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My Story Part 3

I posted here in March 2008 about the story of my first trip to Thailand in September 2007.

I’d planned to carry on from my first 2 parts of the story when I got back from my 2nd trip in April 2008. However, when I got home I wanted to forget about Thailand for a bit. Not because I had bad experiences, but because I’d had too many good ones. I needed to leave Thailand alone for a while, while I adjusted back to “reality”.

He Clinic Bangkok

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CBD Bangkok

I hope to get the entire story told in about 5 parts.

This story, part 3, carries on from where story 2 left off, so you might want to give yourself a quick refresh before reading this submission (don’t worry, they aren’t very long).

Here we go…


I thought to myself, “what am I going to do?” I’m in here with a hooker and a decent girl is waiting for me downstairs at reception.

wonderland clinic

I decided it’s probably best to reply to the receptionist…

“Errr, tell her I will come down in 10 minutes”

I looked at Nana and I told her that my “friend” was waiting for me downstairs and that she had to leave ASAP”. She grinned at me and said “OK”

I asked her how much money I owed her (school-boy error, not agreeing a price the night before… damn BEER)


“4000 ????” I asked.


Ok whatever, I wanted to get rid of her ASAP so paid the price and she got ready to leave. (Yes, I know I paid way over the odds, but it worked out ok in the long run – I will explain later.)

As she was walking out of the door I was thinking to myself, Bee is definitely going to see her walking past reception, I hope she doesn’t realize the girl was from my room.

Fact is – I never found out if Bee realized what has happened that day. It’s not as if I was going to mention it to her.

I quickly got my shit together and went downstairs to meet Bee.

“Hey J, I wanted to surprise you, lets go do something”, “Ok” I said.

I really wanted to visit some temples etc. I mentioned this to her and of course she knew the best places already (who needs Lonely Planet…?)

We took a short taxi ride to the Chao Phraya river and then a quick 10 baht ride to some dock further up. Weird thing I noticed here, I got charged double the price Bee got charged. I asked her about it and she explained “farang” often get charged more than the locals. I wasn’t too pleased about this but hey… it's not my country, I’ll follow the rules.

We then walked to the “Grand Palace” – where we were told it was closed. I guess this was the truth as Bee was Thai and she wouldn’t have believed any bullshit from anyone <Don't believe it. Thais are more gullible than farangs. It is seldom closedStick>. We did manage to get inside Wat Po though, and I enjoyed looking around and seeing the sites.

After a day's sightseeing (well, half day) we were hungry and decided to go to Chinatown to eat.

We found a lovely little restaurant that sold the best Dim Sum I ever ate. Shame I cannot remember the name of the place.

We then went back to my hotel where we watched a movie and drank a couple of beers. She then told me she had to go and she ended up leaving at around 10pm.

I never really saw Bee as anything other than a friend. She had made absolutely no signs that she was interested in me, and I had no problem accepting that.

So, it’s 10pm and I’m alone in my hotel, half way around the world, knowing nobody. What shall I do…? Soi Cowboy!

I walked to Soi Cowboy, and headed straight for the same place I went the night before, Dollhouse.

As I entered the place I looked around and recognised faces from the previous night. I then went to sit down, and as I did so I heard girly cheering from somewhere over the other side of the room. I fixed my gaze in the direction of the sound and I saw Nana, smiling intently at me, her friends jeering her on.

Nana came over, sat down on my lap, and gave me a big kiss. Lovely!

We talked for a few hours and I enjoyed her company quite a lot.

She then suggested that after she finished work (in approx an hour) she wanted to take me out to a nightclub with her stripper friends. (Avoiding me having to bar-fine her.)

“Hell yeah”, I thought to myself.

After the Dollhouse started to close, I went and stood outside to smoke a cigarette and wait for the girls. Once they changed clothes they came outside and straight away ordered some food from the street vendors in the soi. We sat and ate a bit before our impending trip to a nightclub.

Spicy and the lady…boy?

After eating, all 5 of us jumped into a taxi and were apparently heading for “Spicy Club”. Not spice club under the hotel, the actual all night club… can’t remember the address. We arrived, and headed towards the reception area, the girls putting their bags behind the front desk, and us getting our free drink tickets.

The club was good. It had music I enjoyed, lots of cute girls… It was perfect.

It was obviously a big freelance joint, lots of girls and lots of farang.

We got our free drinks and I also ordered a bottle of Johnny Walker – Black label.

The girls loved it and we sat there drinking and dancing for a good while.

After a while I went to the bar alone, to get a drink. As I was waiting to be served I got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and OMG – this girl was gorgeous, absolutely stunning. She was wearing a skin-tight blue dress, had an awesome body, big (obviously fake) boobs and a great smile.

I continued chatting to her for about 20 minutes before I said I had to go and rejoin my friends. She then asked If she could come with me after the club closes, as she wanted to get to know me. I told her that I wasn’t going to pay her to come and she didn’t mind at all. She said she didn’t want my money as she had her own. Fairy nuff.

So I agreed, and left her to revisit the girls I came with.

As I got back to our table I was greeted by the girls with laughs.


“That girl you was talking to, that is a ladyboy”.

“No way, you’re lying.”

