Stickman Readers' Submissions September 24th, 2009

They Don’t Do It For Money

I refer to the outstanding submission “It’s a short walk to the dark side” that Chiang Mai Kelly submitted last year. For those who haven’t read it yet, I provide a link to that submission here.

In his piece he describes where and how he meets regular Thai girls, who don’t have any problem sleeping with him the same day he meets them. Students, business ladies, office girls, nurses, sales ladies, it doesn’t matter,
they all sleep with him, often on the same day he met them. Chiang Mai Kelly also pays them money even though these girls are not bargirls or even freelancers, and he also doesn’t pick them up in Pattaya but in a regular industrial town
in the south of Thailand.

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Why do these girls go with Chiang Mai Kelly? Do they do it because they want to make some quick extra money on the side? Some of the girls he meets, especially the ones working in boutiques such as eye glass shops or as teller in a Tesco
Lotus obviously don’t make a lot of money, probably between 6K – 9K baht per month. Stickman also thinks their main motivation for having sex is to make some money. I am convinced however that this is not true. These girls don’t
go with Chiang Mai Kelly to make money. And Chiang Mai Kelly also knows this. More about this later.

Why does Chiang Mai Kelly pay these girls then if he knows their main motivation to sleep with him in a short time hotel or in his condo is not to make money? He pays them because he wants to pay them and because he can pay them, not because
he has to. Chiang Mai Kelly knows it is better to stay on the safe side when dealing with Thai girls. Even though he knows most of these regular girls he picks up would not bat an eyelid or would not make a fuss about it if he didn’t pay
them and even would come back to sleep with him for a second time and a third time, some could become really cranky or even a downright pain in the ass if he didn’t pay them. Again most wouldn’t but some could and he doesn’t
want to run the risk of having a girl stalking him, claiming him to be her boyfriend from now on or worse even sending her Thai husband or boyfriend after him. He wants to keep his peace and quiet so that is why he pays them money.

What is the girl's main motivation to sleep with Chiang Mai Kelly? The main motivation for the girls to sleep with him is that they want a bit of action and a bit of adventure. Most of these girls lead very boring lives and have very
boring jobs. They make long hours, sometimes they work 12 hours per day and often at least 6 days a week. So their main motivation is to have some fun, be a bit rebellious, because they like sex and so on. Of course they also hope to get some
money in the process but as I explained that is not the real reason for them to have sex with Chiang Mai Kelly or another farang.

Some of these mainstream girls have one day off a week if they are lucky. Chiang Mai Kelly is an alpha male and attractive to Thai girls because these regular girls do not sleep with every farang they see. About 90% of the farang guys coming
to or living in Thailand would not have a problem scoring more or less the amount and type of girls (aka mainstream) girls that Chiang Mai Kelly is getting but 10% could not do it even if their life depended on it. The reason for this is that
Thai girls don’t like certain types of farang guys. The strange thing is that all Thai girls seem to have the same taste more or less because some farang guys (I am one of them) cannot score with any decent to good looking Thai girl (I
am not talking about fat and ugly mainstream girls here).

I just spent 3 months in Pattaya where I spent quite some time (if they were available) with two farang friends. One of them Luciano, an Italian guy who is 66 years old who has been in Pattaya for a year now. He has (and I have checked his
phone) 125 girls in his handphone with photo. All of these girls are gorgeous and many are young (aged between 18 and 35). All of them have daytime jobs. Some are working in malls such as Central Festival, Carrefour and Big C. Quite a lot are
students. Exactly 15 as he told me are nurses working in Memorial or International hospital. 3 are doctors, some are accountants and 7 have their own business. In the months I was with him he met and slept with another 19 new girls, two of whom
(very gorgeous and sexy) were service ladies in Lucifer Disco. It is incredibly easy for him to meet girls. In Central Festival, the new big mall, most girls already know him and often when we were sitting in the food court downstairs girls who
had a lunch break would come up to him and offer him their telephone number in the open!!! These girls were working in the same shops where his Central Festival regulars were working. He always rejected them even if the girls were hot looking
and most of them were. When I asked him why, he told me he does not want to sleep with 2 girls from the same shop because that only gives trouble.

Every afternoon Luciano would meet a girl for some afternoon delight. Mostly between 14:00 till 17:00. Often this would be a regular who was already in his phone or sometimes a new one he had just met. At 17:20 I would meet him in Central
Festival for some food and girl hunting. Every evening from 10.30 to 12 PM he would have another girl come over to his apartment (he never takes his girls to short time hotels). The reason for this is that many girls who work in malls or shops
finish work at 10 o clock in the evening and every evening there would be many sending him a message that they wanted to meet him.

