Stickman Readers' Submissions November 13th, 2009

Good Girls are Bad Girls are Good Girls, I Guess

My name is Ian Crow. I am fifty-four years old and have been married to two Thai women. Neither of them were bargirls. They, and their friends, are what a recent post might describe as good girls. I don’t know what this means. I say this after
the two marriages and lots of time with Thai good girls. I also forgot to say that I speak fluent Thai. Is this important? It sure is if you’re cheating on your wife with Thai good girls!

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What is a good girl? I don’t know, and I don’t think this person who wrote this long post for dummies knows either.

My two Thai wives and others that I know were always looking for a payoff for what they did. They wanted you to take them shopping. They wanted you to take them nice places. They wanted you to give them gifts, and gifts for their families
too. More, and more, and more, all the time.

What did they do? They dressed up nice and pretended to be different, or not like bargirls. But I couldn’t tell the difference. It was easy to get them into bed, my wives before I married them. It was easy too to get their friends
into bed. They never asked for cash. But like I said they make it clear what they wanted. Shopping trips, and more shopping trips. Gifts and things for their families is what they wanted. They upped the ante on asking if you bonked them the
night too!

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Did these nice or good girls lie? All the time, never stopped. They were deceitful in ways I never knew foreign women to be. Did you have to be deceitful with them to make a go of it with them. All the time. If you didn’t lie like
they lied, you couldn’t negotiate that world they grew up in and can‘t leave.

Is there something special about good girls? Well, they think so, and they tell you what they think of bargirls. They will tell you how bad they are. But from all I hear and see they are just as bad. They just don’t work in bars
and get their payment up front. Up front or later at the shopping mall: what is the difference?

I think this poster has it backwards.. The good girls are really the bad girls. They’ve got a plan. They’re often good at their plans too. Getting you all wrapped into to their worlds and then not so long after you’re
married the sex dries up. It really dries up, let me tell you. It goes down to once a week, and then once every two weeks, and then once a month. My two cases are the way it is with all my friends who have married good Thai girls. The sex
dries up, but the demands for all those things at the shopping mall never dry up. That’s what makes a good girl a bad girl.

I don’t know much about the bargirls. What I hear from friends who like them is they want the same things as the good girls. They’re just more upfront about it.. It seems to me this makes them desirable. You know right away
what you’re getting. Will the sex dry up with them too? Who knows? Probably it will. It dries up with all women. Thai women and American women and English women.

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After two good Thai women and all their good girl friends who were happy to get me into their beds when my wives weren’t looking, I have this opinion about the matter. Don’t marry any of them. Have fun with them, sleep with
them, lie to them like they lie to you, and when they keep upping the ante about shopping, tell them to move on and get another one. Or get two. Or maybe it’s even better to get three! Like some of my married friends. Married to good
(bad) girls and have bad (bad) girls on the side. Or maybe the bad girls are really good girls, who knows.

As for this Stickman, I don’t know what he knows. I guess he’s married to a good Thai lady. He needs to speak to this and tell us of all his experiences, so we don’t need a dummer down book by this guy who knows so
many good girls who are bad girls who are good girls.

How about it there Mr. Stickman?

Now I got a couple more things to add that maybe have been said before. These good girls are not very bright. Do they know about Cambodia and Vietnam and a little American and Australian history? Not at all in the case of my two wives
who had college Thai degrees. And not at all, you can bet your baby boots on it, in the case of their good girl girlfriends that always wanted to sleep with me behind my wives' backs. They were good because they filled in nicely when
the sex dried up with my Thai good wives.

So, Mr. Stickman, how do you pitch in to this discussion. You probably know about the good girls and the bad girls and the bad girls who are good girls and the good girls who are bad girls, right? Why don’t you write one of your
Sunday columns on them?

Now I would like to know how this brilliant guy on good girls got all this information? Did he sleep with all these good girls? Does he speak Thai like I do? Did he do some kind of survey he is not telling us about? I guess he must be
married to a good Thai girl and she doesn’t like shopping and is real smart and is the only Thai like herself in all of Bangkok.

Who knows?

How about it there Mr. Stickman? What are your real thoughts on all this dumber down stuff on good girls who are really bad girls who are really okay upfront good girls?

Stickman's thoughts:

The terms good girls and bad girls are highly misleading. It would probably be better if we used bargirl and non-bargirl as that is both more appropriate and more accurate.

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