Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2010

The Last Word On Morality

Marc Holt certainly opened a can of warms when he penned his subs about abandoning one’s morality when engaging in the P4P scene.

The last sub by Sawasdee 2000 attempted to justify the industry when he compared it to other occupations also damaging to its participants. As I’m writing this Stick is still to come up with his pearls of wisdom in his Sunday editorial.

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Let me try to simplify the issue before it goes totally off the rails .

Selling one’s body is an immoral act and the buyer gets tainted with the same brush.

Think of it as being an accomplice.

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We all know what it means to be an accomplice, even after the fact, in legal terms.

In Thailand where prostitution is “illegal” you as a monger can be seen as aiding and abetting.

All the excuses Marc Holt and others come up with and justifications which S2000 lists make not an iota of difference to the facts.

Let me pose this question; if you’re a married man and have an affair outside your marriage does that make you immoral? Cheating and lying to your wife and maybe your kids about where you’ve been and what you did surely is immoral.

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So by paying for it can you absolve yourself from your indiscretions?

I think in the case of a married man the question of morality clearly poses a problem.

Sure you can come up with extenuating circumstances to help with your guilt, like “my wife doesn’t understand me” , etc but I bet you if it's your wife that does the cheating you’d be very high up on your morality horse.

A lot of married man would explain their actions as simply a bodily function to “get your rocks off” and as such they don’t actually cheat. How convenient, especially when you do it with a hooker and there’s no emotional intimacy…but in many cases there is and you’re in deep shit then.

Those mongers who aren’t married think that they have a free ride with hookers without the question of morals even coming into the equation. That’s how Marc Holt was able to have thousands of Thai hookers notched on his belt without batting an eyelid.

Then again he even mentioned that buying sex is no different to doing any kind of business, morality does not come into it. That remark was so unbelievable that even Stick took exception.

The bottom line is this: We’re supposed to be human beings who live by certain moral standards. If we weren’t we’d be savages.

S2000 makes a case for Thai hookers being hardcore practitioners and we should accept that fact. They may be hardcore by the time the mongers are through with them but no Thai girl was born a hooker.

The mongers contribute to their demise, no doubt about that. It doesn’t matter if they’re farang or Thai, they equally bear some responsibility.

Justifying actions which are clearly immoral is gilding the lily.

Similar to the bloke who killed his parents and before the judge sentenced him he was told to state why he shouldn’t be sent to the gallows….to which he replied ; “Your Honour please have mercy on me, I’m an orphan!”

I honestly don’t understand why Marc Holt wrote his subs.

Why would someone who had paid for sex thousands of times want to tell the whole world? Why would someone who was in business in Thailand for many years tell all and sundry that morals should not be part of legitimate business? I would understand this if one was in the brothel business or drugs or gun running but he wasn’t.

I also don’t understand why S2000, a family man, would even bother to write a reply about prostitution.

Actually I don’t understand why the fascination of learned men like Korski and BKKSW with sex for sale.

The funny thing is that these guys I mentioned up above are all middle aged or elderly.

All of them are supposedly not mongers …currently..

They sure like to talk about it a lot.

Maybe they just want to pass on their experiences to the younger generation, I dunno, the only one who’s younger than them and seems to be engaged about it with them is Stick himself, another non player.

It’s like this: Older guys can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk and younger guys aren’t listening. They don’t want their morals corrupted. Most of them don’t have to pay for it anyway.

So listen Marc, when you say it’s more honest to pay for it than getting it free, it’s poppycock and bad business.

When two people both engage in the sexual act without money changing hands it’s moral and fair, the way it's supposed to happen. However spending 30 years in Thailand doesn’t help your moral compass.

That’s all folks..

Stickman's thoughts:

Fair points, but I'd like to have heard *why* it's immoral. I think explaining why you feel it is immoral would have given your argument much more bite.

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