Stickman Readers' Submissions March 5th, 2010

Angeles City Update

Just returned from Angeles City (AC). I was going to write a reader's submission but quite frankly I don’t think it warrants one. I've been there three times before in the mid 90's so I knew what to expect. It really hasn't
changed that much. There were a few reports that the Koreans had taken over but that is definitely not the case from what I could see. Maybe it was low season for them. Essentially it is a large version of what Soi Cowboy was 15 years ago, pretty
much the same time as Stickman arrived on Thai shores I believe. Dusty, dirty, under maintained bars but great fun. I took a few photos but nothing worth sending. Just the usual images of chaos and extreme poverty.

I was initially surprised by the lack of foreigners on the direct flight to Clark from Singapore given it was Chinese New Year. I happened to sit next to one from Oz who was a bit odd. But AC attracts the odd ones as does Thailand. The regulars
are the same as those in Thailand: young lads looking for a bit of fun, middle aged guys clearly touring for sex and the older guys who have reached the end of the road. I always thought that Washington Square was the end of the road for sexpats
in Thailand (for some reason I quite like the place), well AC is definitely the end of the road in the Philippines. Some guys look like they are about to expire any second.

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The signs of corruption are evident when you walk off the plane. A new airport terminal that is about to fall apart and the sight of many unfinished construction projects from the airport to the hotel. We stayed in a new hotel and the quality
of the plumbing, finishing etc was appalling. Thailand, surprisingly, is better in that respect.

The bars are not as plush as those in Cowboy or Nana and some of them make you want to take a shower and disinfect yourself after ten minutes. You can even smell the stench from outside some of the bars. Having said that the girls are good
fun generally, mainly because of the ease of communication. Personally I find the Thai girls more attractive than their Philippino sisters though there were a handful of absolute stunners strutting their stuff on stage. Most of them had that look
of utter desperation behind their eyes as is the case sometimes in the LOS.

Thailand walks all over the Philippines when it comes to food. Philippino food sucks, in fact it is appalling. Usually full of MSG and still no taste to it. However the European and American food served by the western restaurants and hotels
was pretty good.

I didn’t interact too much with the western guys as they all seemed to be on a mission which is understandable. Though playing the odd game of pool you tend to strike up a bit of a conversation, and a good crack was had. Everyone seemed
well laid (literally) back which should be the result of living in such a place.

Back to the girls. Generally the Thai lasses have better figures though the Philippine girls do have bigger breasts. The world map that some Thai girls have after birth is much worse in AC. Some of the girls in AC have simply been butchered
by the local doctors during the delivery of a kid. Some of the sights are stomach churning even after a load of beer.

The beer! San Miguel is great stuff so there is no need to pay double for the imported stuff. Prices range from 45 pesos (32 Baht) to 95 pesos which is a bargain. Girly drinks are normally 250 pesos but the good thing is they all have a beer
which makes the situation better, i.e. they like a drink. Whilst the San Miguel is a nice drop I found the next morning pretty hard to deal with. Day two almost resulted in alcohol poisoning. Only myself to blame for that.

I found the western bar owners a distasteful bunch. Just your typical sleazy overweight losers that you find in Thailand. They walk around treating the girls like crap and seem to think they have a god like status. Personally I would be ashamed
of such a ‘career’. Moreover, there really aren’t that many customers so I find it hard to believe that there is any money to be made out of the bar business.

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I saw one terrible sight. An American guy who had an appalling skin disease and was just about shunned by every guy and girl. It looked like leprosy but surely couldn't have been that in this day and age. Poor guy, really felt for him. We complain
about the most silly things when there are people out there in terrible circumstances.

One American guy approached me on the street in AC and begged for 100 pesos and even suggested that I buy his hat for 100 pesos. How do guys get themselves into such a stupid mess? Beyond belief isn't it.

The locals seemed a friendly bunch though the same fear occurs when you see a group of local guys drinking – just stay away because it does kick off like in LOS. I asked my golfing buddy (we didn’t play once due to the local attractions)
who met me there from Oz if the Philippino guys fight like the Thais, i.e. ten against one. Yes it’s the same so don’t get yourself into any dodgy situations or it could be an expensive hospital bill, or worse.

So which is better, LOS (i.e. Pattaya for a comparison) or the Philippines? Even a guy like myself who is pretty bored of the LOS would say that the LOS wins. AC, and many other destinations in the Philippines are well worth visiting (go
to Boracay, it’s a must!) but the LOS has more to offer in my opinion. The whole atmosphere is better and there is more to do. The girly scene is much the same. The Thai lasses do a lot more for me in terms of looks but the Philippino girls
are more fun I have to say.

AC is definitely worth a visit!!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Angeles seems to be a place to go for sex and little else. There might be more on offer, but that is the distinct impression I get.

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