Stickman Readers' Submissions January 2nd, 2010

The Final Cry From Man

Man awoke as usual, cock stiff, balls ready to explode, and the evaporating images of the X rated dream Man had just crawled out of. Man rose from bed, rubbed his fists in his eyes and stood in front of the toilet. No matter how many times
Man awoke like this it never became easier, he planted one foot on the toilet rim, leaned over at a 90 degree angle and forced his cock down in the direction of the toilet bowl. Man was successful, well at least 90 percent. Immediately the stream
split in two, the larger one he directed to the water but the other doing a dog leg left went where it wanted to until he could contain it into one stream.

As Man dressed he knew what he had to do. Man had to go hunting and Man could only think of sweet pussy while at work, getting a chub under the desk when the Young, Sexy New Girls walked by. Man wanted these Girls but wisely stayed away from
them because Man knew that they could cause problems in the long run. Man continued to flirt with them, eye fucking them at every possible opportunity and ‘accidently’ rubbing his cock across their firm round assess when they were
crammed in the elevator, but he stayed away from seeing them outside of work because he valued his job and did not want to go looking for another one when the Girl was scorned.

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At home before the hunt Man had to prepare his gear and his mind for the hunt, he knew the hunting grounds well, they were ripe with pussy but he had to be camouflaged perfectly. The terrain dictated that Man wore pressed dress slacks and
a collared shirt, with a belt that matched the uncomfortable shiny shoes that made his feet sweat. These garments were constricting and took much time to prepare. Man also detested the sounds that came from the hunting grounds, the repetitive
beats and simple lyrics from Madonna, Hall and Oates, Whitney Houston, and such. Not only were the sounds excruciating, but Man was forced to pretend to enjoy them and move in some rhythmic way to attract Woman. This Man would endure for his one
shot at pussy. The Women referred to the hunting grounds as ‘The Club’.

Man had stalked the hunting grounds and closed in on a sweet morsel, she was tall and thin with long hair and a tight round ass and sweet breastesses. Woman was slyly making eye contact with Man and shortly after Man approached her and initiated
conversation. This is how the game was played thousands of times before, with Man feigning interest in her conversation without revealing his true thoughts. Man was thinking “I bet she wears a thong on her neatly groomed tiny little pussy”.
“I wonder what kind of face she will make when I shove my tongue into her crack?” “I would love to rub my cock on her nipples”. Man was a good actor and Woman truly believed he was interested in getting to know her,
he did not reveal his true thoughts.

Many hours later after talking and dancing Man was hit with a mild panic attack. Man realized that he may have to invest too much time and money in Beautiful Woman just to get a shot at that sweet pussy. Man’s past came back to him
in waves; he remembered that Woman was also concealing her thoughts. Woman was sizing up Man’s financial wealth, planning on a wedding, having kids, changing Man, and eventually leaving Man and taking half of his shit. Prior to this Woman
would probably begin restricting access to the pussy. Man had to stay focused, he came here for pussy, not to be controlled and tricked into a relationship. Man began to look around his environment and noticed Fatty; she was looking at Man and
the beautiful Woman he was talking to. Fatty showed interest in Man. Now Man had banged Fatties in the past and knew they were not as adept at trickery as Beautiful Women, they were appreciative of the dick that they seldom received and were masterful
cock suckers- they had to be because they knew that if Fatty could get Man rock hard he just might bang her. This was the extent of their trickery.

Instantly Man made a command decision and left Beautiful Woman and walked over to Fatty. The deal was closed in ten minutes. Fatty did not require lengthy conversation or force Man to dance. Fatty did not require any courting or any presents,
but Man knew Fatty would like to be taken out for meal but it was not necessary. He had already humiliated himself in front of others picking her up and did not want to subject himself to further humiliation at a restaurant, he also did not know
if he could afford to feed her. Man dragged Fatty out to his car and had his way with her. Fatty gave better head than almost every Beautiful Woman he had ever been with. It was as if all of the grub she had been cramming down her throat had stretched
it allowing her to swallow his entire length with ease. Also her food fetish seemed to translate into cock sucking because she was truly enjoying it like a person who was famished and finally had a nice meal set in front of them. Man was able
to release his load and was once again calm and relaxed.

