Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2010

My Fourth Thailand Trip

Ok, just got back from the Land Of Smiles. 23 days and was with about 35 women. I averaged about 2 a day, and one day did three. I really didn't think or plan to keep that pace up, but once I got on a roll, it was hard to stop. Actually, I know I
could never do that back home, so I end up trying to pack as much fun with the ladies into each day of my vacation.

I spent this last year checking out Stick's site. Every time Stick mentions a favorite hang out or recommends somewhere, I write it down on my "Things to check out in Thailand List". Then, I took the list with me and just started
exploring. I should've called this submission, "Checking out all of Stick's Favorite Hangouts" Let's see, I checked out Gullivers for a few pints early in the evening. I checked out that bar, the Beat with the band on
Soi 7. It was fun, just like Stick described it. The Soi 8 bar was great for lunch. Also, I'd never been to the Thermae, but read so much about it. It was also exactly how Stick had described it. Must've really been fun years ago.

He Clinic Bangkok

I sat in the Beer Garden a few times. It was also just like Stick described. I sat down next to this one girl to have a beer. She started telling me that she had been hanging out there everyday for 8 days with no customers, and if I was with
her she would be an "8 day virgin" (I guess that's as close to a virgin as a girl gets in a naughty bar in Thailand). Ha! Anyway, she pointed out all of these farang guys and said that they are regulars there drinking every single
day. I told her, I'd like to go with you, but I've been with 2 women, and my battery power is down. She said, no problem.. She'd be able to get me going. I was actually toying with the idea of giving it a go, then, I noticed some
pink on her front teeth. At first I thought it was lipstick, then realized that her gums were bleeding by the front top tooth area. Wow, I thought…I've heard that's one of the few possible ways to pick up HIV from oral sex… If the
girl is bleeding in her mouth. Wow. That sure brought her sale's pitch to a halt. I never told her why, I got up and left when she almost had me sold on the idea. She was a cute little thing. She always hangs out there during the day. I remember
she had a big blue purse she carried.

Then, I checked out Soi 33. I'd read about it. It was a little early in the evening. Most of the signs were in Japanese. I think they were Karaoke Bars?? I'm not sure, but I didn't know if I was welcome. I did find a cool bar
restaurant with a swimming pool in the main section. It was all lit up. I guess girls swim in there on weekends and you just pick from the bikini clad menu. I was going to come back on the weekend, but never made it.

Then, I decided to check out Pattaya. I wrote down all of Stick's favorite places. I checked out Secrets and met Larry the manager from northern California. Nice guy. The girls there were fun. I took one to the short time rooms upstairs.
Nice, clean place. I bought this other girl ten shots of some lady drink. She drank them all and wanted to have sex, but once again, I had already done my two that day. I liked the staff there. Very friendly place. I checked Angelwitch, Misty's
and a few more on Stick's list.

CBD bangkok

I compare Thailand to a new relationship with a women. At first, everything is new, fresh and exciting, then, the newness starts to fade. I'm going through that stage now. The gogos don't excite me like they used to. I did check
out Stick's favorite, Tilac, and it did not disappoint. Nice clean fun bar with some smokin' hot ladies. I took one out of there or Baccarra. All I remember is they had these bright green fluorescent skirts with no panties underneath.
Nice. I picked this one girl that was half Chinese, half Thai, an amazing dancer. Anyway, I swear, she could only speak about 3 words of English, but somehow we communicated and I had a blast with her. I took her up to a short time room. Then
I said , have you ever been to the CM2 disco under my hotel, the Novotel? She hadn't so I took her there. She had a blast and so did I. I've done that now a few times. You get a go-go dancer (or two) who has never been out of the go-go
bar areas and I take them to the CM2 disco, and they just go nuts!

I met a 25 year old in Pattaya. She had been working in a factory making Mattel toys. She had an accident and had boiling hot water spill on her wrist and ankle. They said she couldn't work for a few months, so her friend recommended
working in a bar on Soi 8 to make some money. She had been there a month and a half, and only had two customers. Anyway, she was new to the bar scene. She was great. I decided to pull her out of there and spend the next 4 days with her going out
to the island and the beach everyday. Wow. We really clicked and had a great time. She said she would really like to marry me and asked if I loved her? I tried to explain, that 4 days was hardly long enough to answer a question like that. She
said that she felt we just connected and it felt so right to her. It took me by surprise. Marriage? I was just out to have a good time, but I was really falling for her. Wow, me at 56, marrying a 25 year old that had a 5 year old girl at her mother's
upcountry? That's a lot to take in all at once. I had rooms paid for back in Bangkok, so I left her there in Pattaya. It was really hard to say goodbye. She said if I loved her, I could show her by paying money and getting her out of the
bar. It was really tough on me to leave her there. She was the type that Stick had said that was new to the bar scene and those were sometimes the ones that could actually quit the bar scene and have a successful relationship. Wow, I thought.
This place can really mess a person up. I guess staying with the girl 4 days was a mistake? It just felt so right.

I've been emailing her. I even thought about the sponsor thing and sending money so she can get out of the bar, but I've heard the same story on Stick's site so many times. It may be 10 months before I make it back. It just
doesn't make sense. Hooking up with her is one thing, but raising a daughter for the next 13+ years?

This being a sex tourist thing, is not so easy at times. These girls have feelings, and we guys do too (some guys) So many of them are truly beautiful people. I told that girl to never get a tattoo and to get out of the bar and go back to
the factory work. If she doesn't do it soon, she'll be past her window of opportunity and she become hardened like the other girls.

wonderland clinic

The Thai sex scene? I love it and hate it all at the same time.

Thanks Stick for all the tips on your site. I enjoyed every place you mentioned!

Stickman's thoughts:

Glad to hear you liked places I have mentioned.

It's interesting to watch your development and how you're starting to see the other side of things…

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