Stickman Readers' Submissions October 3rd, 2009

Why I Enjoy Thailand

I have travelled to Thailand 20 times now in just over 4 years. I have also been to Cambodia 3 times, Vietnam 2 times, Laos 2 times, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia 2 times, Bali, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Myanmar / Burma in those 4 years. I have gone to these destinations mostly to indulge in the sex scene in these places, I love Asian women and I have had the yellow fever for about 10 years now.

I'm 32 years old and I have told the stories of my adventures to many people who say that I should write a book. So this is my first attempt at writing. I read allot of the readers submissions and find some of them very good. There seems to be a lot of negativity about Thailand at the present time, personally I'm finding better every time I go now. The more I go the more fun it is for me. I’m going to tell some short little stories about why I find the place so much fun.

He Clinic Bangkok


I first saw Nok in March this year when I did a weekend mission in Pattaya / BKK. I was strolling down Walking Street and I was just up to soi diamond when I seen Nok standing at the bottom of the stairs to Tiger A Gogo wearing a leopard dress that hugged her small 40kgs frame. Yes many of you would know the girl I'm talking about. I love the small girls, the smaller the better for me, I like to be able to see some ribs. I walked past and our eyes met and we gave each other a smile and I kept on going because it was early in the night and I had just parted with my afternoon short time. I came back later and she was gone, so I finished my drink and then moved on.

I went back for 2 weeks in April to BKK, then Pattaya, 3 quick days to checkout Chiang Mai at song khran, back to Pattaya and the last night in BKK. I seen her at the bottom of the stairs again late one night when I was in Pattaya the first time, I stopped and talked to her, no she wouldn’t go with me for long time. Ok I moved on to get another girl.

CBD bangkok

I didn’t want to take her back to the hotel for short time because I would have to then go out again and get a long time girl and get my towels changed again. Nothing worse than when the hotel staff don’t change the towels, I put them back on the rack like they should be now days so if they don’t get changed hopefully their dry and I don’t get the "you take lady already." Not a good start, I don’t really care about them knowing that I'm a butterfly. I do at least two girls a day in Pattaya and I am 6 foot and have dreads past my shoulders, so I stick out like dogs balls and I have been with either another girl who works in that bar or a friend of a girl who does. I think that there is one strand of the bamboo vine they have dedicated to me, a friend of mine knows everywhere I go except for my soi 6 adventures.

I went to Chiang mai and had an awesome time. But tell me why it is ok to throw a bucket of mote water in someone’s face, but if I'm slurping up water out puddles with my plunger they say that it’s dirty and no good. That’s why we love them. So I was walking past again and I seen her out the front so I stopped and asked to take her again. We start talking and…

“You come last night, you say I too small and you no like." She says.

"Huh, I was in Chiang mai" was my reply.

wonderland clinic

"You come from Australia, you have drink last night and you not like me"

"Yes I come from Australia, but it wasn’t me, I wasn’t in Pattaya"

"You say I too small"

"I like you coz your small"

I couldn’t be bothered arguing with her, I'm used to the bargirls and when you aren’t going to win its just best to move on.

Just come back from a mission in July. I was walking along and she seen me coming a mile away, she had a big grin when I walked up to her and said hello. It was a quick chat and I kept on moving. Second last night I was in Pattaya I seen her again and I stopped and said hello, we had short chat and the Thai guy next to her gestured with his arm for me to go.

“kortort kup” I said to as I started walking away (sorry if I spell the Thai wrong, but that’s how it sounds to me)

"No, ok, ok, go with lady" he said

"I want to, but she doesn’t want to" was my reply

"I cannot today, I have men" she cut in

"No problem for me, if you have men, a roy chop " I was wagging my tongue being a smart arse calling her bluff.

"I go with you tomorrow, only little bit today, I go with you tomorrow"

"Tomorrow you will not be at work" I said with a big smile on my face

"No tomorrow I work"

"Ok see you tomorrow"

Off I went thinking that maybe I'm going to nail this girl. I had even told one of my mates about her when I seen her last time and some look alike caused a problem. I went to Beavers that night and did better anyway. Last day in Pattaya and I went to soi 6 at about 3pm and left at about 7pm. I was getting a blowjob off another girl and all I could think about was getting Nok to take that leopard dress back to the hotel with her and put it on and I was going to bend her over the bed and give her thorough inspection with my tongue to see if she had finished her men. Then I was going to slip in little Johnny from behind. My whole routine had been planned, slowly made my way to the hotel and headed out to see off all my friends and give them my best wishes until the next adventure.

