Stickman Readers' Submissions January 22nd, 2010

Stunning (Bar)girl On Cowboy?

I was at Cowboy last night (Sunday the 3rd) which is a slow night as you know but even more so after the 3 day holiday. Nana was even worse, a veritable graveyard. Anyway, my first stop is the always entertaining Tilac. Even on a slow night it has a great
atmosphere, the flashy decor really helps. So I bellied up to the stage. After a few gin and tonics, the initial excitement began to wear off. Maybe most of the lookers were still upcountry or had already been barfined. There was an ample amount
of girls working, but not the A-list ones. But lo and behold who should sit down a few stools away from me but this stunning Thai women, with farang in tow (actually two farang but one appeared to be her suitor for the night, or her bf, not sure).
This woman, hands down was the best looking girl in Tilac, on Cowboy for that matter. On that night, any night really. Tall, modelesque, dressed nicely (but still a bit sexy). Some bargirls on stage immediately wai'd her.
I immediately thought "is this some Thai 'dara' slumming in Cowboy"? What are the chances? I surveyed her a bit more, trying to be inconspicuous. If so, she wasn't the typical Thai bargirl, who you see some farang
parading around the go-go bars proud as a peacock.

First her appearance. She had beautiful skin. But dark. Well darker, not the typical porcelain, bleached skin you see on Thai celebrities, but not the sunned baked Isaan skin either (I saw one of these Thai soap opera stars at some promotion at a Carrefour
– I couldn't believe how white these girls skin is, whiter than your average farang). This beauty at Tilac, her makeup was applied in moderation, again tastefully and done with some skill, i.e. not plastered on by some katoey hairdresser on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza. The rest of her skin was good, but not flawless – you could see the telltale keloids – the nasty scars that result after a cut had failed to heal properly, probably because of poor or no medical intervention.
I have seen some of these bargirls that have scars like welding seams, as thick as a caterpillar. The beauty queen has some small scars on her shoulder, but nothing severe. However, as she had on long pants, you couldn't gauge her lower legs
where most upcountry girls' calves and shins are criss-crossed with so many scrapes from motorbike bang ups and muffler burns. Her hair was cut professionally, not in some back soi salon. Done tastefully, mid length down her back with minor
high-lighting (as opposed to the bar girl hairdo of the week, like the crazy half straight / half permed cartoonish hairdos that some girls, especially in Nana, prefer to attract Japanese customers). And her teeth. Perfectly white. And even. Maybe
she had braces before, maybe not. But I have seen many bargirls who had braces, and afterwards their smile is still not that attractive – like a straight picket fence, but with a few planks missing. Unlike a real orthodontist, these back soi dentists
will jam braces on any set of chompers. And last but not least, her nose. Not a typical Isaan button nose, but more of Central Thai, not too wide, with some length – it appeared natural (and not an awful sundial like nose job with such a defined
crease you see on the Isaan girls). She was dressed in stylish black pants (not jeans), and a bustier type top. She appeared very busty (could have been silicone, but maybe just the effect of the bustier, pushing her bosom so high – I have met
many a "busty" Thai girl who disrobes to reveal a set of A-Cups packed into a C-Cup padded bra).

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She had an expensive leather purse, not a knock off. And not something overly gaudy, with baubles, chains, trinkets hanging off it. Her jewellery was the same. A gold ring, of moderate size. And a bracelet. Not tons of chains, rings, earrings that a typical
bargirl would squeeze out of their tee-rak to boast of her new found largesse. And the most telling thing was her behavior. She was not loud, she didn't order tons of drinks, shots, etc. a la typical bar girl. She didn't order rounds
of drinks for her working sisters. She really didn't make much if any contact with the girls working there. None of the mamasans nor waitresses were fawning over her either, they seemed subdued, deferential, maybe realizing her higher status.
I couldn't get close enough to gauge how good her English was (or how naughty her Thai was, another tell tale bargirl sign). This was really a conundrum. Was she a bargirl, a hostess? The guy's girlfriend? I'd describe her as a
"hi so" Isaan girl, even if that's an oxymoron.

The farang she was with was tall, blonde, probably early forties. Dressed in jeans, golf shirt. I'd expect a guy in long sleeves, maybe even a suit if he's with a girl like this. Something fashionable. He had no flashy jewellery, no giant Tag
Heuer watch or anything.. He wai'd the girls the girls on stage as well (after they wai'd him, so I think he was a local – he didn't wai them first which is a dead giveaway for a tourist) <No local worth his salt would wai the girls so I wonder if he was a touristStick>. He wasn't tossing around money recklessly, so couldn't quite place him either. An ex-pat with a western salary? Not sure. His behavior was pretty tame as well. Although it seemed like he was trying to coax
his lady up on stage, maybe it was just in jest. Then he started to dance with her. Nothing erotic, embarrassing. But he was definitely there showing her off.

The woman, again wasn't displaying any typical bar girl mannerisms, she didn't kiss her boyfriend, no inappropriate touching either. And one very important thing she DIDN'T do in my book. No eye contact. Typically a bargirl will make eye
contact with other guys in the bar, even if she's in the company of her current suitor (especially when he goes to the men's room). Always looking for future prospects. A wink, a smile – some sort of eye contact. But none. Zero. This
woman, I wouldn't call her a girl in retrospect, seemed in a word, mmm, refined. I couldn't really gauge her. A hi-so girl would not come into a Soi Cowboy go go bar, I am pretty confident of that. But who was this girl? A hostess, maybe
from Soi 33? No way. She was far more attractive than anything on Soi 33. One more important point. At NO TIME did I see her pull out a cellphone and start texting away.

Anyway, this girl really was a mystery – and as you can read I went through all the typical checklists, gleaned from reading this website as well as my own experience, as to her origin. I know there are much more refined hostess bars around the city (I
don't leave the Sukhumvit corridor as you may have guessed), so maybe this is where she came from. Maybe she was indeed a "good girl". As I left Cowboy an hour or so later I saw her heading over to Rawhide or Long Gun. Anyone else
see this beauty? Truly mystifying.

Stickman's thoughts:

Very curious indeed. I would love to see her for the way you describe her makes her sounds very special indeed. Nice descriptive prose, by the way.

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