Stickman Readers' Submissions February 13th, 2010

P4P or GFE or Castration (Physical or Chemical)

On a recent trip to Delhi, I enquired prior to travel, whether a lady could be found that would give me some comfort for one or two hours every few days whilst on holiday. The lady was found who was mature and she took care of me and made me content. The lady is married with children and the opportunity of earning extra money for herself and her immediate family was much appreciated. On one occasion the Indian lady on her own initiative, brought along another mature lady to bring me comfort as it was her period during this time and was very considerate in my opinion, to do this for me.

My last visit to Thailand was December 2008, just after the airport reopened. I spent 3 days in Bangkok and the remainder of my two weeks holiday was spent in Pattaya. Whilst in Bangkok, I visited an old acquaintance who works in a hotel massage parlour, who again seemed very happy to see me. Whilst in Pattaya I met a lady who works at the Pattaya Beergarden and for a week or so we had a type of girlfriend experience. She would come to my hotel after work and we would decide from there where to go and eat and then back to my hotel later to relax and sleep together.

I am essentially a bachelor, who having had one or two long term relationships, does not wish to get married or have children. I am now 46 years of age, overweight and look a little like a Reubens painting only male in gender. I do enjoy female companionship and work with 3 mature ladies and we have much leg pulling and banter during our working day when the situation allows us to do so. I do however recognise in myself that whilst I enjoy female companionship I do not wish to spend all my time with women. I have gotten used to being solitary. I do however, enjoy sex once in a while and would rather pay for it to contain my urges when they become overwhelming.

So the thought occurred to me that it would be quite a nice idea if a tablet could be manufactured to enable people such as myself to take it, and its effects therefore, would rid myself of these urges and enable me much mental and physical and financial relief to such an extent that an inner contentment would permeate and set me free from this type of fetter. The tablet of course would need to be taken with or without alcohol and its effects rather immediate if the urge is acute and not planned. Importantly this medication would not impact in any other way on my psyche other than to remove this sexual constraint.

I would like my human condition to be recognised in due course by the Medical Institutions and treated as a preventive measure rather than a cure. The degree to which I am fettered in this way could hopefully be measured accurately and a tablet with the relevant strength thereby administered. Obviously some people will need stronger doses and others less so. Hopefully this course of remedial treatment would enable me in time to become a better and more productive member of the Human Race.

I could then go about my business, knowing that I needn’t interest myself with the opposite sex, other than casual acquaintance or shared pursuits like sports, reading and such like. I would hope that TV advertising and Dramas etc would not show content of a sexual nature, as this would again make me think that I am missing out on something and would again start to fetter me. It would be helpful if the media discontinued showing images of the human form as again this would imprint upon my mind.

I have very much enjoyed reading the recent debates regarding p4p and the morality of it all, and some of it has been very thought provoking leading to introspection on my part. I initially intended to write just a little submission, but I wouldn’t have had enough words for it to be printed. I very much like Phet's writing and also at times Dana and Korski amongst others. My understanding of Thailand as a holiday destination has been very much enhanced because of these writings, and whilst I do p4p I also very much like the people and the food and the atmosphere is all part of it.

Well enough from me, I am now going swimming, and hopefully between swimming lengths I will try not to look adoringly at some of the ladies present in the pool and have naughty thoughts about them. Please somebody out there kindly create for me an antifetter tablet and quickly.

He Clinic Bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

If some feminists had their say such a pill would be compulsory for most males.

nana plaza