Visited a few friends and said my good byes and was heading down walking street to see another friend and I had to walk past the stairs, didn’t see her so I seen another girl.

"Hello, where’s Nok?" I asked

"Today Nok finish work" was the reply with a smile on her face.

Off I walked pissing my self laughing. Nok won, that’s why I enjoy Pattaya and the bargirls so much. I'm a simple person and everyday I have these little jousts with them, its fun, it would have been more fun if I did get to bend her over and bang her from behind and hold onto those boney shoulders. I’ve accepted that everywhere I go in Asia the girls I like don’t like me, but just about every other girl I have to beat off with a stick!


A lot of you guys say that you don’t have any Thai guy friends. I will see why when I come to live in about 5 years, but for now I always have fun with the Thai guys. I don’t deal with many, only the few guys in the bars that I regularly go to and the guys who work in my hotel in Pattaya and the moto taxi guys. I always stay in the same hotels so I am well known to the motto guys around my hotels in BKK and Pattaya. Maybe we get along good because I'm doing what they would like to be doing.

One moto taxi guy I will always remember. Don’t you love it when a Thai sneezes, you get to pull out the old "you need shower" and I always add in for their enjoyment " go 7 / 11 and get farang shower" pretending to be spraying myself with a deodorant can. It always brings a toothy grin, but I have also had a few bargirls get angry with me.

So there I was one day, just stepped out of the hotel and walked down to the 2nd road end of soi 13 / 3 to exchange my money next to 7 / 11 and then head down soi 6 for my blowjob to start another beautiful day in paradise. Exchanged the money and walked out to get a moto taxi, usually I walk down to the Marriot. I like to stroll past the shops to try to clear my head a bit from the night before and I give my change to the beggars on 2nd road. I always feel uneasy when I walk to this moto stand outside the Marriot because there is a woman who works there and it makes me feel weird getting a ride to soi debauchery sitting behind a woman.

Luckily this day it was a guy who got the job. We re cruising down to soi 6 and then I hear a sneeze from the rider.

"Ahhh, you need go shower, you not clean"

"I have shower, you need shower, that why I do, farang not shower" was his reply

I was pissing myself laughing again just as we pulled up to the lights. He turned around and looked at me with a beaming smile on his face.

"I have farang shower" while pretending to spray my armpit while patting him on the back. It was a good start to my day.

I always have fun with the guys, maybe because I'm on the same wavelength as them.


It was November 2006 and I had been working night shift for 2 months and I needed some fun. I booked myself 2 nights in BKK, 2 in Pattaya and another 2 back in BKK. It was when the girls of BKK were still into me. Now I would spend 5 in Pattaya and 1 in BKK and I would only go to BKK because my flight leaves at 8am, if my flight was later I wouldn’t head into BKK anymore. Why is it that the more I come to Thailand the BKK bargirls hate me more and more and the Pattaya girls love me more and more. Life was awesome, I had just done a tour of BKK, Pattaya, Phanom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City 3 months before and in 8 weeks I was doing my 30th birthday mission to BKK, Pattaya, manila, Angeles city and Vientiane. Little did I know in 8 weeks I was going to make the biggest mistake of my life so far!

I did my first 2 days in BKK. This was a good time for me too because I had just gone to the Eden Club the first time in August and I getting away with doing whatever I wanted within those walls. It only lasted just over 2 years until it wasn’t worth me going there anymore, the girls didn’t enjoy my antics anymore. But that’s another story, I still reckon that every guy who goes to BKK has to at least head there once. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone everyday!

I was in Pattaya and was wandering down soi post office heading up to the bars at the end on the left near 2nd road. You have got to love the Pump Station, what a name and where are there other bars that you go wandering through someone’s kitchen on your way upstairs to have some fun. I seen a girl I liked out the front and we worked out a price for short time and headed upstairs to one of the rooms.

