Stickman Readers' Submissions February 2nd, 2010


I have been reading some of the submissions concerning the morals of “the industry” and I want to add my two cents.

First of all I should admit to my own experiences of the industry, I had some fun in the bar scene in the past. Nothing I would admit to my mom but I had no problem admitting it to my dad who has some experiences of women of the night as
well as I already know.

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Buying women is sleazy, period. It is sleazy whether you pull a hot girl from a gogo bar or if you pick up a crack hoe in your car in a shady neighborhood in the west for a bj.

It is an act of surrender on the sexual market place resorting to being forced to pay to get the good stuff. Most alpha males don’t pay for the company of women, many betas and omegas do though. I think soliciting services from western
luxury escorts are exempt from this though as for number one you need to be a man of some success to be able to afford it. No. 2 you clearly got other options if you possess that success, like Charlie Sheen said “I am not paying for sex.
I am paying them to leave”.

I could also exempt a happy ending (hj) at a massage parlor (not fishbowl) because I can’t really see any moral differences between body parts. “Rub my feet because it makes me feel good” Rub my back because it feels
good” Rub my balls….”) The sexual morals about the difference of body parts comes mainly from religion. I fail to see that difference.

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Any of you guys who say “that it is ok to purchase women” I would like to ask you to say that to your kids as they grow up (especially if you got a daughter) or say it to people you work with in the west. If you are a man about
it then it is ok…then you are a little bit alpha.

When it comes to the industry in Thailand I think the moral debate is pointless. Men have since the begging of time bought women for short time service arrangement. The farang part of the industry is just a fraction of the local market.

Massage parlors, having mia nois are a part of Asian culture, I have seen it in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong.

My rationale why the industry in Thailand is as big and successful as it goes like this.

wonderland clinic

1. Vietnam war, establishing of Pattaya serving GIs, a culture that lived on to our days.

2. Abundance of sex starved and cashed up western men who failed on the sexual market in their home country.

3. Abundance of love starved and cashed up western men who fail to find a suitable mate in their home country.

4. Pay for sex Asian culture

5. Abundance of young, poor, greedy, lazy (hot) Thai women

6. Corruption (prostitution is illegal in Thailand)

7. Abundance of poor, lazy Thai men

8. Inherent lack of financial management in Thai culture (Chinese Thais exempt)

1. The Vietnam war brought western ideas to the locals in Asia, and what I mean by that I mean the worship of the mighty dollar. Mass consumption is a western (American) cultural trait which the rest of the world has embraced. People want
stuff, stuff costs money, people do stuff to get money.

Thais are as materialistic as the rest of us, in fact MBK and the rest of the shopping malls are packed every day of the week. The bar culture stems from those days, “serve farangs in a hovel in Pattaya and you can buy stuff”

2. You get my idea

3. You get my idea (blame feminism, overweight, divorce laws…still in many cases I would call sour grapes)

4. Sex ain't free in Thai culture that’s why your girlfriend wants a gold chain after a couple of months in a relationship, because you two had sex and it ain't free. “In falan county have flee sek” my dear
Thai friend once exclaimed. If you want sex in Asia you either look after your girlfriend with gifts and dinners or pay for a romp in a fishbowl massage parlor.

5. Lets kick the ballistics up in here, those girls could work in seven eleven, work in the rice fields, study to get some skills, but no…its fast money for them. Only exempt is single moms or girls who are left to take care of their parents,
see 7.

6. No explanation needed, but ok….” There ain't no prostitution in Pattaya!” exclaimed by Bangkok politician who went out there to research it.

7. Well well….Somchai….Thai guys who makes his girlfriend pregnant and then runs of leaving her hanging right there forcing her to humiliate herself with obese, drunk, smelly, rude “men”. Somchai, the lazy fuckup who cant
man up and take financial responsibilities for his aging parents and family but leaving that to Noi his younger sister, who is guilt ridden and hardworking enough to take the trip from Isaan to BKK or Pattaya.

8. Thais are “hardworking” (being able to be present at a workplace six days a week for ten hours a day) but they lack the ability to save and reinvest for the future, thus leaving them as poor the next month as they were in
the past month. This is of course a very broad generalization but have a look at how well loan sharks are doing exploiting that fact. Thais like shopping; not spending the money they got doesn’t make sense that leaves them without any buffer
for emergencies. So when accident happens they are forced to make money somehow.

Combine these factors and you got the present day sex industry in Thailand.

Do I feel sorry for the girls?

Yes I do, for the girls in the Thai owned massage parlors who serve 10 guys a day six days a week and make 8000 THB a month.

Yes I do, for the single moms or little Nois who has been burdened (pushed there by their parents and spouses) by having the financial responsibilities for their (failing) families.

No I don’t, for childless bargirls and gold diggers…don’t like your job? Learn to type!

So….who is to blame?

I would if I had to (but I really don’t see it as necessary) , put my blame on Somchai. He should get his act together and be a man, instead of having his sister or wife whoring to get money.

I read about these do gooders in west who call western guys pedophiles who go to Thailand. I got a little anecdote for them. A Thai friend who now lives in Australia told me about his friend a police Captain in BKK in his fifties, the guy
drove around in a SUV with pale skinned teenagers and university girls. He bragged that he had more than 60 girls on a list that he could call whenever he wanted and that they all came from good schools. . and they came with a price of course…

A nudge to all you guys who are just a little bit too smug about having a girlfriend with a degree. I got a Thai American friend who told some quite shocking stories about what goes on at a hi so university in BKK, but that’s another

Back to the topic though, the moral of it.

There isn’t none…it is still immoral whether we explain it or not, it is still sleazy.

But look at Hugh Grant, he got a bj from a street hooker at Sunset strip in LA, and he was dating Elisabeth Hurley!

He didn’t have to pay any woman to just get a bj…but it was sleazy…that’s why he wanted it…

Stickman's thoughts:

The sleaze factor is an interesting one because the sleaze is slowly disappearing from the industry in Thailand and it is all becoming more mainstream with fancier bars with better uniformed staff. It won't be long before bars give you a receipt and maybe even have English training and other benefits for their staff like health insurance and what not.

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