Stickman Readers' Submissions September 11th, 2009

The Land Where Dreams Come True “are not so bad”

Boys with less than a Grammar School education were usually destined for a career in the pits deep underground due to the lack of other employment opportunities. The boy leaves school at 16 lives in the mining village and the only job is to dig for coal.
If he stays any longer than a year his life will not get better. He will be there for life or he dies in some industrial accident. He will have coal dust imbedded in his body; he will grow older quicker and have many related illnesses to copy

He lives in a fishing town. With a lack of education he follows his father and brothers to sea but the life of a fisherman is not that easy and there are many challenges that came along the way. There's pain, stress, getting sick for
not sleeping all night. It is one of the risky occupations. Many fishermen lose their life, they encounter waves that sometimes bigger than their boats, sometimes lost direction to their way home and the only guide they have is the stars at night.
Sometimes they get no catches. They go home with a sad faces, they knew that their family are waiting for them, expecting foods that will not arrive this time, but waiting for their sons and husbands return can be a unbearable for most families;

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With lack of education a 18 year old joins the army it’s a stable career, good opportunity for see the world and getting extra skills so he can better his life, after basic training he finds his unit posted to a war zone, Saying goodbye
to friends and communities, he arrives in a hostile land, daunting as he finds it and when he sees his new friends get blow up or a fatal injury he wonders why he chose this career. The stress and battle fatigue will take its toll and he will
be affected for the rest of his life, if the biological and chemical warfare don’t get them first;

He is called a minesweeping expert. The wages are high and the job entails the detection and diffusion of land mines fatal injury or death is haunting him every day he drinks and smokes too much it’s getting to him he finds himself
in a zombie state after a long day. He is not sure how long he can keep his concentration up; every day he gets up and dice with death.

He had to have a gap year he could not get a place at college and needed the money he worked for the sewer department in the town where he lived. Every Friday, he would have to descend 3 levels underground where the sewer lines of the entire
East side of the town converged after being chopped by huge grinders into a 6 meter cubed size cement room. The grinders would be stopped, and the room pumped out. It was then his job to don boots, gloves, and slicker then, armed with a small
water hose, climb down into the room on a small iron ladder and proceed to wash the entire room down with the hose, hopefully without slipping. He did not know how long it could keep getting up in the morning and going to work but he had to, he
needs the money.

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She has to just shut her mouth because she can't do anything about it at age 18 working in a poultry plant, cutting diseased or damaged flesh off chicken carcasses. The slaughterhouses is only were she can find work, It’s dreary,
disgusting and very repetitive, you hack open a chicken, pull out the entrails, clean out the offal. The process takes about five minutes, if you’re good leaving you 7 hours and 55 minutes more to do the same thing, over and over again,
amidst tiny bits of chicken gizzards, she reach for that cup of coffee but she is unable to drink it, a small pot is under her chair in case she is taken short you cannot leave your station until break time. Every minute she has to reminds herself
she is helping her mother to feed the family.

She stuffed animals and artfully constructed skeletons of a woolly mammoth, she has the nasty responsibility of dragging in rotting carcasses and cleaning them up so they’re fit for public display , sometimes she has to boil them that
releases noxious fumes that can cause lung infections and skin breakouts sometimes you stick the stinking carcass into a large aquarium and let the maggots pick the bones clean; other times you close your eyes, roll up your sleeves, and delicately
remove the slime and entrails the way you’d debone a chicken, Hell it’s a job but not sure how long she can cope with the smell, headaches and the nightmares she has been having.

It just makes girlie bar work a little better to bare seeing the list of jobs above, I am sure you could list many more jobs that are worse, would you do any of the work above, or would you be a bar girl? You roll the dice and hope good fortune
turns to you. Life is and can be testing in many ways.

I am supporting an article which was well put together. I am scratching my head, it was nicely The Land Where Dreams Come True hell Sticky give it a green star. The points are all valid. We all know long-term exposure to allot of things can
be both physically and mental bad. There are bad jobs out there, make the most of what we have been dealt in life but the clever bar girls save and invest, not so many I know, some do find happiness. We all have to make the most of want we have.
I have never understood why the bar management do not help educate and facilitate to improve their staff outlook and give advice to look after themselves, what about it, you could change things the STICKY BARGIRL UNION you could alter a lot in
the bar girl world and make the bar girl life better and rewarding. Can I be Treasurer?

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