I like November. A lot of girls are starting to come down for the high season and haven’t had boom boom for awhile, look for the extra dark complexion and the eagerness to make some money. Some of these girls will do some wild things to get their hands on a few thousand baht to get cashed up a little. I have some home videos from when I was going through my bondage phase that prove what 3000 THB will get you with these girls, no I will keep my promise not to put on the internet. Or do you prefer July / august when some are returning after being home to do the planting, for me these are best girls. It shows that they aren’t 100% detached whores who want to just lay on their back and get their money, a lot of these girls are pocket rockets, push their buttons and just sit back and watch her ride you like a donkey. I look for the callous on the forearm from it rubbing on their leg when their planting. You will also see the two black spots on their butt cheeks from sitting on the floor at home. But you just can’t go into a bar and say "pull down your pants, I want to see your butt cheeks". I also lookout for the girl who cant speak English whose sweeping the beer bar floor and washes the glasses. She needs some loving and she will give you some good loving back!

Ok, we re in the room after having the shower and this girl is absolutely hot. 42 kg, black as the ace of spades with a very beautiful Buriram face and two of the blackest feet I've seen in a long time. My ex girlfriend freaked out on my Isaan foot fetish. I don’t normally do my move on a girl who works in a short time bar, but I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her everywhere and sucked on her toes and she was hot to trot, she got on top in 69 and I started to weave my magic and she was starting to wiggle around and then she started blowing hard. She tried to get away, but I held onto that little body and just kept on lashing her with my tongue. "Stop, stop, stop" she was screaming. I stopped and let her go, she slumped on the bed getting her breathe back. Then she starts laughing and jumps up onto the bed and is jumping up and down screaming out…….


This is why I say that sex with a Thai bargirl is like being a porn star. Porn stars both get paid, but if you see a good porn scene. They are two people who are just trying to enjoy the sex that they are having and making the most of it, there's no feelings other than fun. Get a Pattaya beer bar girl a little drunk and take her back to your hotel and show her a little bit of affection and you can have some awesome sex. She feels nothing, you feel nothing, and it’s just something we both have to do. I need sex with a dark skinned Asian girl, she needs money.


Don’t you love it when you get to turn the tables on the bargirls. I was in Pattaya in July and I went down to soi 7. I walked down about 50m from 2nd road to a bar that was on the left, I stopped because I'm from Perth and the AFL western derby was being replayed on the TV. and I thought why not watch a quarter and drink some beers. It was 1.30am so the girls were starting to get very friendly due to drunkenness and wanting to find a customer for the night and there weren’t too many around. The girl behind the bar that served me was dancing in front of me trying to get my attention, it wasn’t working I was more interested in the TV. and I didn’t want to answer the routine questions. I ordered another beer and went back to the television, I paced myself so that I finished my beer on half time, when I was just about ready to make the call for my checkbin a girl that had been dancing on the bar comes to me and says

"my friend like you "pointing to the first girl that served me who was now stacking more bottles in the fridge while smiling at me.

"that’s good, checkbin kup” I replied

She took my bin to the cashier and then the other girl had a funny look on her face and came over to me and said

“its ok, if you not like me you not have to go”

"I was going anyway, its ok” I replied

"am sorry, you can stay” she said with a screwed up look on her face.

"don’t worry, its ok”

"not ok, stay” unfortunately the way that she thinks she thought that she had made me leave, but I couldn’t help myself.

"its ok, don’t think too mutt” I said

"sorry” with a look of shock on her face now

"don’t think too mutt” I said again, now she looked pissed off and she must be thinking that I've stolen her line.

"I think too mutt!” was her quick reply

"yeah, don’t think too mutt, it give you headache” now I could see that she was getting really pissed off and I was wondering if this girl was gonna turn on me. I got back my change tray and left my tip and jumped up off my stool and said goodbye to the young lady who I had just given a taste of her own Thai medicine. I don’t think she liked that Thai medicine, but hey she's a bargirl and I am farang and I got to turn the tables so I made the most of it. I won that round.

Its all apart of the game isn’t it, that’s what we have to remember that its just a game, even I once forgot that it was a game and fell for one of these ladies and I never thought that I would. I found out the hard way that if the girl works in bar, if she goes with customers or doesn’t go with customers she is only there for one reason $$$$, but that’s another story. They all have their different angles that they use, some of these girls play the game very, very well. Some of them given a western education and growing up in a different culture could do very, very well for themselves and not have to use their pussys to get what they want.

