Stickman Readers' Submissions February 23rd, 2010

A Letter From TLL

Hello John,

My name is Pxxxxxxxx, my family name is Cxxxxx, you can call me Ann. I am 31 years old Thai woman. I was born in a countryside of Srisaket, a small province in the north-eastern of Thailand near Cambodia border.

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I was born in a chaos family. I am the 3rd of 7 children of parents who have been selling grilled chicken 40 years ago and they still shout to each other till now.

I stopped school after finished grade 6 (12 yrs old) because parents need more worker to prepare and sell grilled chicken. Everyone in my family was the same low education because our parents always speak "You go to school for what?
You know it cost a lot for nothing? You should better help us sell grilled chicken instead of go to school" I didn't really have any impression with my parents. What do you think? The following picture with mom was the first time i recognised
that we hug and there were my 3 little angles.

In the year 1997 I have met a nice man, he was the owner of medium construction company which had around 50 workmen. We stayed together without marry or marriage certificate.

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1998 the oldest daughter was born.
1999 the next daughter was born.
2001 the youngest daughter was born. It seem like I was daughter's factory machine. It was like that because I was too stupid and too young to get to know what
control pill is. But later I knew that my 3 kids are the best gifts of my life.

2002 The construction company broke because of bad economics and politics problems. We were cheated. We became debt. We lost contracts. We had no money to pay for workers. It was hard time. I agreed with my husband that I shall go to Pattaya
city working in bar with my aunt who's the owner of a small bar in Pattaya city with the last money we had and to be free from debt. We decided together that I shall go and he will stay home take good care our 3 kids.

2003-2004 I came to Pattaya city worked in bar. I made money by "sex". I could free family's debt. I send some money for kids living&education. I gave some savings to aunt for co-ordinate owner. Awhile ago since I left
my husband becomes ex husband and he becomes a leader of a village. I couldn't go back to him and my 3 kids because "bar girl" is unacceptable for villagers. I care my daughters feeling, they love their father, they love and understand
me either. We phone everyday, I and ex husband are good friend, we have never talked about each other personal life. I told my kids that I have to work and stay far away from them because I wanted to see them growing up with highest education,
the education in Thailand is not really free like the government announcement.

2006- I had boyfriend, he was from Luxembourg, he lives in Thailand but no job. I paid everything for him such as food, clothes, fitness member. In the mean time, there were many new bars growning up in the city. It made my bar out of date.
There were less less client. I spent alot of money to please boyfriend , so I didn't have enough money to adjust the bar. I borrowed money from loaner with high interest because I wanted quick cash and later I knew the loaner is big mafia
in pattaya. I adjusted the bar but still very less client came in some day no client.

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2007-Boyfriend ran away when I broke and became debt with big Pattaya mafia. The hard time comes to me again, my aunt is sick because hypertension and heart attacked but she still work. She spent alot of money for the treatment.

2008-2009-I have big debt and the interest is higher in everyday, I must turn off phone because brutal mafia called me, they spoke very bad to me, I have depression and planed to run away. I have met one Thai woman who told me about the dating
website. She said "I shall help you but we must very close contact and everything is the truth" there are many men who're looking for Thai wife, you just tell the truth whatever happened to your life, you may be meet someone with
good heart and he can pull off your problems but you must give back with your heart. I agreed with her even I didn't know what the dating website is. That's why I have met you Mike.

I am sure that I am a good heart person even living in the dark corner. I am not money seeker or hooker. I wanted to have happy life like any others have. I am too tired. So please read this carefully. . . I wanted to sell my life 3 million
thb. The money will be free me from debt and yes, the rest will be for kids living&education. What about myself? The answer is I will be with the one who can help me till the rest of my life. You may be wondering why I told you that I am low
education but how can I write English like this?. It's the Thai woman who told me about dating website, she write for me everything I wanted. She is a teacher. So, it's impossible to see me chat on cam because The woman lives in Pattaya
city and I am in Phuket right now. We are in touch all the time.

After you have read my long reality life you may be still interesting in me or you may be lost interesting it's depending on your consider. I have to say thank you for your patient reading it.

2010-I escaped from Pattaya mafia to Phuket, working in bar in Patong. My cell number is +6685 xxxxxxx.

Have a nice day,

Stickman's thoughts:

You have to laugh at what some of these TLL girls get up to.

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