Stickman Readers' Submissions December 14th, 2009

The Infidelity Hole

Tiger Woods has asked for forgiveness from his family and fans on his official website and announced he will be taking a break from international golf.

It’s topical to examine Tiger Woods’ infidelities on this site because he is “Luk Krueng”.

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He says this about his situation: "I am deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that my infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all my wife and children. I want to say again to everyone that I am profoundly sorry and that
I ask forgiveness. It may not be possible to repair the damage I've done, but I want to do my best to try,"

Infidelity has been a subject of a number of submissions on Stickman and mostly put in a somewhat favourable light . It was stated so because in a Thai context it’s so easy to stray and it’s done so commonly by Thais and Farangs

Here we have a celebrity whose mother is Thai engaged in serial affairs while his attractive wife is giving birth to his babies. Sounds familiar? Very common among Thais when their wives are pregnant or breastfeeding and they feel hard done

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Farangs may go even further when they visit Thailand on a “business trip” or even living in LOS and can’t resist the “lolly shop”.

The repercussions of infidelity can’t be minimised. Tiger’s predicament is a timely reminder that opportunistic indiscretions can’t be kept secret for ever. While Tiger can afford to pay and and pay off there are many
ordinary folk who pay with their last razoo and untold mental anguish.

The solution to sexual and emotional needs is not infidelity but introspection.

A lot of the guys engaged in this practice should understand that they can have their sexual dalliances if they just come to their senses and realise that marriage is no longer an option for them.

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Divorce is no longer difficult to get . Sure it costs but not as much as infidelity. You can’t put a dollar value on emotional and mental anguish.

Actually Thailand is the ideal place for a single / divorced guy but no so for a married one. You really have to be strong and truly love your wife and family to withstand the temptations.

One wonders if Tiger and his Mum had a heart to heart about this or indeed she knew but kept silent as a Thai woman would to save her son’s face? I guess we’ll never know.

The question in the minds of many men, especially those who indulge like he did, would be ; “Why is this such a beat up? It’s a private matter.”

It was until the skeletons came out of the cupboard. For Tiger it’s a problem because his income derives from endorsements which are dependent on public perceptions . For us ordinary guys the pain and financial implications are still
just as real when only our families and friends find out. In our small world they’re the only people who count and they’re the ones who can effect our lives.

Of course infidelity is not a Thai problem and it knows no geographical borders. However in Thailand it’s accepted as a norm. We all know about mia nois and even multiple versions of such minor wives.

To Thai men they tend to be status symbols. Like a Benz or a gold and diamond watch. In this case their investments are only monetary but many farangs get involved emotionally and this is where the danger lies.

For Thai men it’s about ownership of something attractive to be paraded on front of their business buddies, for Farangs it can be a sign of instability.

Tiger Woods should have followed the age old Thai customs of getting his rocks off in a soapy massage parlour.

Which by the way is not a bad idea for Farangs to get a bit of relief too.

These soapy massage parlours seem to be the way to a financial bonanza for their shareholders. There are some on New Pethburi Road which have been successful for decades.

What could be simpler than picking an attractive girl by number who’s been certified as STD free <Don't count on itStick> and whiling away a couple of lazy hours? Truly having your cake and eating
it too and no risks of entanglements. Tiger's mother failed her son by not heading him in the right direction.

If only Woods senior was still alive he’d known what to do..

As it is Tiger will pay way over the going rate in Mona Lisa..

Golfers may be good at a hole in one but they’re notoriously bad accountants. Ask Greg Norman. He paid millions to his first wife and still didn’t make a success of his second marriage.

So in closing on the 18th hole which is called a 5 par infidelity, watch out for sand traps. It could cost you the tournament.

Stickman's thoughts:

Very timely indeed and for sure, one has to wonder whether Tiger really thought he could get away with it. I mean one woman or two, perhaps, but ten? And with the amount of money going around for celebrity scandals. He really should have known better.

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