Stickman Readers' Submissions March 31st, 2010

How to “Write off” Your Next Sex Trip!

I took my 4th Thailand trip back in January. Had a fun time. Was it 35 women in 20 days. Had a great trip. Anyway, I figure one trip is enough without taking my addiction and doing multiple trips like many guys. I figure, if I escaped reality for 20 days,
had fun times and some good sex, that that would be enough for a 57-year old guy. Heck, I had many women when I was younger, but 35 women a year? I didn't come close. Well, I thought I would just spend the next year visiting Stick's
site and enjoy the great summer weather here till I returned next January.

That was the plan till last week. I bit down on a piece of liquorice and one of my teeth in the back of my dental bridge cracked. I wasn't in pain or anything. I went to the dentist and he quoted me $3200 for a new bridge. I tried a
second dentist and it was the same. Then, I remember reading how Thailand and India have some of the highest quality, low-priced dental and medical care in the world.

He Clinic Bangkok

I got on line and checked a top dental place in Thailand. Instead of $3200, the price for the same exact thing was $750. Wow! I couldn't believe the difference. So, I thought it out. Hand over $3200 to a dentist here, or take the same
amount, pay for airfare, rooms and meals for 2 weeks, plus have money to cover the dentist. It was a no brainer. So, I called the travel agent and booked the flight over. It just so happens, that the Songkran festival will be during that period,
so I'll finally get to experience that. I checked it out on YouTube, and I agree with Stick. I think I'd rather stay in my hotel during that period. I could see checking it out for a few hours, but 4 or 5 days of that? It just doesn't
look all that fun to me, but I guess I'll soon find out.

Anyway, I was telling my friend about the trip and he said, Hey! you could write that off on your taxes. I hadn't even though about that angle. I talked to my accountant today though, and he confirms it. I can write off airfare, rooms,
and meals, etc. because I'm going over for the dental (yeah, sure I am). Wow. He also said that the IRS would not ever question it, because I'm claiming the same or less than the dentists charges here.

So, fellow sex tourists. You can go over for two weeks, get you eyes screwed out, two weeks of hotel rooms and your meals, on Uncle Sam. The good old US government will give you credit on your taxes? Gee! That's better than OBAMACARE!!
I really like that kind of healthcare plan, don't you? I suppose this would also work with most medical procedures. If more guys realized this, perhaps the half empty go-go bars would fill back up! Just think. I can fly over there and get
both ends of my body worked on during the same stay. Works for me!!

CBD bangkok

Second topic: On my last trip, I hooked up with a "new in the biz" bargirl. I've sent her a little money since. I don't really want it to become a "steady" thing. I consider it a gift with no strings. Anyway,
she said she took the money, quit the bar and went back to factory work. Do I believe her? Does it matter? Not really. I am very curious though if she's being truthful (I know how rare that is from a bargirl). I did do something maybe many
of you guys could do. I typed her whole Thai name into Facebook and her site came up. I suppose a person could also try MySpace. Anyway, here's all these "friends" listed with their pictures. A few women, but mostly guys, and I'm
thinking….how many of these guys are past sex customers? She said she only had two customers before she was with me.

Anyway, when I'm with these bargirls, I really don't know or want to know who they've been with, but when I was actually looking at these guys' faces, it was really strange, and not in a good way. I guess even with regular women back
home, you never know about past guys. I think knowing and seeing pictures of a girl's past sex partners would be very strange. The same would hold true if a woman could view a guy's past sex partners. That's information that is
just better off undisclosed. So, if you guys want, you can type the girl's name on MySpace or Facebook and give it a shot. Just be prepared for what you might find. I also can read things she's typed to others. It didn't take long
to see she has this guy from Finland that thinks he's got her as his exclusive girlfriend. I could contact him to burst the bubble, but does it really matter? What's the point? She told me she has no boyfriend. I could call her on it,
but does it really matter? These girls just trying to play the best hand with the cards they're dealt. Can you really blame them?

There is a line from a movie I saw. "You're at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong woman," I thought that line probably sums up the situation many of you guys end up in over in Thailand. ha!

Seven days, three hours and ten minutes till I land in Bangkok, but who's counting! ha!

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Stickman's thoughts:

You can claim your such a trip as a tax expense? How on earth does that work?

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