Stickman Readers' Submissions February 12th, 2010

Pattaya versus Angeles City, The Truth

  1. Pattaya has a lot more crime than AC; I saw a Russian guy beaten into a coma by guards on Walking Street once; people run over by baht buses with drivers using ya ba to keep awake, etc.
  2. Long-term in Bangkok is non-existent now due to bar policy and is becoming more rare in Pattaya. There is still more long time in AC. You can get your money back in AC for non-sex runners; in Thailand you're on your own since the bars don't guarantee sex and the owners are usually non-foreigners who don't sympathize.
  3. AC has labor shortages due to mis-management that will have to correct itself soon as a matter of free market correction. But barfines did not gone up on Jan. 1st and the dollar is rising again against the remittance-based peso. The baht is Chinese-mafia-banker fixed and the cold-blooded nature of the Thai bars is increasingly due to Triad-infiltration. <Complete and utter NONSENSEStick> Once those people take over, they never leave — and they are more deadly on the owners in AC. There is no Triad or Yakuza or Russian Mafia in AC yet.
  4. Language is still a problem in Thailand — but not for Aussies who only see these girls as little brown fucking machines. They don't talk to them because they are not "human" and, besides, the Aussies have no real conversation except to bitch about brown people. This is why they tattoo their whores in Thailand like some primitive, tribal ritual. The girls are coloring books with vaginas.
  5. It's not true that "quite a few" are underaged in AC. Here is where the writer gives himself away. There are little spinners with petite bodies — and a handful may be under 18 — but this is not "quite a few". Besides, how is this really a "problem" if the bars and cops play along? There are no more stories of underage girl dragnet scams here. By the way, Thailand is equally corrupt as the Philippines when it comes to corrupt politicians, cops, and fake papers. Prostitution is also illegal in Thailand. There is plenty of underage stuff on Ocean Road and the beer bars on the secondary road. The cops only clean that street up in raids under protest from the bars due to competition. They even openly sell kiddie-you-know-what and bestiality discs on Ocean Road for God's sake and no one does anything. At least we got rid of Hitler's face from the front of the new mall here! Thais are corrupt to the core but there is less gratuitous lying within interpersonal communications.
  6. By the way: How is fewer customers a "problem" for the guys that DO come here? That just means more girls are available. I haven't seen ANY Malays here in three weeks; no Koreans for days due to the snowed-out Inchon airport. Went out last night with Maury and the bars were packed with girls, even after midnight, with NO customers. Girls that normally ignored me were flirting with me in every bar. Again, this makes the comments suspicious.
  7. Yes there are Jollibee bellies here but there are plenty of girls also with flat bellies. Genesis Bar has a ton of beauties now; "Love and Music" Bar at the new Paradise Court (next to McDonalds) has some hot girls.
  8. The performance of Thai girls is generally better than AC but the opportunity for GFE is virtually non-existent in Thailand for most guys. Middle-aged guys have to compete with young jet-setter yuppies types in Pattaya and Phuket.
  9. I still believe that AC is cheaper than Pattaya — or at least comparable. If you troll for street walkers on Ocean Road and eat filthy kiosk Thai food on the street than life is cheaper and not worth living! Marty here can outdo any Cheap Charlie in Pattaya.
  10. Koreans over-tip here (but not all as I am learning — some are working class) but some guys also over-tip in Thailand. I haven't tipped at all in three months — only trike money — 50 pesos to 100 pesos depending on where she lives — and it becomes easier to do this because, unlike Thailand, there is no expected financial transaction at the door. Back to the Koreans, they are clean and a lot of the guys in Thailand are not. There are less STDs here — that's an empirical fact and here the Hygiene weekly thing is at least something. There is AIDS in Thailand — mainly due to bisexuals who do a ladyboy one night (bareback) and then do your girl the next.

