Stickman Readers' Submissions November 4th, 2009

My Thai Girl Friend

I have been a long time reader and always enjoy your stories and your site. Never wrote to you but now I decided that I bother you little bit. I'm a young guy, 29, but have been in Thailand on / off for 5 years now (never longer than 2 months in
one time), have seen little bit of everything there.

He Clinic Bangkok

One thing I wonder is that when someone looking for wife goes to Thailand, why pick Pattaya / Patong (some cases Bangkok). I think that almost every guy is getting burned and then complains to you that all Thai girls are scum. Of course there are happily
ever after cases too but they are rare. I had my mate with me in Bangkok / Patong last year and he was a first timer. I gave him THE SPEECH before we came to Bangkok but after a nice night in Nana (we picked up two girls and headed to our
hotel) I woke up when my mate bangs my door and says that he wants to take that girl to Phuket with him and he needs me to explain this to the girl – he doesn't speak English that well. What can I say? I again explain to him not to be
stupid, they are working girls etc. Finally he agrees and pays and sends girl on her way. Afterwards I had a guilty conscience. How can I decide someone else's future? I spoke with my mate and we decided that he plays how he plays and
it is not my business (after his holiday he thanked me for that speech).

You write that Thailand is changing, I agree. Last time (1.9.09 – 20.10.09) I was there I didn't even go to Pattaya because too much negative stuff is going on there and I am starting to get a little tired of the way you have to constantly check
who is sitting next to you, whether somebody is trying to put something in your drink etc. If the current trend continues, in five years LOS will not be not LOS anymore. Every beating and killing of farang is one step closer to the time when
people stop visiting. Thais seems to believe that their country is superior to other countries and they can do whatever to farangs, scams etc.

The first wave of criticism is coming already and in YouTube you have that scam series about Thailand, the first episode was noticed by Europe's newspapers even (it was that jet ski scam in Patong). What a surprise that Phuket the government forced
ski operators to have insurance now, after big headlines in Europe and Australia.

CBD bangkok

Where I live there have been many short stories and couple of documents about people getting in trouble without any reason in Thailand. Combine that with economy now days, no wonder that Thailand is getting hammered by downfall of tourists. One positive
thing is that plane tickets are cheaper than ever. Speaking about ladies of the night, I have been with many, but always managed to stay in "safe zone" with them but you have to be a hardcore monger to avoid falling into some lady
eventually. For me that happened last Songkran in Patong, in one my regular bars…

The Aussie Bar in Bangla had a new girl working when I arrived. I noticed her straight away and noticed that she was green to the business (Aussie is little bit different to beer bars, you cannot fine them out), so I talked with her all night and after
the bar closed we go to Hollywood disco to party little bit and from there to my hotel. I spend wonderful 3 weeks with her and then I have to go back home to take care of business. She cries and begs that I do not forget her. I tested her
many times in the 3 weeks we spent together, not giving her money every night etc. I think that she was honest with me and I promised to keep in touch and come to see her in September when I have a chance.

Well we keep in touch but one thing I noticed maybe after a month or so is that her email responses are almost perfect English compared to earlier ones. I begin to wonder that girls are sending them together or someone else is writing those emails. I
made perfectly clear before I left that we don't know each other that well so I'm not going to be her sponsor, so do not bother to ask for any money as I'm not giving any. That has always been my policy, say what you say but
I don't want be at the end of that long line of stupid farangs who collectively send millions of baht every month to LOS.

Well months went on, we called and mailed and finally my next trip was on. When I landed to Phuket, I rushed to Patong, showered and went to see her. Well, if she was green in April, she wasn't anymore! 5 months in Patong / Pattaya and you know how
to "roll the dice". I noticed the differences instantly, from good girl to bar girl! After 4 days together the money issue was on the table. She wanted pocket money and a new phone. What a classic!! I begin to wonder how to end this
without an aftermath or a big fight (I don't want to wake up with scissors hovering around my dick).

wonderland clinic

She had go to work that evening so I said that the next day we would see about the phone. When she left my hotel room, I noticed that she forgot to sign out from her email. The situation was tempting, read or not to read. Well, I glanced a little and
noticed that there was emails from 7 guys. I did not open them, just logged off and began to wonder what to do.

You always say that a Thai says what you want hear and that is true, but here is the punch line of my story. That same evening I went to see her in her work, we talk and I drink, eager to say that I know almost everything about what is going on. Well,
The Aussie Bar's security / Muay Thai guy (known him for 2 years now) passes my table when my girlfriend is serving another client's guy and taps the ring finger on his hand and nods towards my girlfriend. I just make a quick nod
and he goes downstairs. I wait until we are back in hotel room and then open the flood gates. I questioned her for almost 2 hours and she told me everything! She had an Aussie fiancée in Phuket who runs a bar in Karon / Kata but she sometimes
goes with somebody from Hollywood if she feels like it etc. I cannot understand how that Aussie guy cannot figure out what she doing! I said to her that I cannot be her so-called boyfriend anymore but even now still she sends me emails and
calls. I think that she wants me to be her pua noi and maybe she has a soft spot for me because I showed her the ropes a little bit when she was green. Not going to be with her anymore, I consider her a friend now. I still
want to see how long she can play that Aussie guy. Let's see.

Stickman's thoughts:

The Aussie guy is a total fool if indeed what she says is true and he is a bar owner and engaged to her yet allows her to work in a bar in the next bay over. That almost doesn't sound right but being Thailand, anything is possible!

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