Stickman Readers' Submissions January 29th, 2010

Taken For A Ride

I would like to say your website is very interesting, as for I have been reading a lot of articles of late about Thai ladies. For I have been taken on a real good ride from one Nok / Kanya!

She has been duping farang men for some time and now that I have had a good chance to sit down and investigate her and her evil doings so to say.

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I met her from a dating site as a lot of men do in hopes of meeting a great lady from Thailand. After a lengthy relationship I have had men contact me about her and the way she has duped them as well!

I have supported her in her nursing program and general living expenses for quite some time in the hope of her getting a better chance at a visa to Canada and a better job opportunity as well when getting here.

We just recently broke up due to the fact that another guy saw a message that was on her msn to me, and he was also dating her as well. So he got my email address and asked me some questions about our relationship and to all dismay we were in the same boat, as well as another few men, who she has had devious relationships with. She is a pro at having men fall for her good looks and great nature, and into her trap of financial gain!

I am embarrassed to even say what I was taken for, but it is not a small sum to anyone with money! Men must be warned of creatures of this type who are really good at their game of deceit, lies and games.

I lived with her on 3 different occasions in Bangkok for 3 months at a time and we had a great relationship and although there were a few bad signs here and there nothing was really amiss.

I treated her well and it is sad to know I bet there were others who did as well and had their hearts broken as well as their wallets.

After breaking up with her I went to see if I could possibly meet another lady, who may be a better person so to say, and funny as hell when I did…she was the first fricking girl's picture on that new site I tried!

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I am actually scared to look on more sites for dating to find her face on them as well.

I invested a lot of time money and care towards her and it really makes me look at Thai ladies a whole lot different now…but strangely enough I am willing to try again in hopes of finding that special one if she is out there.

So far I have found out about 4 other men she has been with, and 3 I have chatted to about her. And I wonder how many others there are I don’t know about!

She even took me home to her family which I have read is supposed to mean that you are the one. By the way I loved Kalasin. It was quiet but nice.

It seems the girls there go to great lengths to make money from men in real creative ways, even by taking you to see their family and so on. I never asked the other guys which date sites they met her on but I am sure she is on a lot of them.

So advice to all the guys out there: Be careful and hope that there are at least some girls out there that will love you for your heart.

I would like to add that I'm a 41 year old male and she is 31 and we dated for almost 2 and a half years.

When I first went to Thailand I never really was looking for a full time girlfriend so to say, just was there to travel, have fun and see the many wonderful sights of Thailand! During my first stay I met a good friend from Germany who showed me all the good places for the night time activities, and after a while, say 2 months, I was getting bored of Nana and Cowboy! So my friend mentioned a free date site I could check out and maybe find a nice lady on there, the beginning of my mistake!

Her picture on this site was wonderful with pretty, long hair and a real nice body to boot. We chatted a few times and made a date to meet. We went to Sukhumvit, a bar that plays live music I think was on soi 7, a nice place for live bands which played rock and 70s & 80s music. The bands were usually from the Philippines I think, for the 4 or 5 times I went there.

I would like to add that I’m not an old guy and out of shape and consider myself above average on looks, so don’t get me wrong that I was trying for a girl out of my league as some readers may be thinking! I only got to see one of the other men’s pictures she duped and he was over 50 and heavy set, so I imagine she dates all types of guys for their funds. The others mentioned they sent her money as well, but not the sums I did. I guess she just adds them all up from all the guys weather they send 3,000 baht or 30,000 and makes a real nice living.

I will say out of the kindness of my heart that if she would stick to one guy she would be a great catch for any man out there. But I think she only intends to make a good living from farang men and loosen their wallets. Some only a little, some a lot. Karma will catch up to her some day, and I told her the looks won't last forever then what will you do!

As for some of the other stories I have read about the phone off at times or not being answered, I will say it happened and even on two occasions I had a Thai guy answer her phone, to which she replied it could not have happened because she never saw my number on her phone. She made a great story and said even her friends tried to call and someone else answered it and made it seem the phone company was at fault by having the call go to a different phone. Ya right, when does that ever happen!

I treated her so good, went on a lot of trips and had such a good relationship it seemed. But now I will keep my guard up and try to just have fun instead of finding love. But hey, you just never know, right?

I would love to see a print out from Western Union and places of money transfers to see how much she makes a year from us farang!

I just needed to get this story to you and the many readers you have. I do think Thailand is a great place and full of fun and good times. Too bad there are some real good hearted people who go there and get screwed around by the so called I’m good girl for you always 555… I will keep reading your interesting columns and hope that this story can help others who really think they have that special girl, but turns out she wasn’t.

Stickman's thoughts:

One does have to be careful on the dating sites. Given what a lot of Thailand guys experience – that most girls drop their knickers within an hour or two of meeting, I'd suggest the girls might not always be the relationship material some guys are seeking.

It sounds like "your" teeruk had a Thai boyfriend or husband.

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