In the morning on the drive to work Man felt good, he thought back to the cock sucking he received last night and was happy. Man knew there were no strings attached; he did not have to call her because he never asked for her number. Fatty
knew she may have a chance again at his cock in the future if she played her cards right by keeping her mouth shut, which is part of the Fatty Code. Man had no idea what lay ahead of him at work and that his happiness would soon be overtaken by
embarrassment. Once inside the office he noticed a slight change in the usual moods of his co workers, the Men were laughing at him and not with him, and the Women were also laughing but were not as flirtatious. Hell they were cold as ice and
dried up like a desert. Eventually it came back to Man that a co worker was at the hunting grounds and had witnessed Man ditching Beautiful Woman and dragging Fatty back to his vehicle. Man was horrified. In one evening Man had been able to completely
destroy the image he had made for himself over the past few years. The Young Sexy Women no longer flirted with him but treated Man like a leper. Man did notice that the work place Fatties were much more flirtatious but this also disturbed him
because Man did not have Fatty suck his cock in order to get at more Fatties, he just wanted to drain his balls with a limited investment in time and money.

Man ran into the rest room and locked the door. He dropped to his knees and prayed to God. “God, why did this happen? What can I do to remedy it? It is natural for a Man to seek release but sometimes it can really turn things upside
down in a mere matter of seconds. This is not a fair punishment for I was only following my natural desires. Please help me God.”

God replied “I will look into it my son; it does appear to be a flaw in the system.”

Man was relieved that God had spent the time to look into his problem and went back to his desk to continue toiling for money.

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Seven days later the Lord spoke to Man again. He said “This was quite a complex problem and it took me as long as it required in creating the Earth to remedy this problem. I have created a magic elixir to overcome the embarrassing
backlash that follows when friends find out that Man has received a blow job from a Fatty. This nectar of the Gods we will call ‘alcohol’. It has the amazing power of lowering one’s fears, inhibitions, and standards which
are directly proportionate to the amount of elixir that is consumed. There are also other benefits, Man can have a fellow Man friend consume the elixir and he will also likely get a blow job from a Fatty, thus eliminating the possibility that
he will disclose the event later. Beautiful women are also not immune to the effects, their standards will also be lowered and they will end up in compromising positions later only to find out in the morning that they were treated not as the Beautiful
Woman that they are but as a Fatty or a Whore. She will awake in some strange bed with her panties around her ankles, her cootchie sore, and her hair crusty and smelling like bleach. It completely levels the playing field.”

Man was happy and enjoyed many years consuming alcohol and dragging Women home.

A few years later God spoke to Man again. God said “I have nearly perfected the flaw in the system. Any Man coming out of a first world country who has a reasonable job will have the means to travel to a place of Nirvana at least once
in their lives. These places are called Bangkok, Pattya, Angeles City, Barrio Barretto, and such. There are Beautiful Exotic Young Women available for a cheap price. Man no longer has to court the Women, he just needs to choose and pay. The women,
alcohol, food and lodgings are cheap. Air fare will set you back a bit, but if you do the math you will find that the amount and quality of Women that you have in your short stay is much more than most Men could pull in their lifetime in their
home countries. It would also be a lot more enjoyable and cheaper than their home countries. I am still working on the loud obnoxious music blaring from the torn speakers. Also there is a glitch in controlling the Women from attempting to pocket
Man’s possessions or trick Man into a relationship, thus taking all of his possessions and time. This may never be remedied because it is in the core nature of Woman and I would have to completely reinvent Woman which may end up disastrous.
Man is responsible for protecting himself from this alone.”

Man was not happy, Man was ecstatic; Man began planning his trip and eventual retirement to Nirvana.

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