Stickman Readers' Submissions February 13th, 2010

A Day In The Life of Nok

Work Bar

Hello handsum man, what you drink? You want lady sit with you? Have a look, many pretty ladies here for you. Ok you want me. I sit with you. I have lady drink.

You stay hotel. How long you stay Thailand? First day, first time. Straight from airport. You have wife? No? You handsum man why no have wife? Ok good for you, you have good time Thailand.

Me, I come Issan. Only come two weeks ago. I no like dancing here. Like dancing in disco. You like disco, me, and you can go have good fun.

You come England. Not look like England man. David Beckham handsum England man, you have hair dark like Thai. Yes I like you. No touch too much here cannot. Want to touch must go disco and dance. You pay bar fine me and I come with you. My sister Noi want to come dancing too, Can you pay bar fine her? You buy Mamasan drink while I get bar fine for you.

Ok now we go dancing have fun. You have one more drink with Mamasan and then we go.

Work Disco

Yes that is taxi, not same same as Bangkok. You never been Bangkok. Bangkok girls very bad, Papaya girls very good. We hungry. You too. You like Issan food. No have, very good. We teach you.

You drink slow. England man good drink. Why you no drink fast. No I not want more drink. You buy my friend drink she drink with you. You dance both of us. Now dance my sister. No she my work sister, not my home sister. Her good dance. You too are good dancer. Are you as good at hotel as you are on dancing floor?

Now you tired. We go you hotel. Which one? That small hotel. How I know? Sisters tell me it small. We get taxi.


Business very slow this week. Only 6 more days to end of month but need to get some cash. Mother calling me asking for money. Baby needs milk and motorbike payment due again on Wednesday

A hairy farang wearing shorts and singlet come to bar. He has tattoos all over arms. He very sweaty but not smell yet. He says it is first time in Thailand. He says this bar is the first place he comes to from airport and after hotel. Also says not married but can see white mark on hand where he take ling off. Shirt not ironed all scrumpy, not smart looking man. Shorts are clean look better. Hair too long for old man, he thinks he is 38 again. Has small cuts on face and chin, must have been in hurry or too excited when he shave. This one have clean hands and short nails. He take care of his hands but not his clothes.

He picked me and buy one lady drink and then him want to touch me. After just one drink! What he thinks I am? I talk to sister, tell her he is new to Thailand, she agree to give me 100 baht of bar fine money if I can get him to fine her out with me. We will tire him out at disco dancing make easy quick night for me. She want to go back to room and boyfriend tonight, she is worried that he will find another one if she not there. He always wants her there at room early but always wants her to bring money too. He does not sound smart one.

England man say first time ever to Thailand and he has ring off, so easy to get him to bar fine sister too. We both just squeeze him close and smile with him. He is hard to understand, not all England man sound like this. Mamasan is happy. I get him to buy 2 drinks for her. Greedy old witch! She like to tell us how many customer she have when she young and in bar. They must have been the smelly old ones with no hair who no care about her no boobs.

We get taxi to disco, he not sure that Pattaya taxi is real taxi. Good, that means it is really first time here for him. We get him to have food first as we are hungry. He try Issan food: all smiles for one minute. Then he goes red, sneezing and nose is runny. Good, we get him more beer to kill the chili. We have good meal and ask him if expensive. He says no: in England it would cost a lot more. He is happy about this. We both hold him arms and hand as we go disco. He can still walk but not very straight. He is happy and smiling to have two ladies walk with him and we tell him he is strong man. We ask him if this is like England; does he also go dancing to disco. He says no. He smiling more.

We go to disco and he pay for entrance and drink. We get our cards stamped. without him seeing. Sister is good at this. Later one night we can come and get in for free and get free drinks when we want to have happy night with no farang. We start to dance with him but he now drink slow. Want him to drink up make tired more. He is busy looking around at all the other people there and can see him looking at other lady. I not tell him the tall laughing lady that he watches 3 times is katoey. We share the dancing: sister is good at this. I see him start to look at her so make her go to toilet. Move in close and rub his thigh and put hand in his. He gets all happy and excited. I say we should go to hotel now. We go outside and we ask him for taxi money for Sister and he gives 100 baht.

His hotel is near our bar, small cheap Charlie place. Easy to walk to from bar so now I know why he come our place. Make him take shower and get in water with him. I wash him all over especially on the back where he has hair growing. I wash him down there at man place and he starts to get happy. He can only just get it to go up; maybe make him drink too much. He wants to look at me down there at lady place. I think his wife not let him see her down here. He gets more excited on bed when I let him see all of it and he opens it up. Worried that he may go to sleep or cannot do it. Work him up with hand and mouth. Get condom out and have trouble putting it on. He is no help with this part at all. He is now excited because he is up and is getting close. I lay back and then he goes in. I give him good loud moan (it hurt farang too big and not gentle) He gets all excited and tells me he is going to come. I am happy. I tell him me too. They all love to hear this and after you say it they usually only last for 5 seconds more. Get him out and off me quickly after this. Only have him in me for less than 40 seconds. Get him to go to bathroom and take off condom and wash.

He come back to bed and than I start to massage his head and shoulders. Very soon he is asleep. He starts to snore, He look happy as he sleeps. Wait for 5 minutes and wake him up and tell him to give me my money. He want again but tell him cannot. He nearly asleep again. Gives me money and I ask for taxi money. He gives 200 baht more. He wants big long hug and kiss. Kept trying to put tongue into my mouth. I am not dog. Tongue is rough and smells. Why do farang want to do different things to lady?

