Stickman Readers' Submissions February 17th, 2010

Who Knows What Thai Girls Want

Who knows what Thai girls want? I have travelled to Thailand many times over the past 11 years. Some times for 1 month, sometimes longer. I have been a reader of Stick's column and readers' submissions for many years also. The recent debate
in the readers' submissions is what finally prompted me to write. My education is limited and I am not a great writer so let's hope I don't bore you to death.

My first experience with Thai girls was when I was seeing one in Australia. We went out together for about 2 years. She had been living in Australia for quite some time. I'm not exactly sure how long. One day there was a knock on my door. It was
my Thai girl, Ben (she called herself Lyn in Australia ). She had a girlfriend with her who was carrying a 6 pack of beer. They came inside and sat down and we all started enjoying one of the beers. We were just sitting there watching TV, having
a beer when Ben looked at me and said "So do you want to have sex or what?"

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I said "what about your friend?"

She looked at her friend and said "We are going to go and have sex. Do you want to come?"

I looked at Ben and said "No, that's not what I meant. Are you just going to leave your friend out here all by herself while we have sex?"

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Her friend said "No, it's ok. I'll just sit here and watch TV you two go and have fun!"

Trying to figure out western women was hard enough for me but trying to figure out a Thai woman was like trying to figure out an alien. Ben explained that she thought sex and love are two different things. If a person is hungry they eat, if a person is
thirsty they drink, if a person is horny they fuck. A person does not necessarily need to love what he is eating or drinking to be satisfied and not be hungry or thirsty any more. Asking if her friend wanted to join us for sex seemed perfectly
normal to her. Not for me.

I had wanted to visit Thailand for many years well before I had met Ben. So a few years after we had stopped seeing each other I finally made my first trip. I had a friend who had been there many times before and he recommended Pattaya. Most of my other
friends that had been to Thailand had been to Phuket. So my first trip to Thailand was 1 week in Pattaya then 1 week in Phuket. After the first week in Pattaya I was hooked. It wasn't just the girls but the nightlife in general. The much
cheaper prices than a night out back home. The food was excellent no matter what you wanted. I love the heat and hate winters back home. The girls just topped it off and after reading a recent submission to Stick (about mongering) which I found
to be 100% true and correct, I realise I have difficulty having a good night out back home. Especially with the attitude you get from most western woman. Many of the girls that I have taken from bars have stayed with me until late the next day.
Sometimes as late as 6 or 6:30 PM even if they had to start work at 7, 8 or 9 PM. I believe it was because they were having a good time. They could have left in the morning if they wanted and still been paid the same.

Some girls I had known for 3 to 4 years, one girl 6 years before they either disappeared from the scene or I am told married a westerner. Most said they would never be able to handle a regular job as a waitress or something similar. Money no good and
no sanuk. Some said they would never leave Thailand under any circumstance. If I marry farang, farang have to come live in Thailand. I'm also sure most would never consider staying on the farm and working hard in the fields
to put food on the table. If they are not working in this industry what else are they going to do? Nearly all are uneducated and some extremely lazy. They complain if they have to walk more than 100 metres. Even though some of these girls had
been in the industry a long time, I believe many of them were probably some of the least damaged by it. All were great lookers and so had no problem making barfine and lady drink quotas. They all got to pick and choose which customers they would
go with. They did not have to go with fat, drunk or smelly farangs. (I know this is not the case with all the girls). But I bet when they first arrived in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket not many of them smoked, drank or had a tattoo. Yes the industry
changes us all. Even the punter, as I said I believed that green star submission by MacBKK (about mongering) to be 100% correct. Stick recently said he wouldn't be sad to to see the industry closed in Thailand. But if the industry closed
what are all these girls who are not prepared to work a regular job going to do? They don't have the dole in Thailand. Maybe Stick has a solution. Who knows what Thai girls want? I think that many of them don't know the answer themselves.
Most only seem to know that they want money and lots of it. More money than the average waitress or cleaner gets for 10-12 hours work a day. Many do not want to have to do much to get it. They want mobile phones, nice clothes etc but most of all
they seem to want to have fun. Then again what do I know? I am just a silly farang. Maybe closing down the industry would solve everything. The girls might have to adjust their attitudes and think about getting a regular job. Then again you might
see a lot more girls on beach road. Working without regular health checks and being a lot less picky about who they go with. Without all the mongers you may see a lot of ex waitresses and hotel receptionists on Beach Road as well. Who knows? Certainly
not me. I don't think there is an easy solution to the prostitution problem in Thailand. It is so widespread cities like Pattaya have been built around it. I know they are trying to change Pattaya's image and make it more family-orientated
but it does not have the clear blue waters of Phuket or Ko Samui. I just can't see many of the beach going or normal tourists going there when there are so many other beautiful places in Thailand to visit. But then again what do I know? I
am just a silly farang.

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Stickman's thoughts:

The industry is here to stay. Its forced closure, or the forced closure of certain sectors would just result in things going underground.

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