When I was last in Pattaya a girl who I had been with short time before got me a beauty. This girl got me with ease, she knows I want to fuck her, she knows that I have money, why not get as much as she can from me and she did it straight up with no deception, she just had to dangle the carrot and see what she would get. I will not use her name because I would love to have her short time again and she is one of the most beautiful women I have had. Most beautiful to my preference and I love the dark Korat girls.

Ok, I was in soi 6 and I met up with another Aussie. This poor fella was only a couple years older than me, met a Thai girl in BKK, married her, she went to live with him in Adelaide, waited her 3 years and then said "ha ha got ya”, so when she said that she wanted a divorce and was going to take half of everything he had. He cleaned out the bank account and then headed back to Asia to make himself feel better. I hope that he doesn’t get taken the cleaners and sorts everything out quickly because he seemed like a nice guy.

He was staying in soi 6 and wanted to go elsewhere and I said that I was going to the bar complex on the right just before you enter walking street because there is a girl there I want to take short time. We jumped on a baht bus and got to the bar, she didn’t acknowledge me sitting down, but the other girls told her I was there. She kept her back to me even when I was flicking peanuts at her. My fellow countryman thought that she was a stunner, but knew she was high maintenance, yes she's a pain in the arse when she's in the bar and I would say a good pain in the arse, she doesn’t say stupid shit like some of the other girls say that scare me off. She's very distant with me, makes me do all the work, which I very rarely allow from these girls, but what I get from this lady in the bedroom in worth it for me and the way she does it is fun and she is very, very different when she's alone with me.

I've had to get up and go and sit in front of her, we get talking and I get her smiling with the quick offer of a lady drink. Everything is fine and she's starting to loosen up when some old yank comes in and sits where I was originally sitting and she's off to him like a flash.

"you missed out there man” came from another guy sitting on the other side of the bar.

"you get that” was my reply

We paid our checkbin and headed off to soi post office instead. Later that night I walked past the bar and she was still there. I didn’t understand why the old yank didn’t take her.

Next day I thought I would try again. This time I just sat straight in front of her, ordered my beer.

“what happen with man yesterday” I asked

“I cannot go I have men” was the reply, the old I have men trick.

“its ok, we can boom boom” was my smart arse reply.

“no, cannot”

So I bought her a lady drink anyway and we got talking about the usual bullshit and I said

"we go short time, 1000 baht”

No reply, she just had a smile on her face, she knows how bad I want to bang her. I was about to finish my beer and I wasn’t gonna stick around because I had to find something for my afternoon short time. So I thought Id let money do the talking,

"bi duay, song pun” I said smiling, now we were speaking the same language, but still no reply just a cheeky smile from her. She knows that she's got me, I finished my beer and asked for my checkbin with her bar fine. Up she got and grabbed her bag and I heard her saying something to all the other girls and they all turned and smiled at me. She won. But from what I got from her back at my hotel room we came out fairly even, she's another Thai bargirl that if you give her a bit of affection and treat her right she will ride you like you’re a donkey. (or maybe it should be buffalo) There was no deception, no going back on the deal, she knew that I was going to up my price and she waited. Good for her. This is why I like the Thais, money talks.


Last December I was up in Udon Thani. Not many bars, went to the complexes and didn’t see too much that I liked, all the hot girls were obviously in BKK / Pattaya / Phuket. Still had a good time, first night I went to one bar that had a good pool table, was the only customer. I bought tigers for my self and heaps of lady drinks for the girls and the katoeys from the bar next door and had an awesome night that only set me back 4000thb for drinks and a lady long time. She was my 4th On.

The next night I was out looking around and didn’t find anything that tickled my fancy. Until a tuk tuk took me to a small bar area, I looked through the bars and there was one lady that caught my eye. I sat down next to her and got chatting over drinks. She informed me that she doesn’t go with customers, only stays in the bar and talks for drinks. That’s cool, lucky she had a gay brother who was cool to talk to and I had some drinks with him and his sister. The brother left the bar to go to talk to someone outside. It was getting late and I had to get moving so I thought I would see if she was available for an inflated price, so I made an offer of 5000thb long time. Maybe I went too high, but there wasn’t much around to my liking, first she went and consulted the cashier, then it was off to talk to her friend, then the brother was called for an opinion. I was in with a chance!