I leave and go straight to money transfer stall. They send money now so in morning my brother can go and pick it up in town. I have to tell my mother how much I send so brother not keeps any for him and lazy cow wife. She only good for have baby that all and also spend my money. I think my money for baby milk also goes to brother and cow wife for their babies. Everybody in house think me now rich person working in Pattaya. Maybe they should work more at home village.

Aunty Nah used to work in Bangkok in Patpong when she young. She has now used all money and stupid Uncle Ek still too lazy to work. He can still drink whisky and tell everybody else how to run their life. Aunty stupid to stay with him but at least she smart enough to have house that her Patpong money bought in her name. She tell me this the first time I come back to village from Pattaya. After 4 parties in 7 days and shopping for nearly whole village I go back with no money and owing village money man 5000 baht. She also tells me to go to the three shops in village and tell them that I no pay any money for goods and whisky for anybody, (especially father, brother and uncle Ek) try to buy in my name. She tell me all this and also tell me not to tell my mother. Two days later this cause big scream and fight on phone when they try to ring me and ask me why I do this to them. I send money back every month but not go back for 8 months. They are still angry about this after 3 years. Aunty good woman to tell me this, tells me to save in bank and not let anybody know about. She say do not tell sister bar friend or they will all want to borrow from you. She make me understand that I cannot do this bar job forever. I listen to her; if not I would not have money put away in bank that nobody knows about. Once I put in there I never touch it and take out, must earn more for next day.

I am too tired now to go have drink and talk. Not enough money left for play cards, so go back to room and go to sleep. I think about tonight. It is good I get a customer when I need the money. He not bad man although he look like it. Why they all think we all crazy about farang, think they are like Blad Pitt. Their money like Blad Pitts. I do not want to have to end up living with farang with their different ways. I want to stay in Thailand, have small house in village in Issan, let baby grow up healthy and smart and can go to school and learn. Have to get away from brother and wife. Maybe two more years and can build small house for me.

Bar work

Next day it is quiet start again. Then England man come in with new friends meet in Pattaya. They all drunk. He wants me to sit with him so I get two drinks from him. He then wants bar fine for me. I tell him cannot as my woman month just start. I tell him I can get my sister to go with him. I talk her and she agrees that she give me 200 baht if he takes her. Other new friends tell him to leave and go other bars and to look around and see what else is on offer: they tell him this is what sticky man says to do. Who is sticky man to tell them what to do?

I tell him he is amazing dancer and I have told my sister how good he is in bed. She wants to go him if he is as good tonight in bed with her as well. He pays fine for her and also buys Mamasan two drinks. Sister so happy as boyfriend yelled and punched her last night for only bringing small money. He gives me 200 baht tip as well so now sister not have to pay me. She asked him to do this! He want to give me big hug and kiss in bar in front of everybody there. I just do for two seconds and he try again to stick tongue in my mouth. I smile as get him away. After they leave other sisters make fun of me for having to kiss on dirty mouth and they see his tongue come out. At least it washed in beer.

Sister Noi has to work alone tonight to get him tired or really take longer time to earn her money. She has to do it as boyfriend is waiting for her and her money back at room.


Mother tells me money come but now father need more for drink in village. He will be only one who not brings whisky to party. I tell her I will in a few more days. Maybe he and brother should no have whisky for one month so have plenty more money for baby milk and food. Let them buy one beer to take to party.

I am tired today as my time of woman month will start in few days. Tonight I not want farang just want their money from drinks and tip and then I will go get Thai man. This is better for me. Only pay him 100 baht and give him bowl of noodles and bottle of beer.

England man came back again with some new friends. They look bad type, all tattoos and hairy everywhere and all have dirty hands. He pick me again to sit. He drunk but still try to be nice to me. Hairy friends not nice like to talk very loud put arms around lady and touch all over. One of them have cartoons on neck with 4 rings in one ear. This seems to make him very loud. One other has hair coming out from nose. We tell other sisters this probably old customer of Mamasan. They want to go to other bars and England man wants me to come. I tell him I have started my women’s time and not good for him. Sister Noi said she would give me 200 baht if I get him to bar fine her. New friends tell him to go elsewhere, look around; this is what they read on big website they know. We make sure he stay with us, hold him on thighs and sister rub his bare arms with front and boobs. Hairy friends go and leave him and we arrange it all. Sister goes to get bar fine done and I get him to buy drink for Mamasan and me. Later I see Mamasan get another drink. I wish his new hairy friends take her out for bar fine.

Sister do good job for me, She smile and rub against England man to make him get excited about having two women now in two days. She tells him I say he is very good and strong man in bed. She gets him to get me 200 baht tip plus two drinks. Good for me I have money and still not have to go with Farang. Maybe Mamasan witch be happy with Sister Noi and me as we get four drinks for her from England man. She always charges more for her drinks because she thinks she top Mamasan. We all know she witch with smelly parts.

Some customers come in but all seem to want the young sisters and not look at us over 22. One sister gets me to sit with her customer’s friend and they buy me two drinks. Man does not speak English and keeps looking at my boobs and bum and rubs my arm and holds my hand. He goes out with sister and her man and tips me 20 baht. I think I should maybe give it back to him and say that you should keep it; it would be too much for me, you must need it more than me. Cheap Charlie looks for 30 minutes and just gives 20 baht.

Go to noodle store and get some food. Look around for the Thai man parade and get same Thai man as before. Thai man also thinks they are good and I tell him this but at least I get to enjoy tonight. (He is smaller and not smells of alcohol yet.) Also not have to have man try to put tongue in mouth and suck my tongue. I have to do everything for Thai man but I can do it the way I want. He last longer than hairy farang who drink too much. After this I think maybe Thai man should go to England to go with wife of England man. Then maybe they are happy and let England men see down there.

He Clinic Bangkok

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Oh so true!

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