At 0.30 in the morning I would pick him up from his apartment or he would come to my place (I stayed near the market in South Pattaya and we would go to Walking Street. Luciano would normally not take girls from Walking Street because they
ask for money but sometimes he would often manage to get a very pretty girl in Lucifer or more often on the street, or most often at the market opposite the temple (between 3 and 4 in the morning many girls leave WS and go to the market in South
Pattaya because they stay in that area or because they want to eat there.

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So (and I have seen it with my own eyes every day and night) Luciano who is 66 years old and who had 2 strokes and one heart attack sleeps mostly with 3 different girls every day, but he lives on 850 Euro per month including accommodation,
visa runs and insurance. He could not do that if he had to pay every girl he slept with 1000 baht or even 500 baht every time they came over. He tells me (and again I know it is true because I have asked the girls) that he never pays the regular
girls he sleeps with. He sometimes invites them for dinner or gives one of them 200 baht if they are short on money but not on a regular basis. The girls he meets early in the morning in the market or in the disco are a different story. He always
pays them 500 baht and most of these girls stay with him till 12 o clock in the morning for that money!!!

This is why Luciano manages to live on 850 Euro (about 40,000 baht) per month) and sleeps with 3 girls almost every day. This is also why I am convinced the mainstream girls (girls that have daytime jobs and are not working in bars or a-gogo
bars or freelancing) don’t sleep with guys for money. If they would do it for money they would either not sleep with Luciano but certainly they would not come back a second and a third and a fourth time (many of his regulars have been sleeping
with him for months, mostly once a week).

I actually don’t understand how Luciano pulls it off. Like I said he is 66 years old and not in the best of health. I am 38 years old and a very fanatical weightlifter even though I don’t look nearly as muscled like Schwarzenegger
in his prime. This is because I never used any steroids and because I jog 12 km everyday which keeps the body lean and trim. I have still most of my hair.

Still I could not pull ANY of the mainstream girls that Luciano was pulling so easily. I tried every day and Luciano tried to help me as best as he could but they just didn’t want to go with me. There were actually a few who liked
me but these girls were fat and ugly or old and that are not the type of girls I liked. One woman in the ice cream parlor downstairs in Central Festival liked me but she has 3 kids and is 39 years old. There was also a gorgeous young one of 19
years old who was madly in love with Luciano.

Many of the students Luciano was sleeping with had female friends. Often when Luciano had a dinner date with one (he often took a student girl for afternoon delight) he would tell the girl to bring a friend because he would bring a friend
also (me). Often these friends would not show up or if they showed up they would not fancy me. 2 times a student friend showed up who actually liked me but these girls were really fat both of them so I could not take them which caused some loss
of face.

Often Luciano and I would go inside one of the boutiques or stores in Central Festival to introduce me to the friends of the girl in that store he was sleeping with. It would not work, if there was a girl I liked in that particular store
or boutique (and often there was) she would not fancy me and make that very clear to me and Luciano.

I also had another friend while I was in Pattaya. A 45 year old French guy named Bruno. He came to Pattaya one month after I arrived and he never visited any bar or gogo bar. He only went to Walking Street one time. Still he managed to get
38 girls in the 6 weeks he was in Pattaya. All of these girls were regular girls (mostly students and sales ladies) and I have seen them all. They were all drop dead gorgeous and sexy and never older than 23. Most of these girls slept with him
a second or third time and more and if he was talking to me he would have to close his phone because the messages and calls would come every 5 minutes non-stop day and night.

In the 6 weeks he was in Pattaya he spent 50,000 baht including his hotel. He never had to pay for the girls. Mostly he invited his girls for lunch or dinner or a movie before sleeping with him but he never paid anything for sex and the girls
were all fine with it because they kept messaging him to come back.

This again proves that mainstream ladies don’t do it for money, they just want to have a good time with a guy they find attractive. If you are not attractive to them they will not sleep with you as I have experienced every day I was
in Pattaya.

I am back home at the moment and suffering from a huge depression and low self esteem. I really never had it this bad. I really hope I will get over it but right now I feel like shit, I don’t know if I can ever return to Thailand or
Asia for that matter.

Stickman's thoughts:

Pattaya is a little different to the rest of Thailand and yes, there are a lot of opportunities to sleep with women who may not work full-time in the bar industry. Seeking adventure might be part of it but I bet many of these women are looking for someone to look after them for a period – and ultimately to assist them financially. That's what I believe.

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