Stickman Readers' Submissions February 23rd, 2010

Sad Story

I have just finished reading Taken For A Ride, a recent submission by Shaun. Obviously he had never read Private Dancer by Stephen
Leather. He states that he finds this website very interesting. He also states that he has been reading a lot of articles of late about Thai ladies. It is a shame he never found this website before he ventured to Thailand. If he had he would've
read many stories like the one he submitted and I'm sure he would not have been caught the way he was. Then again, some people can never be told.

Thailand has so many beautiful women. Many of them look ten years younger than they really are. It is so easy to make western men fall for them. Most also know exactly what to say to make a westerner feel good about himself. Whether it is
part of their custom about saving face or not, they know just what to say. For the punter, or monger as some will put it, that has no intention of a serious relationship, this is not such a bad thing. It all creates the illusion and makes up the
girlfriend experience. But for the first timer or gullible, it's so easy to be deceived. Nobody has told them that many of the girls think farangs are just like ATMs. If you push the right buttons, money will come out. I am sure many of the
readers of these submissions have sat in a beer bar and watched the bargirls call out to farangs as they pass by. Hey sexy man, come inside, have one drink. Obese men wearing singlets, shorts and sandals with socks (NO DRESS SENSE AT ALL). The
girls are just trying to drum up business for the bar. Some of these men actually start to believe that the girls think they are sexy. Somehow they do not realise that Thai girls are much the same as other girls all over the world. They would
much rather be with a young, handsome and athletically built Thai man than a fat old farang. It's just the financial side of it that makes these girls even contemplate going with a farang. Sometimes I am sure that all bargirls go to some
kind of school that teaches them how to extract money from foreigners. They all seem to ask the same questions. Where are you from? How long you stay in Thailand? How many times you come to Thailand? When you go home? If it's your first time
in Thailand look out, you are ripe for picking. These questions are there to find out how much money may be extracted from you and how long they have to do it. If you have been to Thailand a dozen times before, the smiles may not be so big. Then
again if you happen to get a new girl she may appreciate it if you can speak a little Thai. Some of them have not picked up much English yet. But it won't take long, bargirls seem to learn really quick. They may be uneducated but they are
definitely not stupid. If she's not a new girl she might not like it if you can speak any Thai at all. Farang know too much.

He Clinic Bangkok

Shaun was taken for a ride by a girl he met on a dating site. I'm not so sure that dating sites are any better than bars to meet girls. <Bingo, there is now a massive overlap, both of the girls and of the methods usedStick>
I am no expert on dating sites. In fact I have never really been on one. It's just the things I've read and heard about them that stick in my mind. What makes a Thai girl search for farangs on one of these sites anyway? I don't
think it's because she is lonely. Most of the time I believe it will be because of financial reasons. And a girl looking for the money in a relationship, not just the love, will not normally make an ideal partner. Remember I said most Thai
girls would rather be with a Thai man than a farang. I know many Thai girls will tell you that they do not like Thai men. But a hell of a lot of these same girls have Thai boyfriends. They are just telling you what you want to hear. I am not saying
that nobody will ever find a nice girl on a dating site. I just think the chances are slim. Most bargirls have an email address and many of them spend plenty of time on dating sites also.

Shaun was probably trying to find a so called good girl, but how do you tell a good girl from a so called bad girl? Don't ask me because I have no idea. <Just use the same criteria you would in your own countryStick>
I have been walking down the street in Bangkok, when a girl handing out flyers for some promotion strikes up a conversation. She asks me if I would like to take her out for dinner. Is she a good girl or a bad girl? She does not work in a bar.
I have taken a girl from a bar. She does not drink, she does not smoke, she does not have any tattoos. She says she is a university student just trying to make ends meet. She says she only works in the bar part time. Is she a good girl or a bad
girl? Many so called good girls or so called hi-so girls have freelanced at one time or another. Some girls have said "why shouldn't we get paid for what we were going to do for free anyway". These girls are young and have healthy
sexual appetites. They were obviously going to get their sex somewhere. Maybe a farang that they did not find unattractive and was willing to spare a little cash, was their best option. Does that make them bad girls?

Shaun's storey was a sad one. Taken for a ride by a girl he'd obviously known for quite a while. His story was like many sad stories I have read in the readers submissions. I'm sure there will be many more. It is just a shame
that most western men will never hear of a book called Private Dancer or Stick's website before they go to Thailand. If they had they may have been able to keep more of their hard earned money in their pockets or bank accounts. But while
ever there are western men traveling to Thailand I'm sure there will be many more sad stories. 2Dogs.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I find it almost disturbing that so many guys still get conned despite there having been so much good information out there to avoid such scams.

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