Stickman Readers' Submissions March 13th, 2010

A Working Vacation

Always thinking about sex. I'm as impulsive and pretty eager to try anything once (or twice or more). I'm a performer, that's my main job. I have always loved attention, so my job is the perfect compliment for me. From what I could gather
we had just arrived in Thailand, I believe it was called Pattaya Beach. All I know I felt like a kidnap victim, since I was zipped up for what seemed like an eternity (he let me out to piss a couple times). It finally seemed like we had arrived
at our destination. I knew something was up when I felt the Levitra tingle. That's my cue to be ready to spring into action. It was just difficult to imagine to extent of the action…

I could tell we had checked into a hotel. I assumed it was night, since I could hear bar music (I think the song was Boom, Boom, Boom). He was drinking a beer, I could feel it. I like beer, it does keep me cool. Problem is too much beer and
the action thing becomes questionable. Hopefully he wasn't going to have to try too hard. Past experience told me the longer it took, the more beer he drank and the sleepier I became. I'm kind of reaching the point in my life where I
don't mind the sleep (if you want me to perfectly honest). But I know Levitra isn't cheap, so when the tingle is there I gotz to be ready freddie.

He Clinic Bangkok

There was some mumbled conversation going on as the music blared. It was a female voice, sounded like "handsome man" something or other. Next thing I know there's a women's hand grabbing me. What the hell? It's been
like 5 minutes. A couple more beers and a couple more grabs and I could tell we were back in the hotel. Based on past experience, I knew I had about an hour before "action". Not the case in Pattaya apparently. I heard the hotel room
door lock and I was uncaged and staring a beautiful shaved brown pussy. Nice job guy, but how did you pull this off in less than 30 minutes? Well it's not my job to ask questions, so I got to work…

This pussy liked me I think. I kept going back for more all night long. By morning I was exhausted, the pussy's owner kissed me good bye and left the room. Certainly looking forward to some rest after that crazy night. I did get a 3
hour afternoon nap, but there was another Levitra tingle and a cold beer. WTF guy? You hardly use me twice now a days. Now you get to this Pattaya Beach place and you think you're some Johnny Holmes? Well screw it, I'll go along for
the ride. Lightning doesn't strike twice anyway. Damn it doesn't, 45 minutes later I'm looking at another beautiful tan pussy….here we go again!

This crap went on for the next 17 days. I explored more holes than a golf ball. Sometimes it was one pussy, a couple times it was two pussy's. There was one pussy we both liked a little more than the others and she stayed 4 days. I still
think about that pussy. She was different somehow. Soft and wet like the others, but somehow different. Oh well, while I can't quite put my finger on it (literally), I want to keep in touch with her.

CBD bangkok

You mix in the pussy's owners mouth and the pussy's ass, it is quite understandable why I'm done here. Kind of glad I'm back in the States, where the bitches don't give it up so easy. I'm getting older and I
need my sleep. American women have their advantages. I'm sure I'll feel a little different after a day or two. It's just that right now I really felt like I got worked on my vacation. Worked like I've never had before (unless
you go back to when I was 18 with Amy's beautiful young pussy, now that was a great summer).

Beware my fellow dicks, if you hear the word Thailand mumbled, don't expect to get much rest. You'll be the center of attention. You'll be stoked, I mean stroked as much as you can handle or they can handle. You'll feel
like you're 18 again (thanks Levitra). I actually think all the work made me bigger. It certainly gave me more confidence. I know we're coming back to Thailand, it's a good feeling knowing I've got a staring role in that country.
Too many times I went of these long trips and never got to see a pussy. It seems like there has been months and months of the same pussy followed by weeks and weeks of no pussy. Occasionally there is a new pussy mixed in that I never see again.
I've met some smelly pussy's and some older pussy's. Some with hair and some shaved. But in Thailand, or as I call it LOVS (Land of Vertical Smiles), I've never met a nicer bunch of good looking young pussy's. No wonder
I had so much work to do. I'll be more prepared for my next Thailand adventure. I'll look forward to getting worked like a handle at a popular gas station. I'll think about your pussies often when he's out of Levitra and has
to do it on his own. Thanks ladies and I hope to be back soon….

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