Stickman Readers' Submissions October 1st, 2009

Thailand, My Return Visit

I had pressure from work to take some time off ASAP while business was slow. I had 2 weeks to take off and couldn't decide what to do. I always want to do something new so was looking at all the options, island hopping around Greece, hit Egypt, do a bit of Mexico. Then the idea sprung, hum, why am I ruling out Thailand? It being what is called 'rainy' season was ruling that out. A few phone calls and I realised that rainy season is a bit of a myth – yes, it does rain sometimes but for a Brit this is a walk in the park.

I then debated should I tell my GFE from last year who I've kept in touch with I'm returning, or try something new. Well why keep in touch for 1 year then not see them again – so I did the easy thing. Yes, I was one of the farangs getting met at the airport, and in typical style there's a whole entourage there. So we have my girl 'M', her aunt and a member of her aunt's staff.

He Clinic Bangkok

I met M in a Patong bar. Not so much your classic or particularly seedy bar as it was off the main street and a bit rubbish with mainly past it bargirls. Our meeting was a mutually drunken affair, which to this day we both laugh about as really it wasn't much of your standard business transaction as more we both were leglessly drunk and equally confused in her room in the morning. In classic style she had booked me into Nana Hotel. I did have a laugh a bit on just how much, despite not knowing Bangkok, well at all 18 months on Stickman and I know where I am more than my TGE.

Now before anyone's alarm bells are ringing, as most articles I read on Stickman and I'm sure it's common amongst readers; after a few paragraphs you are waiting to hear the impending disaster on the writer's actions. Well maybe I am tempting impending disaster or impending success. I learn more about 'M' all the time. I have always been possibly way too truthful with her. Thing is after a year of my honesty and to be honest she was honest from start as well because I was, we are at an interesting stage.

Total and utter honesty. It's funny because I think the only reason this works is that I said to her that she can do 100% whatever she wants and I'm not bothered. After 2 days from arriving I found out about her Dutch boyfriend who looks after her with 30k baht a month. She has to see him for 2 months a year but hey, it's well worth the money. I've told her not to mess it up although we did have sex while she was on phone to him. It's not an unusual thing so I hear in Thailand with sponsors.

CBD bangkok

The honesty has worked out so well, I almost feel like a bit of a pimp. Being 27 and still at the beginning of me making my long-term cash I can't be supporting a Thai girl to do sweet FA all day. I'm happy to do it in the future. As it is I want 'M' to maximise the cash she's getting now whilst keeping options open for me in future. Her aunt is very proud of the house I stayed in on my last visit. The husband built it then was kicked out a month after it was finished.

So I'm with a previous clearly serious bargirl, i.e. at least 4 – 5 years in the industry. Her family has a history of it, so are pros in the long game. She's out of basic bar game now at 26 (real age) and is playing the sponsorship game. Well I'm not getting played for sponsorship. OK, when I'm out there everyone lives the high life as for me I like to entertain. This seems to win me more favours than being a cheap Charlie sponsor.

Thing is I honestly 100% believe whilst my girl has a good income from a sponsor – she is 110% honest with me and genuinely wants to be with me. All I do is party, let her party without restriction, pay for her friends etc. But I don't give her the guilt trip that most Farangs associate with having any form of spending money on a girl. You know not acting like you own the girl is probably the most attractive trait you can display to them. OK a small percentage will take advantage and piss you off.

A couple examples of her honesty:

wonderland clinic

1. We both got hammered and when she went to get food rather than give her a few hundred baht I gave her my roll. Next morning after we'd been up eating, chilling and drinking again she finds in her bag (in other room) my change. When she gives me money I'm like urm what's this she tells me my change I gave her all my money last night – 7000 ish baht.

2. One point when hung over she needed the money to pay for a flight (to visit her sponsor). I'd agreed to lend it her due to fact she couldn't withdraw 40k baht in a day. Gave her my card and pin number. No problem and I opened myself to a bad one there!

3. I asked her why Thai women don't have any diamonds in their rings. Well it's obvious – gold when you resell you get 4/5 value, gold and diamonds like 2/5 so no Thai girl wants diamonds!

Thing is in England I'd happily lose a large sum of money on a football bet so why would you never test the water with a few gambles to just see how a Thai girl plays the 'chances' you give them?

Simply put I've read A LOT about good girls and bad girls. Well in all intents of purpose I've got a bad girl / one who knows the tricks / one who may want to play a long game trick on me. Or have I got a typical Thai girl in the game, she is playing it but like anyone just looking for the best option? Life is too short not to take the risks – roll the dice, do the shot of sang som and see what happens.

Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds to me like you're her toy boy. I wonder if the Dutchman is much older than you and she is keeping you on the side for a bit of fun.

nana plaza