“you want to go with my sister 5000 baht” he said


“you pay 2500 baht now and 2500 baht in morning”

“That’s cool”

Ok the deal was sealed, she looked a little bit nervous about it all. But maybe that was 2 months pay if she didn’t leave the bar with customers. I paid the 2500 baht to the cashier, bought some more drinks to help loosen her up and then we were on the brothers moto on the way to the hotel. She wouldn’t go in a tuk tuk, she was shy, I'm beginning to get scared that she hasn’t had any white cock before. But her English is good, maybe she's worn out and needs a good incentive to boom boom or she really is a student? I weaved my magic and we had a good time and I showed her what the barracuda was and a few other tricks the Thai guys don’t know. We had a good time until the morning, when she had her shower and came back into the room I had left the 2500 under her bag where she can see it. She took the money, but she took forever, like 3 times longer than most girls and I've had a lot leave my room in the morning to get dressed and then out the door. I felt weird, it was like she thought that this was my first payment on the road to marriage and that I was supposed to get her email address and telephone number. Perhaps she was a lady who was saying the truth that she didn’t leave the bar. But in the end I got what I wanted and I was willing to pay for it. Money talks!

The more that I go to Pattaya, the more fun it is, it is no longer as wild as it was the first few times I went there, now it is different for me. It is tame to me now, there aren’t many new places for me to go, everywhere I go there is a girl who has seen me before. I'm learning more and more Thai and it is fun when I get a girl who is farm fresh and I have to try to speak her language for her to understand. But this has its downfall, remember the first time you went and they all wanted to stay all day with you and it was hard to get rid of them from your room. Now they don’t want to stay too long with me, its 100% business now, but that’s the way it should be anyway.

Why is the attitude so different from BKK to Pattaya. The girls in BKK seem to just want to fuck me around as much as they can, while every girl I get in Pattaya is awesome and I never have any problems with them. Yes I'm getting good at picking the right girl for me, but in BKK usually it’s a nightmare for me.

Maybe stickman could write an article on why the attitudes change from BKK to Pattaya.

So at the moment I'm enjoying my time in Thailand. You don’t know what is around the corner, you could walk around a corner and get ripped off or worse killed for a few thousand baht. Or you could walk around a corner to a bar with a good pool table, good music, some beautiful non pushy Isaan maidens and have one of the most enjoyable afternoons of your life and it might only cost you a few thousand baht. For me it’s the simple things that make it so much fun, for you is it the beautiful dark skinned Isaan girls?

Or is it when you walk into a bar and they all pay attention to you when you cant get that back home.

Or is it when you have just finished short time with a girl and she drags you into the shower and is trying to put soap all over your mouth and says "wash mouth, when you go bar and talk with lady, she smell my pussy.”

Or is it when a girl is lining up her shot to sink the 8 ball and you hang your cock in the pocket to put her off. Its even better when you can say “cow koy leg” at the same time and see the smile on her face when she replies “koy yay”.

Or is the look on the girls face when she wants to play pool for a drink. She wins she gets a drink, I say “what about me, what I get”. Of course she will say “what do you want?” my reply is usually “bi hong, boom boom quoin thin” now that brings a shocked look when you know how to say arsehole in their language. How do I know how to say it? That’s what my ex girlfriend calls me, I'm an arsehole because when she always lied and fucked me around and wasted a lot of my time and very little of my money. I was an arsehole because I wouldn’t let her get away with it.

Or is it when you ask a girl, “can you do the barracuda?” Now this one is a beauty, these girls are very curious about learning things and the look on their face when I put out my two fingers and point to one and say “hoy” and then point to the other finger and say "quoin thin”. You wouldn’t believe how many sit there thinking about it and wondering what it would feel like. Unfortunately a lot only wonder and don't do.

Or is it the simplest things like the smile on a beggars face when you give them 20 baht.

Or the smile from a child when you are 20 metres from a 7 / 11 and you give them 20 baht for their pack of chewies that you could have bought for 10 baht. Also the smile on the bargirl that you give them to at your next drinking spot.