1000x the HIV risk in Thailand vs Philippines

1. HIV/AIDS is a human-engineered virus spread through contaminated Hepatitis B Vaccine to sub-Saharan Africa and the U.S. gay community at about the same time. This explains why it is family-based in Africa (where most of the cases of the world exist
— see attachment #1) and homosexual-based in the U.S. There is no need for a trans modal nexus like the gay French-Canadian steward myth (Patient x). The detail on this is in the attached Word file entitled "Horowitz" that explains
all of this.

He Clinic Bangkok

2. The HIV virus needs to be go directly into the blood system. Attachment #2 (see red bars for U.S. total population) shows that only 12% is "heterosexually transmitted"; the rest is needles and unprotected anal sex where capillaries
are busted in the anal lining, thus spreading the virus into the blood system. Of the remaining 12% that is "heterosexual" — some is plain lying about homosexual or bisexual activity; the rest could simply be unprotected heterosexual anal sex.

3. The HIV/AIDS "industry" of medical research (deliberately un-coordinated) and public health administration is about $15 billion a year — so many people exaggerate the claims for financial reasons. (See attachment #3 for financial
breakdown for the National Institute of Health). It is a scam like the climate-gate of the UN; and the global UN criminals are also behind the fake numbers regarding HIV/AIDS (see Washington Post article below).

4. Earl Wilkinson is an old-geezer, fanatical Catholic-Opus Dei-type religious nut-job and self described pedophile hunter. He made a fortune in the Australian stock market and then went to the Philippines to self-publish his non-scholarly,
poorly documented and non-contextual books. I included an excerpt of an article on him below. He has no credibility. Opus Dei-types whip themselves in the back with cat-o-nine tails and believe that sex is original sin.

CBD bangkok

5. I read a scholarly book on sexual deviation in Asia that looked at ladyboy/tomboy/billyboy etc.. examining Thailand v. the Philippines. Anal sex is common among gays in Thailand because it is accepted by Buddhism and there is a massive
ladyboy sex industry; anal sex is not common among Catholic Filipinos as gayness itself is shunned, Filipino people are observed all the time, and there is no beauty/hygiene subculture for any feminine transformation. Most Filipino gays just blow
each other; situational homosexuality like on the cruise ships is probably also mainly blowjobs and mutual jerkoffs. Anal sex among heterosexuals in the Philippines is virtually non-existent. Three-holers in AC are very rare.

With all the information above and in the attachments and excerpts below, the proper conclusion is that HIV/AIDS IS rare in the Philippines:

  1. because it was not initially targeted for the contaminated HB vaccine.
  2. because there is very, very little intravenous drug use.
  3. there are very few foreigners entering; 660,000 for 2008 (passport count) of which the largest group (20% of total) were Koreans who are very clean and have almost no AIDS in their country.
  4. AC bar girls don't bring AIDS to AC; they can only get it from intravenous drug users and bisexuals; most sex tourists to AC are exclusively heterosexual and their drug is alcohol.
  5. Gays in the Philippines usually refrain from anal sex, partly because they are too lazy to perform enemas and all the other high-maintenance shit that ladyboys in Thailand do; the girls object to the very thought of anal sex and most don't even have asses.
  6. the non-government organization scammers (using useful idiots like Wilkinson) want to create a Filipino "crisis" to get monies to fight this (remember the paper signs with AIDS ribbons on the bars?). They skim 90% for "administrative expenses" which means la dolce vita and early retirement. Now they want to fudge figures by saying that every death by tuberculosis, meningitis, and pneumonia is due to AIDS even though these diseases have been around in that country for centuries.

Stickman's thoughts:

I should have renamed this submission to "Nonsensical Generalisations and Half Truths" and then my comments would not have been needed!

I completely respect that you like Angeles. I do wonder how much of what you say about Angeles is true though, when most of what you say about Thailand has little truth in it. And if you are going to be nasty to the Aussies, at least be so good as to let us know which cuntry you come from.

nana plaza