“Hahah – we not lie, we know. She very good ladyboy, but still ladyboy.”

I couldn’t believe it. That girl was stunning, there is NO WAY I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, so I thought.

I told the girls I was going to ask her. They told me not to, but I went anyway. I had to know…

“Are you a ladyboy?”

“No, who said that?”

“Err, just some people.”

“Where are they? I want to know who said it, now!”

I decided at that point that it was best not to tell her who said it. She just had that look in her eye that she was pissed OFF.

She then grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. “Does this feel like a ladyboy” she said.

“No” I replied, but I know many girl have fake boobs.

She then discreetly grabbed my hand and put it under her dress and asked “does that feel like ladyboy to you?”

“No” I replied.

I was sure she wasn’t a ladyboy. I was checking out her body, her hands, her shoulders, I never saw any Adam's apple.

So I continued talking to her for a further 15 minutes before saying I was going to see my friends again. She made me promise to come and get her at the end of the night. I agreed.

I then approached my girls again and they had another giggle at me.

They were 100% sure it was a ladyboy, so I decided to believe them and told myself I would NOT be going home with that tonight. I’m not against katoeys but I wouldn’t intentionally sleep with one. I also decided that if anyone knew who the ladyboys were it would be the Thai girls I was with.

Nana was feeling ill (obviously drunk) and asked to go to my hotel. I wasn’t in the mood to leave just yet so I took her to get her purse and paid for her taxi home. She asked that I stop by Dollhouse the next night and see her. I agreed. Goodbye Nana.

Back in the club I was having a ball… I was sitting at a table with 5 (now 4) strippers, other girls staring at me like they wished I was alone, and guys envious and wondering how I got 4 girls at my table. It was at that moment that I realised why Thailand is so talked about. I felt like a rock-star, like everyone knew who I was and that nothing could ever go wrong. I guess this feeling is felt by many, the first time they come here…

It was nearing 4:30MaM now and we were all getting a bit tired.

One girl in particular had been leaning on me for the past 20 minutes. She was stunning, even more so than Nana. I liked her, and thought maybe I’d take her home with me. As we got ready to leave, she asked me, “I come with you?”

I said sure, but I explained I wasn’t going to pay her to come. I told her we could go back to my place, have a few drinks and chillax. She thought about it for a second and then agreed. SCORE!!!

The only thing she asked of me was that I not mention it to Nana. Fairy nuff.

We all walked to the reception where the girls proceeded to get their purses / bags.

The other girls went out first and quickly got into a taxi…

Then all of a sudden: “HEY, WHERE YOU GO?”

As I turned around I saw that it was the lady…boy? from earlier.

She was FUMING, she came marching over to me and said: “Who is this bitch?”

I told the lady…boy? that she was a friend, and that she was coming with me tonight because she was tired. I then told the girl I was with to wait near the taxi while I spoke to this crazy loon. She did.

Then (out of eyeshot of the taxi rank) the lady…boy? let loose…“WHY YOU LIE ME? YOU TELL ME I CAN GO WITH YOU, WHY YOU LIE, WHY YOU GO WITH THIS BITCH. SHE NO GOOD!”

I had to think fast on my feet, so told her that I was going to Phuket early in the morning (lie) and that there was no point in her coming to my hotel as we would have no time to get to know each other.

As I said that, she got right up in my face… not more than an inch between her face and mine. I was sure that she was going to punch me, she had that look in her eye.

I thought to myself, fxxxing hell… I'm going to get into a fight with a ladyboy and probably get a slap off any Thai bystanders. I’ve only been here 2 days… WTF.

I then glanced over to check if the girl I was with was visible, and as I looked over the road the ladyboy kissed me. Full on, no holds barred… tongue… everything.

I will tell you now that it was one of the best kisses I’d ever had. Ladyboy or not, it was good!

After checking again to make sure nobody saw, I told her I had to go, and that I would have to go without her. I started to walk away and she pulled my arm, tears starting to roll down her cheek. I continued to walk towards the taxi and as I opened the door to let my stripper friend in, the ladyboy came running out to the taxi and kicked the door shut. Here we go, I thought…

I gestured to my friend to get into the taxi via the other door. She did.

I then opened the door the ladyboy kicked shut and got inside. The ladyboy wouldn’t let me close the door, screaming something along the lines of “WHY YOU LIE ME, YOU FUCKING FUCK YOU”

I managed to close the door.

“BANG… BANG! – The ladyboy outside started kicking the door and punching the window. I looked back out the window as we drove off, feeling quite bad about the whole situation. My friend in the taxi then took my hand and said “Don’t worry, ladyboy sometimes crazy in BKK”… You’re not wrong there, I thought.

We went back to my hotel, we had a few more drinks, then fell asleep in each other's arms. We never had sex and we never mentioned it the next day, we just chilled out until about 2 PM…I paid for her taxi, she went home.

Looking back at this now, I think it was indeed a ladyboy, but I'm still not sure, but I'm glad I had the girls there to tell me, otherwise It could have ended very badly… bad for me anyway…

It was an interesting 2nd night in Bangkok…but I loved it…

To be continued…

Stickman's thoughts:

That's a really nice report. You captured the mood of Bangkok late at night really well!

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