Stickman Readers' Submissions December 1st, 2009

Butterfly Revenge

I fell in love with an American who said his name was Joe. His whole name was Joseph A. Penelope. Joe is 48 years old. He told me he was not married. He once had a wife who died in a car accident. Joe didn’t tell me what he does. I don’t
care. How he gets his money I don’t care about at all. I wanted to marry Joe because he was good and said he didn’t butterfly.

Joe treated me good. He took me to nice places to eat. When we ate we touched hands and he kissed me as much as I wanted. He liked to make me feel romantic. I was always feeling very romantic when I was with Joe.

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After I knew Joe for a week he took me to Subic Bay. It was very nice and romantic and we went snorkling. We had a big room on a balcony. The pool was below us. The beach was not far away. We walked on the beach at night and held hands
and Joe kissed me all over lying in the water. All the time Joe said he loved me and wanted to marry me. I believed him.

Joe liked to make love to me a lot. We did it when we checked into the room. We did it after we had dinner and walked on the beach and did those other things. We did it also near morning and before breakfast too. Joe loved to make love
and he said it made him love me more than ever. The more he loved me the more he wanted to marry me.

Joe was going to take me to Puerto Galera. This is what he told me after we got back from Subic Bay. I told him I wanted to go and spend a long time there with him. We can go anytime he wants to go and as long as he wanted. I would quit
my bar job if that is what Joe wanted. If I quit my job he would not have to pay my barfine.

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Three days ago Joe was supposed to come and get me again. He said we would go to dinner like we did the first time. He did not come and I wanted to cry. Joe did not come for me two days ago either. He also did not come for me yesterday.
I cried some more.

I thought maybe Joe doesn’t love me. Joe is all bula bula just like Filipinos. Maybe Joe has other girlfriend and is a butterfly. This is what I was thinking when Joe didn’t come like he promised.

I asked my best girlfriend Maybeth if I should trust Joe. She said trust him if you like. Don’t trust him if you don’t want to trust him and he’s all bula bula. That sounded right to me. But I still didn’t
know what to do. I wanted to go to Puerto Galera with Joe and marry him and have some kids with him.

I have another girlfriend Janalyn. She sent me a text yesterday. This was after I talked to Maybeth. She said she saw Joe with another girl. I did not want to believe her. I think Janalyn told me this to get Joe for herself. Janalyn is
all bula bula and wants all the customers for herself. But then I thought hard and I believed Janalyn.

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I am twenty and don’t have any children. Joe likes this. I am too young to have them and don’t want to be like my sister right now. My sister is seventeen. She already has a baby. The father is a Filipino butterfly. I think
all Filipinos are butterflies and bula bula all the time. They become butterflies when a girl gets pregnant. This is what happened to my sister. Now she does not know where he lives. She will never see him again.

I had an idea. I have lots of girlfriends here and I can show them a picture of Joe on my phone. They will know if they see him and then can tell me. I told him if they see him get him to barfine you. Then this is what we will do to Joe.
When my girlfriend who gets barfined by Joe and they get to the room she will text me and tell me the room number. I will go there and wait for another text. She will send me another text when he is in the bathroom taking a shower. She will
tell him to take a good shower before he does anything with her. When he is in the shower I will go in the room and get under the covers and my girlfriend will leave. Then when Joe gets into bed and sees me I will do the rest of my plan.

Joe barfined Mya last night and she sent me a text. I got in bed like I planned. When Joe got in and saw me he went a little crazy and tried to talk nice to me. I said I would not talk to him unless he called me Mya. Finally after he
laughed twice he started calling me Mya. He had to call me Mya because I told him if he called me Whesper I would not have sex with him.

When he called me Mya and said he wanted to have sex I told him we could not have sex because I’m menstruating. He said Mya said she was not menstruating. I said I am Mya and I am not Mya and that is why I am menstruating. He didn’t
understand by bula bula. He tried to call me Whesper and I said I don’t know her. I am Mya when I want to be Mya.

Joe said I was playing a game with him. I said yes I am playing a game with you. I am playing a game like you played a game with me. You said you loved me and would not butterfly. But you bula bula like all Filipinos. You come here with
my girlfriend and I didn’t see you like you promised. Now it is time for Filipina bula bula okay?

Joe said if I am Mya and menstruating then I could give him a good blowjob. He wanted a good blowjob just like I gave him in Subic Bay. I said I am not in Subic Bay and my name is not Whesper. Did you forget Joe? My name is Mya I told
him again.

Joe said I am sorry. He said he was very sorry. I said I was sorry too because when you didn’t come like you promised I lost three barfines. I told these customers I was waiting for Joe and could not go with them. Joe said he didn’t
mean to do what he did. I told Joe I will let him use my real name and give him a blowjob and stop menstruating if he paid me three barfines and good tips. I didn’t tell him I would give him a good Subic Bay blowjob.

Joe paid me three barfines and good tips for each one before I gave him a bula bula blowjob. Then I told him I had to go because I had to help my girlfriend because she was sick. He didn’t like me going. He said I was cheating
him and wanted his money back. I said no I’ve got it now.

I saw Joe after that one time. He came to the bar and I had him buy me three drinks and then I said thank you. After that I left and went over to sit by another customer I did not know. I put my arm around him and kissed him so Joe could
see me. Then Joe left and I never saw him again.

I didn’t tell Joe my story about three barfines was all bula bula.

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