Stickman Readers' Submissions November 12th, 2009

Gambling And Sex in Thailand

Except for an 8 year stint as a police officer, I have been a professional gambler all of my life.

I was a bookmaker for several years, worked with a racing syndicate in HK for a few years, a sports betting syndicate out of Central America for a few years and of course was a professional gambler for many. Currently I am the Chief Handicapper for a
Sports betting outfit. We place our own wagers and have a few high end clients that we sell the trades too as well.

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The old saying “Sin City=Heartbreak Ridge” holds true for the punters in Las Vegas or Thailand.

The same things that send the punter home broke from the casinos or racetrack, send the punter home broke and in debt with a broken heart from Thailand.

It’s oh so clear to me; ya come in with high hopes and big dreams. Ah yes, the music, setting, the sights, sounds, lots of excitement in the air and of course it’s all designed with you in mind. And of course designed to part you and you’re
hard earned cash while thinking “hey I had a great time”.

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No question that on any given day any person can strike it big with any game in the casino, Horse race or sporting event. No question that on any given day a punter can hit the jackpot in Thailand and meet the girl of his dreams in a go go bar or elsewhere,
get married and live a beautiful happy life. You can, but it isn’t easy Mr. Punter. The odds are heavily stacked against you being successful. You are out of your environment and into fantasyland. Nothing wrong with
that. Hey come and have a great time, but remember not to get in over your head. And if you do get in over your head, cut you’re losses fast, hit the road and never look back Jack, ever.

Sadly, so many people that write in to Stick’s site for various reasons get in over their head in Thailand with the girls and then try with great futility to extricate themselves while getting in deeper. Throwing good money after bad, “hoping”
that the outcome will change and “hoping” that the next payment will make everything O.K… Don’t ever forget that if you find yourself in over your head; cut your losses fast, hit the road and never
look back, ever.

One in every few thousands punters will certainly strike it big in the gambling arena and the Thai bar girl arena.

In fact it is great when a punter strikes it big. Out come the cameras and the press and a thousand more punters say ‘hey I can do this”.

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In Thailand you certainly will hear about the punter who came here after being slightly down and out, met a beautiful Thai girl in a go go bar, got married, had children and lived happily ever after. For sure statistically for every 1000, there will be
a great story (stories) which is read by thousands of desperate (and not so desperate) punters dreaming of the elusive love story with a beautiful girl or striking the big jackpot in the gambling arena, racetrack
or sports book.

Yup it can be done, but it ain’t easy Mr. Farang punter.

Certainly many of Stick’s readers have indeed married a bar girl and are happy, or maybe not so happy.

Don’t ever forget Mr. Punter that when you come to Thailand, it is not your country. It is their country and you are a guest in their country. This holds true for any country you go to.

Why do so many punters think that they are going to blow into town and “make it happen” when they can’t even do it in there own country?

So many seemingly smart punters with high education getting sucked in by a girl with a 5th grade education should be illegal, period. Before coming to Thailand or any other country on vacation, take a good, hard, long look at yourself in the mirror. That
beautiful 21 year old girl singing the ”siren song of hope” to you and telling you how hansum and smart you are. Just like the beautiful casinos, with the beautiful sights,
smells, excitement and money in the air ‘place a bet with me Mr. Punter” says the blackjack table with the beautiful dealer.

Gambling and babes is a lethal combo together or by themselves. This poor punter was trying really hard to impress his probably too good looking babe with his gambling courage and prowess as she was most likely out of his league, he knew it and got in
over his head.

It's 29 September 2001 and half time at White Hart Lane. Spurs are leading Manchester United 3-0 and, in a bid to impress his girlfriend, one Tottenham fan stakes his entire mortgage on Spurs to win the game. United goes on to win 5-3 and the punter goes home to an empty house (and an empty bed). For charity's sake, we won't mention the poor chap's name.”

That 21 year old babe would prefer to have a great looking 21-25 year old Thai guy that treats her well and will be a good husband and provider, period.

Enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy the experience. Know that you will lose some money and that you will have a great time with a really cute and pretty girl.

For me, I’m a reasonably nice lookin' guy of 45, don’t drink or smoke and do reasonably well with girls in my hometown. But when I come to Thailand, I know that I’m stepping into the big casino of dreams and I’m ready
to have fun. No illusions whatsoever about marrying a 22 year old hot Thai girl. In fact I would not want to. Personally, I would prefer to meet up with a Thai girl 28-35
let’s say, but that is just me.

The bar owners are like the bookmakers. They take there percentage off of the top and theoretically that is their profit.

I would not under any circumstances wish to be a bar owner in Thailand. So many guys come to town in any country wanting to own a go go bar. The odds are stacked so high against you that you are better off taking your hard earned cash and investing it
in the stock market or elsewhere.

How many guys have I known that wanted to own a strip club go go bar that absolutely got slaughtered and diced a thousand different ways. Theoretically it sounds fun. Surrounded by beautiful babes, liquor, lots of cash and loads of friends and fun. You
can do it, but just like with gambling, you are going to get a big time education before the cash comes rollin in. Maybe you will get killed or commit suicide
and never get to enter the pearly gates of “I struck it big heaven”.

If you are going to try, be absolutely sure that you do not get in over you’re head, and if ya do “cut you’re losses fast, hit the road and never look back”.

Some of the hard and fast rules that I have learned as an expat in foreign countries will shift the odds in your favor and most likely keep you out of trouble

  1. Don’t be too loud. One of my Espanola friends worked at a sports book at a hotel in Latin America. One day he said to me. So and so got picked up last night here and is being deported on some trumped up charges. He was a real jerk he said, always
    too loud, yelling at the locals, demanding that this be done or that be done. He didn’t realize that he was a guest in our country.
    Gentlemen, these places are crawling with a thousand informants and informers who are happy to let the right folks know that so and so
    is a real jerk

    • Under all circumstances, always be unfailingly polite, period. You most likely will never pay the same price as a local for a taxi ride or much else. So what, accept the fact that you will get dipped for 10 baht, 100 baht or a thousand baht. When you
      do just smile pay the bill and know that you are paying for your education. Just don’t go back to the establishment
      that overcharged you. This is the price you pay for vacationing or living in a foreign country. If you are going to “show
      them down” you will not win, not by a long shot and you might end up seriously hurt.

      • Don’t ever stiff a working girl. Eventually you will get seriously hurt or worse. Always treat the girls with the highest degree of respect. You never know who they know.

        • Don’t ever borrow money and don’t ever run out of cash. Once you start borrowing in a foreign country from grey market sources, you are in the danger zone.

          • Don’t ever loan money to new friends in a foreign country. If you do, accept the fact that you will not get paid and move on.

            • Don’t gamble with the rent money and don’t ditch your wife of 10 years and 3 children for the 21 year old girl who professes her undying love for you. You will get taken to the cleaners on both ends and most likely join the Pattaya flying

              • While many have hit the jackpot in the bar biz, you will struggle and embrace failure before entering the bar owners hall of fame in Thailand. Perseverance, capitol and an open mind are necessities.

                • Don’t ever get involved with sponsoring a girl. If she is so in love with you she will wait for you to return or get her the visa for you’re country. Seemingly smart guys get in over their heads with this because they can’t bear the
                  thought of there sweet honey banging another 50 guys.
                  Most likely they are already sponsored by someone and
                  you will be helping there family and her maintain a
                  great lifestyle at you’re expense. Your mind
                  will get the best of you as you are slaving away at
                  work wondering, and you will end up having stick investigate.
                  Stay away from doing stupid things.

                  • Don’t ever forget rule number one

                    Maybe someday I will see you in Thailand or elsewhere, but don’t bet on it…

                    Stickman's thoughts:

                    Just as gamblers seem to become addicted and not listen to the advice of those around them, so too do those addicted to Thailand seem to suffer in similar ways.

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