Stickman Readers' Submissions January 21st, 2010

The Mongering Issue

I do not want to justify anything at all here; but too many of the writers seem to ignore that most prostitution in Thailand is for Thais in establishments which rarely serve any foreigner at all and only cater to Thai people. I befriended many years ago a Chinese gentleman who ran a string of restaurants in a northern city. At least I thought he was a gentleman. After a few months he and his wife become very friendly and told me what they really do. They run a string of brothels in the northern town. But only for Thai people, they had their orders from their bosses in Bangkok never to admit any foreigners to their establishments.

The reason was very simple; all their girls were in the 11 to 14 year old age group. They were acquired from a broker in Maesei and then driven in police cars to their respective brothels. Now that was a few years ago and the man in brown charged them 6,000 baht for a full car of very young and frightened girls, but of course they were not stopped by the police checkpoints along the highway. The parents of the girls received 30,000 baht for the 3 years sex slavery of their daughters. This of course for a poor farmer is an incredible large sum. I forgot to mention all the girls came from Burma, China, Laos and the Hill Tribe people. None of them spoke any Thai. Once they arrived at their individual places they were examined by a medical doctor to ensure that they are in good health. The prices charged for their use was 100 baht short time, 150 to 200 baht all night but only on the establishments themselves. The customers could not take the girls outside the premises. A cherry girl went for 3,000 to 5,000 baht for two days.

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They were usually kept for one year in their first fuck stalls in utter misery. After one year of training they were distributed to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket to serve to the end of their term. This normally also took place in police cars. This time costing about 30,000 baht distribution to the retirement funds. However usually their parents loaned more money during the 3 years; so the girls had to stay on to work the depth off on their back. As I said at the start, this type of prostitution seems to be more than 85% of all the prostitution in Thailand, for Thais only. A farang monger will never meet this type of establishments even if he is living in LOS for 20 years or more. He might hear rumors but that’s all as he will never be admitted to enter these places. He probably would not even find them.

In the northern city one of the girls managed somehow to escape, but within a few hours she was found by the police and kept in their quarters for a day so that anybody could use her then she was returned to the brothel, very badly used up.

The Chinese guy showed me one of these places. It was a pity to see. The girls were looked up in their rooms to prevent possible escape, had practically not much clothing at all, and were regularly checked by their minders to make sure that they had no tips from the customers. If any money was found they got beaten up and the money confiscated. The rooms only had one bed, a cement wall to cover their washing facilities and usually one chair and a very small table.

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Thinking about this misery of very young girls, the bar and go-go girls should call themselves extremely lucky. They are generally not sold by their parents for a lousy 30,000 baht. They are not locked up 24 hours a day by the Chinese mafia; they are more or less voluntary in their work have reasonable good working conditions and can keep their money. Also they can leave the bar or go-go and start somewhere else if they so desire.

So now the monger issue, prostitution in LOS will not disappear if foreign whore mongers do not come to Thailand. More then 85% of all whoring is done in Thai only establishments and not frequented by farangs. So those who would get hurt if the mongers stay away are the small Isaan villages and the farmers which relay on the income from their daughters. The mongers are actually stabilizing the poorer areas of Thailand. The central government should be thankful and leave the moral judgments aside. Especially considering that most of the customers are Thai gentleman usually of the hi-so fraction of the population. <BULLSHIT! A genuine hi-so Thais would never step foot in such squalorStick> The other people could most likely not afford the prices charged. I do believe the best for all parties concerned is not to shake the foundation of the Thai whoring industry. Who would get hurt are the girls and the foreign exchange the government gets. I have not seen the latest figures of the estimated income to all of Thailand which can be attributed to the industry, but figures from years ago showed it was very substantial indeed.

The moral issue to the whore mongers is quite different of course. As long as the girls are treated respectful and paid whatever they are asking I can not see any problems on the monger side. They have a need and the girls can fulfill it. So there is no problem and they should not have moral regrets at all.

Stickman's thoughts:

While all of the components of this story may have happened at some point in time, I remain unconvinced that this story as you tell it is bona fide, but rather a collection of anecdotes and thoughts rolled together. If you wish to tell a story, that is fine, but please don't present it as fact.

Do what Korski sometimes does, tell an engaging story that leaves us wondering without purporting that every little detail is absolutely factually true.

I reiterate what I said to you in a previous submission – you have a wild imagination!

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