Stickman Readers' Submissions December 7th, 2009

A Crazy Idea

I have been contemplating forwarding a submission lately after my latest sojourn to the Land of Smiles. The latest submissions on mongering have been the extra encouragement I have needed. My background is that I am a 52 year old Aussie within 5 years
of retirement.

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The submission about About Mongering was top class as it has touched many Stickmanites and was very much tuned
in to our frequency. But even though we share common traits there are differences in our ages, personalities and what we desire.

To think that I am or have been a sex tourist and a mongerer is indeed confronting. But yes this is the cold hard truth and even if we don't view ourselves in this light surely our family and friends do. That is just Thailand
though and it the way things work there. We know that many Thai males are not shy to monger with the best of them. When in Rome so to speak.

Mongering is like a drug and the addiction is hard to shake. How do we come off this drug can shape the rest of our lives. Personally I still enjoy mongering but I, like the writer of
Mongering and Koyaanisquatsi, am searching for more satisfaction. I have enjoyed many young beautiful Thai women. But
for me buying sex for a short time is not giving me the fulfillment I desire.

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The GFE can be an extremely powerful drug and very dangerous indeed. Brokenman is testament to that and we have all watched that play out. But I have decided I am up for it and now I am on my third serious GFE. In my humble opinion
the first GFE is the most dangerous especially if you believe it really is that magical thing called love. But after the first you struggle with commitment and are drawn back to the flame which is the beautiful women of Thailand.

Yes, I have used online dating in my searches but find common themes. Most of the women have a problem and strangely enough that involves a need for money. The problems vary wildly like an ex husband who died leaving a 2 million baht
gambling debt. The most common being simply a single mother trying to bring up a couple of kids.

I can understand their problems and I do feel sorry for them. But a relationship with them will be based simply on need and maybe want but rarely love. The three main factors that a relationship is based on are want, need and love.
Thai women will need you and generally they will want you but only on rare occasions will they love you. Want and need may be enough to satisfy most people but because the need is so great it controls their want. This may be enough for
the relationship to work. Meatloaf summed it up singing “two out of three ain’t bad”. They might make a great wife and be faithful to the day you die. But will they satisfy your heart? Again the need factor is so strong
it drives the relationship which can leave guys feeling hollow. Like the proverbial ATM or checkbook.

Finding love online is extremely difficult. Many men think this can be achieved by dating girls 20 years their junior. The relationship is generally based on this strong need but the guys fall in love and are blinded by the obvious
signals. She is only passionate while having sex. This is not love, but Thai girls are adept at concealing the truth.

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This does make the GFE a very dangerous pursuit. How does one know and what can one do to improve the odds. I had the crazy idea to try dating women within 5 years of my age. This would be the age of women that I would normally date
in the west. It seems radical but I started to notice there was still some beautiful woman out there in this age group. Also I have found that I tend to feel more comfortable with these women.

I tend to find that women who have had children tend to be more balanced in their outlook. Therefore the type of woman that I look for now have children who are basically grown up. Also I look for intelligence because I want someone
who can satisfy me intellectually. I can not retire with a lady who wants to watch Thai soap dramas for the rest of my life. My latest girlfriend has the characteristics I find appealing and is also self sufficient. She has a business
setup that allows her to be semi-retired but is still earning good money. She has been successful and has still brought up two great kids who are now both working.

I respect this woman and the amazing thing is if I was in the west I would not be in her league. But I feel she would fit in extremely well with my life in the west. I intend to retire and spend half the year in Thailand and the other
half in Australia so this is important. She is shy, attractive and still has a great body. But the main thing is this is the first Thai woman that I actually feel truly loves me. I think we need to be realistic when we look for a relationship
with a Thai lady. I don’t have all the answers obviously and I wish guys luck concentrating on young women. If that will bring you happiness then more power to you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Many say that love in Thailand and love in the West are two different things. I still have not made my mind up on that.

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