Or the smile that you get from your farm fresh girl who cant speak English. You might be her first customer or a very low number in her boom boom career. Remember that she has heard all the bad stories about farang from the other girls, she's a little scared to go with you because of your long funny hair that she hasn’t seen before, but your young and handsome to her and she is happy that you can speak enough of her language to make it easier for her. You get back to the room, you go through the shower routine and she's on the bed hiding behind her towel. You kiss her everywhere as you slowly take the towel off her, then you suck on her fingers and toes and give her pussy the best tongue lashing that it has ever had. A little bit of affection does wonders with these girls. Then its time to give her boom boom the farang way, nice and gentle to start with, making sure she's ok and that your not hurting her at first before you start banging the arse off her. When your finished and you see the smile on her face and look of "I thought all farang were no good, this one good”. The smile is better in the morning when the other girls talk about farang only giving girls 800 baht and I hand over 1200 or sometimes more if she did the barracuda and some other specialties. Unfortunately soon a farang with do something to change her mind and she will become like the rest of them. Yes that’s in Pattaya.

Some of you guys will say I give the girls too much. But I can butterfly anywhere that I normally go in Pattaya, it comes at a price. I don’t fully know why they let me butterfly so much and hassle some other guys and just let me bang whoever I want. I have a good reputation as “jai dee” and maybe the girls are happy that they know there wont be any problems with me and they will be paid enough for their services. Also I'm very fussy, I like very, very slim and black and I'm prepared to pay to get what I want.

Or is it the other farang you see in Pattaya. Some of those European guys sure do set some fashion statements and those old guys who struggle to get on a moto taxi and walk over the drainage grates freak me out.

Or is it going home to the village to meet the family. When I went to meet my ex girls family, it was one of the best experiences that I've had while travelling. I would have liked to go when things were good with me and her and spent a few days at their farm and also working on the farm. But I only spent one day with them and hopefully I get to experience it again with another girl.

Or is it the look you get when you tell a Thai what the price should be in their own language. I think that anyone who is going to be a repeat visitor should at least learn to count to 100 in Thai and also learn the 100s and 1000s and also the 100,000,000 for when the aunty asks for “ning larn” to marry her niece. It has its rewards, often if two Thais are talking about the price and you understand what their saying you are prepared with your counter offer and also if you say the price for something in Thai and it is the normal price, well normal farang price, it cuts out all the bullshit in between. And I don’t buy much, only taxis, beer, food, pussy, the occasional novelty shirt and some new sunglasses when I lose mine. Saves a lot of money with taxis.

Or is it when you are in a beer bar in the afternoon talking to two ladies who have just come in to start night shift, they say to you "go room, two lady.” Now this one is my all time favourite, I reply with “ok, I have double dong for two lady, can you do that together.” They don’t fully understand at first, but I explain that I have a double ender in my bag they always reply with “bullshit, you not have.” The price has been set, the two bar fines have been paid and the three of you are walking to the hotel with them giggling and wondering “does this crazy farang really have a double dong.” Yes he does and they are shocked to see the black 12” double dong. “dum koy yay” what have they got themselves into. The best performance I got was in Angeles city with two ladies who were leaving the Philippines very shortly to go live with westerners and we had an awesome send off party. The Thai girls haven’t done better yet, but some have had some fun with it. Also I have heard that sex toys are illegal in Thailand, also did you know that the x ray machines out line the double dong because the latex rubber makes it look like organic manner. Nothing worse than entering back into Australia and some customs lady looking through my boom boom kit. Raises a few eyebrows!

Or is it when your coming back to Australia and customs are going through your bag and see your boom boom kit with you double dong. Usually a good conversation starter. What about being stopped by customs in Tokyo and see the look on their faces when they suspect that your moving drugs and all they can find is condoms and sex toys. I was scared I was going to get hand cuffed to a chair and them violate me with it. Luckily they just smiled and sent me on my way.

Or is it the katoeys, hey I'm an Australian, Stickman has documented our fascination with them many times. I love talking to the katoeys, I find them more fun to talk to.

Or is it when you are sitting in a bar and talking to someone like me and just thinking ”this guy is a unit”. Thailand brings all of us misfits together and gives us a place where we can do very, very stupid things and no one really cares, they’ve seen millions of us freaks come and go and there is millions more that hopefully follow after us.

Thank you for reading my submission

John Diggins

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