thailand, I wasn't so sure it was a wise investment of my time. I've traveled all over America, Canada, Europe, Africa and Mexico, but I had never visited Asia. My friend is half
Thai and half American. His family owned a condo near a beach town that was currently not rented, so we had a free place to stay. He also explained he spoke fluent Thai and could show me Thailand from a local's point of view.

I remember thinking that as I approached the ripe age of 50, I needed to see Asia. Thailand was as good a place as any. I had no idea what to expect and therefore couldn't be too disappointed, since everything would be a new experience.
I did no research and although I had heard about the good food and good looking women, I was quite frankly unaware of what was in store for me when we arrived at his condo in the town my friend described as a "beach town" called Pattaya

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Prior to visiting Pattaya Beach, my favorite places to visit for fun had been Amsterdam (3 times) and Las Vegas (10 times). Very expensive places, so by comparison Pattaya Beach was a great bargain. My friend took me to the Walking Street
and I entered the world of make believe, wondering how I never had heard about this. I'll never forget that night. I actually didn't even notice the numbers on the gogo dancers. I didn't realize that first night that you could "rent"
these girls from the club and most likely spend the night with them for 2,000 or 3,000 baht. It took a gogo girl to ask me to leave the club for me to get laid that first night, luckily she was hot.

They were so beautiful. So sexy. So smooth. So tanned. So nice. I had incredible experiences with 4 girls my first 3 days and nights in Pattaya. I was looking forward to taking the fourth day off, just to give "him" a little rest.
I was able to tell all four girls I would see them again, but I never promised when. I know now why they asked to see me again. I was buying them drinks and paying top baht for their services, but at the time (just a few weeks ago), I sort of
felt like my 30 something years of sexual experience factored into the picture.

Anyway on the night I was going to take off, I met a 23 year old bar girl and laughed at her stupid jokes and stared at her beautiful face and great body, while I drank beers and played pool with her. I basically let myself have the time
of my life. I ran up a big tab at her bar, but it was still cheap for the entertainment value and very cheap compared to a similar experience at any other big city. We went home and had great sex, even though "he" was a little pissed
not getting the night off I had promised. Then the next morning I did the unthinkable, I offered to buy her breakfast. Well after breakfast she wanted to take me around Pattaya. I agreed and spent the day at the beach, the mall and some beach
bars. Evening approached and she took me to her apartment to get a change of clothes. This was a new experience and I wasn't fighting it at all. Then back to the condo for a shower, more boom boom and another shower. Then off to her bar to
pay her bar fine and into the night for more laughs and fun.

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The next four days were non stop action. The Tiger Zoo, the Pattaya temple, the islands, the movies, Swensen's, mall restaurants. You bet I paid for it all, it was the cheapest date I ever had. A meal for two at the mall in a nice restaurant
was about 500 baht. C'mon, my dates in America order Goose Martinis for $15 a pop. She was also one of the funniest and most beautiful girls I had ever known or seen. For me to land a 23 year old in America was possible, but certainly required
a unique woman. Most likely, I would find a 33 year old American gal who was pretty much desperate to get married.

The next day I was supposed to go back to Bangkok for three days with my Thai buddy. He was going to see friends. I wanted to see what it would be like to spend a little time with my new beauty away from Pattaya, so I went on-line and rented
a beach hotel about an hour from Pattaya. I then told my buddy I would see him at the airport in 4 days and told my girl to pack her bags, because we were going on vacation. Sure I paid her bar fines while she was gone, they run a business and
I had a valuable commodity. Sure I paid her upfront for 4 days. She never negotiated an amount with me, she always said it was up to me. I slipped 2,000 baht every day under her purse and quietly smiled as I thought of the semi-good looking Vegas
prostitutes I paid $500 bucks to for a couple hours of work.

We had a great trip. She was an all star. Nothing like getting a girl in a neutral no pressure situation to get an accurate reading. I knew I would be back to see her. Probably sooner than later. My last day was Sunday and I offered to give
her money. I did not tell her she had to spend it any particular way or that she had to stop being a bar girl. I gave her enough so she could stop being a bar girl for 5 or 6 months based upon a very low monthly living allowance she had. Apartment
3,000 baht (shared her bed with a girl who I met), mother 3,000 baht, food and fun money 4,000 baht. Basically 10,000 baht a month. She claimed she only worked part time in Pattaya and spent most of the time in her village with her family (Mon,
dad, younger sister married with child and older sister married with child.) Her aunt lived in the village with a 75 year old European man, her aunt was 29.

Well deep down I offered the money to feel good about myself. No one had screwed me over in Thailand, and I wanted to leave things better than I had found them. Sure I was curious to see what she would do. I promised myself that if she was
still in Pattaya by the end of February, that I would write her a Dear John letter. Well three days after I had left she emailed me that she was taking the 12 hour bus ride home to her village. She wants me to visit, she wants to boom boom, she
loves me, I'll buy food and drinks for her family. Thanks to Stickman's site I am prepared for my visit. I'm coming back in 60 days. Going straight to her village. Straight to her village. No Bangkok. No Pattaya. OK well maybe on
the way back if things hit a bump in the road.

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I still want a kid someday. She wants one in 4 years which sounds good to me. I can be a rich man in her village. I can live 15 minutes away with her in the nearby city with shopping malls and restaurants (I did the research). I can lay the
law down and tell her exactly what I'll do to support her immediate family. I can tell her I will be out of the country for 3 months out of every year without her and the kid. She can take care of me when I'm old. Hell her 29 year old
aunt does it. Damn it's a plan. Can I just enjoy this feeling while it lasts!

Stickman's thoughts:

Enjoy the feeling while it lasts….and if things do continue to go well with her, spend as much time as you can with her before making any sort of commitments.

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