Stickman Readers' Submissions March 19th, 2010

Ladyboy number 16, Sex and Tattooed Thai Girl Nymphomaniacs

I was 19 years old when Barbara dumped me for a fraternity brother of mine who had more money and a better car. 21 was the drinking age and I didn’t have a phony ID so I went to a bad part of the industrial town adjoining the college and found a low class bar.

I didn’t talk much. I was sad. Crying in my beer without the tears. I didn’t have much money. Barbara had gotten most of it in my feeble attempt to impress her away from Lyle my disloyal fraternity brother. I was drunk and alone and naive. I wasn’t hard to pick up. Joy picked me up. She was a tall girl.

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There was a party at Joy’s house. I was invited. It sounded good to me. Joy was easy. Too easy. After a couple more beers we were in Joy’s pink bedroom under the covers. Joy wouldn’t take off her bra or panties. At 19 years of age I was used to that. One girlfriend in high school used to stuff nylons in her bra and would never let me take it off because she thought I didn’t know she stuffed nylons in it. A lot of girls back then before the pill would not take off their panties. So no big problem. I thought I might get a feel and some French kissing and that was fine with me. My expectations were not very high. Barbara had been my only serious girlfriend and after five years of dating she was still a virgin. Joy got me hard. Joy sucked my dick, put up her legs and put me inside without taking off her panties. She pulled my backside roughly to make the insertion complete. She was tight. Very tight. I came quickly. The Four Tops were playing on the hi-fi when I climaxed.

I saw after my frenzied pre ejaculation state subsided that Joy had a dick. Not as big as my dick but sizeable. The Four Tops played on as I vomited in the toilet bowl. Joy tried to make me feel better but I was still nauseous. I had sex with a guy. I was sick to my stomach and morally ruined, in my mind. I never fantasized about having sex with a man or a man dressed up as a woman. I was 100% heterosexual.

Every time I heard the Four Tops play for 20 years I got sick to my stomach.

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Somewhere around 1985 after my third marriage I no longer got sick when I heard the Four Tops.

I checked into the Nana Hotel in May of 2004 and went across the street to the Nana Plaza and bar fined all of the short young women with a tramp stamp who grabbed my penis within the first three minutes of meeting me.

I had a system. I walked in a gogo and sat down without looking at anyone. I ordered a drink. I told any tall women who tried to join me that I wanted a short woman with a tramp stamp tattoo. When the short women with the tattoo sat down I pressed the stopwatch in my wristwatch that was set for three minutes. If the beeper went off before they had grabbed my penis I left.

My average was three bars before connection. After connection I became used to the words, “go again.” I didn’t ask them. Once was fine with me. Once and some sleep and a nice breakfast and then maybe again but not all night long. I have since become convinced that all of the short women who work at gogos in Nana Plaza with, just above the ass, tattoos that grab your penis within the first three minutes of joining you are nymphomaniacs.

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I was new to Thailand. I was a babe in the woods.

After three nights I was worn out. I couldn’t take it any more but my lust would not let me walk past Nana Plaza. I wanted to see Bangkok. I wanted to go shopping. I wanted to take a tour of the floating market. See a palace or something. The girls would not let me out of bed until noon. After lunch in the room and a shower I was usually able to extricate myself by 5PM or so. Then it was a beer or two to gain courage and I would try and walk past the Plaza again.

I was weak. I kept turning in and walking up escalators that didn’t work or stairs crowded with women on their way to work. Some days I didn’t even get to a gogo because the short women grabbed my penis on the stairs. I knew it was time for drastic action.

I had heard about a ladyboy bar on the top floor. I thought that might be the answer. As I tried to make my way to the ladyboy bar there was a vendor selling a drink made from fresh sugarcane. There were flies all over the masher where he extracted the juice. I was wearing khaki shorts. Somehow, as I walked by the vendor dropped one of the drinks he was pouring and it hit the concrete floor and splashed up my shorts. It was cold and it went under my shorts but didn’t stain. I could feel the liquid slosh around my balls. Not much I could do. Except cuss a bit and then smile and say it was OK. No damage done.

I walked in the bar bow-legged trying to dry my crotch as I walked. The lady boys were big and tall. I would be OK. Or so I thought. I was contemplating a relaxing night.

I guess I was fixating on the only short slim ladyboy who was dancing on stage because after she was done she immediately joined me.

She was amusing and tried to act shy as she unzipped my fly and grabbed me. She smiled sweetly as she put my hand on her crotch. No erection. I figured no harm no foul.

Her English was good and that was a pleasant change so we chatted for a while and I ordered her a drink.

She put the ice cubes from the drink in her mouth after asking me if I was hot. I said I was a little warm as the AC was not working very well in the bar. Then without warning she went down on my dick. The cold ice cubes were, I must say, cooling. I was almost getting into it when she let out a scream, “Hum Wan!” The other ladyboys stopped dancing and everything came to a stop. They all crowded around. “Jing, Jing? Chi, hum wan.” I had a new nickname, Sweet dick and everybody wanted to try it.

This incident was a mixed blessing. Sure it was a free blowjob but the rumor spread like wildfire in Nana Plaza. The next day I felt like I was walking into a sci-fi movie where 300 Thai zombies wanted to devour me.

For a while I used sugar cane juice like body lotion. But as I walked down Soi 4r a swarm of flies attacked my crotch. It is unnerving to walk into a bar with a swarm of flies around your crotch.

I took the safest alternative and left town. The next four years living in Thailand were rather uneventful. Filled with sex, of course, and hair-raising near death experiences but nothing out of the ordinary for day to day Thai living. My nickname stuck and followed me but it was not the frenzied denizens I had encountered in Nana Plaza. Small towns are quieter.

I had gotten over my fear of ladyboys and had at least one a year on “AIDS Day” and other times when the mood struck me or the overwhelming and outrageous duplicity and downright bitchiness of some Thai women got too much.

I kept count. I counted all the ladyboys at the first ladyboy bar in Nana as one because I have no idea of how many actually sucked my dick that night.

However, it was number sixteen that left a lasting impression.

I was walking down the street in the small town where I live and noticed a new girl sitting in one of the smaller bars. I stopped in for a drink and she shyly flirted with me. I motioned her over. She was 19 and it was her first night working the bar. She was a ladyboy. Her shyness was quickly replaced with a hard line hustle. Buy me a drink. Go upstairs. 2000 baht. And so on. I was immediately turned off and left wishing her good fortune. Whew, I said to myself, “has she got a lot to learn.” This is a small town. Ladyboys are few and far between because there is not that much demand.

A week later when walking down the same street she was at the same place. She waved at me and came over to apologize. She was very sorry she had hustled me. A week of sitting alone had convinced her that hard sell was not the way to go. She was sweet. Reality had set in.

She invited me upstairs. “Up to me. 500 baht very good”, she said. I felt sorry for her. Someone had sold her a bill of goods about working in the bar. She had discovered in a short time that the street was not paved with gold. So we went up stairs. One thing about trannys, much like other men – they get horny. She was horny. She didn’t like oral sex and she wasn’t good at it. She knew what she wanted. She had only Thai high school English. No bar words in her vocabulary. The only thing she could think of was, “inject me.” At first I did not understand. She said it again and tried to put me in. I told her to wait a moment and put on a condom. I am not big by Western standards but she seemed excited by what she saw. She inserted me and a big smile came over her face. But I could tell something was wrong. She was petulant. She rocked back and forth a few times. And then repeated her request, “inject me.” and quick as a flash she had me out, condom off and back in. Big smile, “now inject me.” I did.

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, if you want to spice it up, there is every opportunity to do that in Bangkok…

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