Stickman Readers' Submissions October 29th, 2009

Lonely Men….Destination Thailand!

I just heard some old country tune that says, "Lonely women make good lovers." If that's true, then "Lonely men make good sex tourists!" ha! Lonely western men and Thai bargirls go together like peas in a pod. I guess, call it
supply and demand? Would I put myself into that category? Yeah, sure why not?

He Clinic Bangkok

Actually I just came off a 12 year relationship. It was one of those where a nice guy gets walked all over by a Western woman. I just reached a point where I couldn't take it any more! You've heard it all before. Western women
treat you like crap, and Asian women spoil you rotten? That may be true in some cases, but not all. There are still some great western women to be found, but they are few and far in between. I feel sorry for the young guys. The younger women
really treat them like second class citizens. At some point, it becomes the guy's fault by putting up with all the abuse. I know I reached my limit. I have a friend here in the U.S. that owns a successful business. He'll be in an
important business meeting, and his wife will insist he takes her call immediately, so she can inform him that he left the toilet seat up at home or he forgot to close a closet door all the way. Oh my God! I'm so thankful I don't
have to put up with that kind of crap from anyone. Why do men or women stay in these relationships? Sometime it's financial reasons. Much of the time, it's just easier than breaking up and finding someone else. Many people take the
"easy" route. What's amazing is that a lot of these guys haven't had sex for years! Wow. It's been proven. More married guys masturbate than single guys! (at least it's having sex with someone you love! ha!)

In your fifties, the pool of fine ladies out there has almost dried up. At some point, when things are getting that bad in a relationship, being alone can look like a great option.

Then there is Thailand… That newly discovered (by me anyway) endless supply of young hard-bodied beautiful women. And great sex? If you can't get laid in Thailand, then a medical coroner should come and declare you legally dead!

CBD bangkok

I'm getting ready for my 4th visit into the Thai bargirl sex scene. I must take with me the Thai Bargirl Sexual Survival Kit. That consists of two very important things. "Condoms and cash" Lots of condoms! and Lots of cash!

I think I'm going to invent a little apparatus that attaches around a bargirl with Velcro. It will have a special slot where you can just swipe your credit card, thus saving you countless trips to the ATM machine! ha! Some bars should
offer a 10 punch card. After your 9th barfine is paid, the tenth one is free? Hey. it works for me! ha!

Let's see how I plan my budget out: (a sex tourist's budget)

U.S to Bangkok airfare- $900
Hotel rooms – $ 1200
Women, 2 a day @ 1500 baht each x 20 days – $1760
Food – $500
Condoms – (the party pack!) $40.
Oxygen tank – (ha! just kidding)
Astroglide lubricant – $24 (an engine
without a lubricant will eventually seize up)
Cash and cash cards (don't leave home with out them!)
I guess my trip is planned. Oh yeah. I forgot my "beer" budget. Oh… who cares. I never keep track.

wonderland clinic

Have any of you seen greyhound dog races? (the jockeys sure are small aren't they? ha!) Anyway, I think I'll invent a new sport over in Thailand. We'll put arriving male sex tourists in the starting gates and when the starting
gun fires, a Thai bargirl will race around a track in front of them for two laps. Each male sex tourist will wear a number. Near the finish line, we can place a "short time" room. ha! People from all over the world can bet on their
favorite sex tourist racers online. We can broadcast it live on TV. We can sell sponsorship to condom companies and Viagra can be the main sponsor. I'm currently looking for investors! ha!

I recently saw a video on YouTube. They are interviewing a guy in a Thai bar. He's just had a two week fling with his bargirl girlfriend. He was expecting some cash from his bank in England that hasn't arrived. His girlfriend
has informed him that she must keep going with customers to make money. He's sitting in the bar watching his bargirl girlfriend getting ready to leave with a potential client. Movies like this should be shown to all potential arriving
sex tourists as a reality check. Guys have to realize that it's all about the money to the bargirl. It's their job. She's looking for money and he's looking for sex and companionship. Some guys really end up learning the
hard way.

Oh yeah, my advice for all those new arriving sex tourists arriving for the first time… Spend the first day going to the Great Temple, the river cruises, and the tourist sites. Take lots of pictures. This way, when your family and fellow
employees quiz you about your trip to Thailand, you can show them all the pictures of the sites while you tell them all about the wonderful food, beaches, etc… Of course, if they've heard anything about Thailand, they'll probably
put two an two together and figured out what you were really doing! ha!

WARNING: If your ex-wife or ex-girlfriends find out, they will immediately brand you as a total pervert, etc. If they really are pissed, they'll even accuse you of being a pedophile, etc. I know, because it happened to me! I told
my ex-girlfriend, are you crazy? I wasn't with any underage girls! to which she replied, "Oh, yeah. Well they were underage at one time!" I said, yeah…and so were you! They'll paint you as this sick, twisted person that
sees prostitutes! (Ok, they got me on that one! ha!)

Another thing you don't want to do is brag and tell all your friends back home about your exploits. I told just some close friends, but much to my surprise, some of them were insanely jealous! (These guys were very unhappily married.)
It was actually one of them that passed the word of my trip to my ex girlfriend! I just had to tell someone though. Having sex with all these hot babes at the age of 56 to me was something I just had to share with someone. It was like climbing
Mount Everest, or winning the lottery. I had to share the experience and tell somebody! Thailand, love it or hate it, there's no place like it!

I'd try another country, but after research on the net I've come to the conclusion that Thailand is where it's happening as far as bargirls and the way a guy gets treated by them. They're all such sweethearts. The
Philippine girls just don't do it for me. I've seen all those Angeles City gogo bar sites and the women don't look all that good. (Of course I know I'd only be looking at the top of their heads from my viewpoint anyway!
ha!) I'm sure I could find a few nice ones, but is it worth flying all the way over there? I don't think so.

I was thinking about canceling my trip over and concentrating on dating regular women here, but his year has been a tough one with three guys I worked with all dying. Sure I could wait till next year for a Thailand trip, but hey, I want
to live life to the fullest before I get old. I know there is no "future" in it. Just a hell of a lot of fun! If it ever stops being fun, I'll stop. Of course, isn't that what alcoholics say about liquor? ha!

I've said it before, I can live more in one month in Thailand than a year here at home. It's exciting, exotic and different. I don't do drugs, but if Thailand is considered a drug, I'm hooked!

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, life is to be enjoyed and if Thailand makes you happy, that's great.

Interesting points about concealing what goes on in Thailand to those back home. I guess you can do that if you take just one trip but when the trips become more frequent and regular, then it might be more difficult to explain your travels to someone indoctrinated by the madness of political correctness.

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