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Never Get Involved With A Western Woman

It is no secret that men are second class citizens in the west. Western women are used to getting and expecting preferential treatment everywhere they go, which is why by and large they do not make good wives. What proof do you have of this, you might

I need only refer you to the recent case involving William McCaffrey in New York City. Mr. McCaffrey, a father of 2, was falsely accused of raping Biurny Gonzales. The only evidence at the trial was Miss Gonzales’ testimony where she
again and again accused Mr. McCaffrey of gang raping her. Mr. McCaffrey steadfastly maintained his innocence. Well the judge sentenced Mr. McCaffrey to 20 years in prison. He spent 4 years in hell behind bars because prison guards are always “extra
hard” on convicted rapists.

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Recently it came out that DNA evidence proved that Miss Gonzales had not been raped. When confronted with the evidence she finally admitted that she made up the whole thing to impress her girlfriends. The judge who sent Mr. McCaffrey to jail
for 20 years said “sorry” when overturning the rape conviction. “Sorry” what a joke. Mr. McCaffrey leaves prison with no job, the one he had is undoubtedly long gone. He also leaves jail with no compensation for the
hell that he endured for 4 years. Only through a set of very lucky circumstances was he out in 4 years instead of 20. And all the judge says is “Sorry”. <I always thought that in the USA when you got fxxxed over like this you could sue that person for enough dollars to last 100 lifetimesStick>

Now comes the good part. Miss Gonzales was convicted of perjury and the judge sentenced her to 1-3 years in jail. The judge said he was “being hard” on Miss Gonzales because he wanted to send a message. Legal experts agree that
Miss Gonzales will be eligible for parole in 1 year and will be released.

So what message does this send? Well a western woman can falsely accuse a man of rape and get him put away for 20 years of hard time. If it turns out that she was lying, well she gets a slap on the wrist and spends a year of easy time in
the clink. And knowing the USA court system, the chance of a woman falsely accusing a man of rape and getting prosecuted for it is very low. Undoubtedly there are hundreds or thousands of innocent men in western jails accused of rape, child molesting,
spouse abuse and the like. All because a western woman decides to “get him” and file a charge with the local police.

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After being married to a western woman for 20 years and having several children with her, she filed for divorce. You might ask if I saw it coming. Looking back any idiot should have seen it coming. I didn’t. I was too busy working
10 hours a day and figuring that providing for my family was number one in importance. I later found out that my ex-wife was having an affair with her boss at work. But idiot that I was I was just plugging along every day and bring home a nice

After the divorce was filed I quickly found out how the court system is stacked against the man. She wound up with our home. She also got over half my income until the children reached the age of majority even though she was gainfully employed
making almost as much as me. She also wound up with all of our savings because she transferred everything to a personal account in her name just before she filed. And the court refused to declare the savings as joint funds to be divided up equally.
The court also said that I was responsible for a $17,000 in Master Card expenses (double that in today’s money) that she ran up on the card after she filed for divorce. You see I was the primary account holder (she was only the secondary
account holder even though she has full rights to use the card). We had two cars – she was awarded the new one and I got the clunker, etc, etc.

My advice. Never marry a western woman. If you must marry one, have a vasectomy first. Never have children – they will be used against you in any divorce. The courts rob men of their money, give it to the women and say they are doing
it for the good of the children. What rubbish.

After my children reached majority I started thinking that it would be nice get married again. I was still a workaholic, but life was lonely. The song “One is a lonely number” proved true in my case. I was lucky to find an Asian
woman while traveling in Asia on business. Eventually the company moved me to Asia and I lived there for 10 years in several locations. My second wife and I have been married for 17 years. I’m retired now and can say without equivocation
that the last 17 years have been the best.

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So how did I find my wife? First, I made a list of things I wanted in a wife. To my surprise the list didn’t include looks at all. However, I was lucky to get a wife who seems to get prettier every day.

#1 on the list was that her age be close to mine. When I was traveling on business to Asia, which I did frequently at that time, and business associates found out I wasn’t married, they invariably wanted to introduce me to a young,
beautiful girl. Of course I was flattered, but in my heart I knew that I could never connect on an emotional level with someone half my age. People looked at me funny when I said “thanks, but she is too young for me”.

#2 was that she had never been married. My thoughts on this are that people in a divorce didn’t believe “until death do us part” or they wouldn’t have divorced. Maybe the woman wasn’t at fault, but I was
only going to get one more chance at marriage and I didn’t want to risk it with a divorcee. If I got into marriage again I didn’t want to go through the hell of another divorce. You might say I was a hypocrite because I went through
a divorce. True enough, but I was looking for a wife not a husband. I was willing to look at someone who was a widow because she would have stuck with the marriage to the end. However, I was never introduced to a widow so that was moot.

#3 she come from a good family. By that I meant that she grew up in a family with a father and mother and the family had stuck together through thick and thin.

#4 she has an education beyond high school. I am a college grad. That doesn’t make me special. However, I felt that it would make it easier for us to bond.

There were other things on the list, but you get the picture. After associates in Asia found me unreceptive to meeting young girls, the introductions rapidly declined and I became resolved to forget about getting married again. Then a business
associate sent me a letter with a woman’s picture and he said that this girl might interest you.

In those days there was no internet and few locals had a private phone, so we exchanged letters for a while. Business was conducted by telex – I sure am dating myself. Then on one of my trips to Asia I decided to meet her. The rest
as they say is history. God above was smiling on me. I spent some very happy times visiting museums, temples and all the local sights. I spent virtually nothing because we always took the bus as I wanted to get a feel for how she lived. Of course
we had dinner at some very nice restaurants, but most of our dinners were at local restaurants that had good food and unbelievably low prices.

She never asked for a dowry. However, we always saw to it that her parents had extra money until they passed away. I wanted to buy a nice home in her hometown so she would have a place if she wanted to go back home if I pass away before she
does. However, she never would agree. She says she has new friends here and wants to stay here in our home, although it is her firm wish that she dies before me.

Enough about death. I look forward to life. We still visit Asia at least once per year and are lucky enough to also afford more than one lengthy cruise every year. A life that I honestly believe would not be so fulfilling with a western woman.


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Stickman's thoughts:

You're preaching to the converted. I think many of the readership would be very much in agreement with you.

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