Stickman Readers' Submissions January 5th, 2010

A Stupid Farang, In Defence of Angeles City

I feel compelled to write in response to some of the comments posted about Angeles City in your latest "Stick's Inbox"
in your column of 3rd January.

First, just to provide perspective, I have visited Bangkok only one time, and have visited Angeles City only one time, which was recently, returning home in November. I am far more familiar with "entertainment" here in my home country, USA, which constitutes my "frame of reference".

He Clinic Bangkok

About my trip to Angeles City (including two nights in areas of Manila):

I had no difficulty finding the levels of beauty and performance I was seeking. A few minutes' discussion over a lady drink resolves the problems, and sets the expectations. Jollibee belly? Looks or seems too young? Avoid her, move on, there are thousands available. Cherry girl? Look at her license, and ask her. Most speak good to excellent English, and a few minutes' discussion will reveal their level of interest, energy, sincerity, candour, and their willingness or intention to work to make a customer happy. Of the young ladies I took the opportunity to get to know, none were runners, and only one yielded a level of performance distinctly below my expectations for her.

I had zero difficulties with any scams, scares, run-ins with authorities, or anything of the like. (Frankly, I attribute a host of issues to drunkenness, and my number one suggestion to anyone in a place strange to them is: do not get drunk.)

And, as a "Stupid Farang" (actually, "Foreigner" in PI, since they speak English), I tire of reading accusations that reveal how cheap my fellow English-speaking farangs must actually be!! Please consider these excerpts from my written account of my time in the PI:

CBD bangkok

"What a complete GFE. Temperament, demeanor, performance, all extraordinary – outstanding. No TV, no cell phone, complete attention, respect, no demands. She showed her heart, and listened intently as I shared mine. All of this with outstanding good looks and a streak of hot-blooded passion. Although called "Danielle", I asked during the evening if she would share with me what her real nickname is. She said she would think about it and let me know in the morning. Her name to her friends and family is ****. She is from some province on another island, and Tagalog is not her native language. She spoke very good English. As we were leaving for breakfast, I gave her another $50. Looking at me a little funny, she said, "you don't have to do that, you already paid me last night." I just simply said to take it – I didn't have the heart to tell her that what she provided for a total cost of less than $300 here in the Manhattan of the Philippines [Makati], she would get up to $6,000 for in the Manhattan of the US."

"I tipped well, but not as well as I was planning on. I gave them each $50 [US], plus an additional P1,000 for *****. (Some readers will roll their eyes at this, I know, but please keep in mind that I am accustomed to prices in the USA, where this level of beauty and service comes in at around $300 – $500 per hour per girl, with the meter running from the first "Hello".) ***** tried harder to be pleasing, and she definitely took the brunt of the pounding. ****** didn't do so much, but she had that face, that priceless face. They both dressed, and left."

"…*******'s enthusiasm for being barfined by me really put things in perspective. There was a beautiful, exotic, young girl, almost begging me to pay $50 (barfine plus tip) to take her back to my hotel room and fuck her too. Too bad my life hasn't been full of such problems."

"In spite of my concern of being too generous, I tipped her very well, again [$100US]. This woman had been so good to me, and regardless of the risk of upsetting local standards and inciting ire, I couldn't in good conscience just give her $20 and feel right about it. To me, that would be cheap, and this woman had not been cheap with me. A woman in the US, providing equivalent time, openness, closeness, attentiveness, and sexual performance to what ****** had given me, would demand at least two orders of magnitude more than what ****** or any of the girls there expect."

wonderland clinic

And, checking out of Angeles Beach Club Hotel:

"I reviewed the bill for accuracy, did a little quick, partial arithmetic in my head, and was still almost stunned. Everything: six nights in the room, restaurant, bar, mini-bar, laundry, telephone calls, etc., came to less than $800. Equivalent quality and service in the US would easily top $2,000."

Frankly, I'm not too keen on being overlooked by pretty girls in favor of Japanese or Koreans, simply because other farang are cheap. So, sorry to say, I'm one of those "stupid farang" who are spoiling the girls. But, I have a very different perspective. I walked in Paradise for eight days and nights, living a dream, and it was dirt cheap. Leaving a trail of a few extra dollars to show my appreciation to warm, open-hearted, giving (and economically poor) human beings, is not wrong (or stupid).

Thank You, Mr. Stickman, for your time and attention.


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Stickman's thoughts:

I can just imagine what the women said about you. "Oh, he velly, velly, velly good man!" Your generosity is at the extreme end of the scale.

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