Stickman Readers' Submissions December 19th, 2009

Are There Brass Poles in Heaven?

Back in school, I learned about the North Pole and the South Pole. At the North Pole, I was told, lived Santa Claus. He lived there all year making Christmas presents. Later in life, I learned about another pole. It's my favorite pole of all. It's
the "brass pole" and it's used by women to dance around half naked and drive men crazy. The women shake their stuff, kinda like a fishing lure. Then as men, we're the fish that go for the bait. We can't help it. It's
the power of the pussy. Pussy… It's the magnet and we're the metal. There are so many brass poles in Thailand that it's created a magnetic field. Men's penises are drawn by that power. No matter where we live in the world,
our penises all point in the direction of the brass pole.

He Clinic Bangkok

I don't really understand all the marketing to the male sex tourists. All these cute bar names with girls dressed up differently in each one. Wouldn't it be easier if the girl just came up to each guy and just said, hey, do
you want to bonk me? The girls already have what men want. Do we have to be coerced? Do we want to be sold? I don't know if it's getting right to the sex with the girl, or the fact that we're in a place where we can just sit
back and pick and choose. I know I love the feeling of sitting in these bars and knowing I can nail any chick I see. It's almost more fun to take your time. It's almost like hunting. Men want to enjoy the hunt. If the animals are
standing right in front of you, are you really enjoying the hunting?

I know there are millions of guys around the world that still have no idea whatsoever about what exists over in the Far East. I think if they all really knew, you couldn't fly enough planes daily to meet the demand. I don't
know about you, but I've always thought to myself, if I could get one of those Thai bars filled with a couple hundred available hot young women and somehow locate it back in the States, I'd be a very rich man. That's if I could
get a piece of the action. I mean, the demand is there, it's just that the "supply" is so far away.

Just an idea. What if a person set up a resort type of place with tons of great bargirls. You could start flying guys from the states at no cost to them and fly them direct to this resort. Then when they see all the women, they would
spend thousands at the resort. You could let them stay for a week and meet all the chicks they could afford and then, back on the jet and back for another load. Oh yeah, I forgot. Prostitution is not legal in most States and not in Thailand
either. Darn. There's always something that screws up my business plan.

CBD bangkok

Heck. Why don't we just go somewhere and declare ourselves a sovereign nation and make our own laws? We could call it "Pussyland".

It would be the only country with a cover charge and a two drink minimum. Mamasans could greet you as you come off the plane. Instead of a greeting "Lai" like in Hawaii, we would get a greeting "LAY" like in Thailand.
We could set up a brass pole factory and corner the market. Instead of Nana Plaza, our main city would be called "Pussy Plaza" Yes, the name says it all.

I know this would never happen, but what if just one day, Thailand declared prostitution totally legal and put just a slight tax on sex workers? I wonder what that would do to the economy?

By my second trip to Thailand, and reading all the Stickman submissions, I realized that a real relationship with a Thai girl was just not in the cards for me, even though I was fairly rich and very single. I know some guys do it and
it works out, but it seems like the odds are against you. Come to think of it. The odds here at home are not that great either. A person just has to make the best of whatever situation they are in at the time and enjoy each day. I'm not
trying to be negative about hooking up with a Thai. I'm just being a realist.

wonderland clinic

Years ago, If you could've told me that one day I'd have my own computer sitting on my desk in my office and writing submissions to a guy named "Stickman" in Thailand about my sexploits with bargirls in Thailand, I'd
think you had been smoking something. Funny how life works out. You just can't plan these things. Life just happens.

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, I bet most of us never dreamed that we would be become addicted to certain things Thai…

nana plaza