Stickman Readers' Submissions January 26th, 2010

What Is The Answer?

Would you want your sister or daughter working in a factory for minimum wage 6 days a week, 10 hours per day with little hope for advancement or betterment? Probably not.

Would you want your sister or daughter to make her living by allowing some obnoxious, overweight, smelly drunk stick his Viagra fueled prick up her ass until he got his jollies? Probably not?

Both options suck so what is the answer? Life in third world countries is generally hard and scratching for an existence is more often than not the norm. In imperial China, men at times allowed themselves to be castrated so they could join the ranks of the eunuchs and advance themselves in the emperors’ courts. Is that a life you would wish on a family member? Probably not. But life for some sucked yesterday, it sucks today and it will probably suck tomorrow.

In a first world country, would you want your sister or daughter working in a factory for $25 per hour plus benefits 6 days per week, 10 hours per day? Not bad money but mind numbing so I’ll say probably not. However, in the first world country, your sister or daughter had a choice. She could have furthered her education and avoided factory work. Albeit that may have entailed going into significant debt or giving up 4 years of her life to the military in exchange for a government funded education, but she does have options.

Are available options the real difference between third world and first world countries? To a great degree yes.

Now let’s say that even with all kinds of options available to her, your first world country sister or daughter still decided to make her living by allowing some obnoxious, overweight, smelly drunk stick his Viagra fueled prick up her ass until he got his jollies. Would that be OK with you? Probably not.

So then the point becomes not that life in third world countries is hard, nor that people in first world countries have more options but rather the fact that you do not want your sister or daughter selling her body for fast money in exchange for sex.

But why? Ignoring the issue of procreation, is sex between two consenting adults degrading? I would hope not. If a movie followed by a meal in a nice restaurant and a small gift were the price of sex (implicit or otherwise), would that make it a bad thing? Probably not.

What if a woman chose not to work in a factory, chose not to further her education, but rather chose to support herself by going with a different guy every night for a movie and dinner and a small gift followed by sex. Would that make it a bad thing? Ah, yes maybe but why?

Because most women can’t have multiple sex partners without some form of emotional damage, IMHO. Women are emotional creatures while men are much less so. Men for the most part, can have multiple sex partners and avoid emotional involvement unless they choose it while most women cannot. The emotional aspect of a woman’s psyche is the real culprit for the damage done to women who have a multitude of sex partners in the P4P scene or otherwise.

So what as responsible males, are we to do? Should we ignore our needs and wait for marriage to have sex? I would hope not unless you are really in love with Rosie Palm. So how do men get sex outside of monogamy (marriage or exclusive dating)?

Men can date a lot and provide movies, dinners and small gifts to their evening’s companion or they can simply cut to the chase and hand over the cash. If you are an obnoxious, overweight, smelly drunk then you will probably not have much luck with the former so by default you will have to choose the latter.

But the woman in the P4P arena is still behind the eight ball when it comes to undesirable sex companions; unless of course she has the option of saying “no” as she would in turning down an unwanted dinner date. As Stick has recently pointed out however, a Thai lovely working in a LOS disco often has a quota of 6 to 8 bar fines per month so she may not be able to say no. Or a woman who is not all that physically attractive and who gets few offers my not have the option of saying no.

So now we are back to square one – what is the answer? The answer is that there is no answer. Life is not always fair and we just have to do the best we can to get by whether you were born in a third world country or not; whether you work in the P4P arena or not.

Or as my father used to say “Life’s a bitch and then you die!”

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Stickman's thoughts:

You are right, unfortunately. There is no easy answer.

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