Stickman Readers' Submissions September 29th, 2009

Solo In Thailand #1

After stumbling across Stickman's website in 2002, I had always had a fascination with Thailand, not just for the lovely Thai ladies but all the weird and wacky tales that seemed to abound from tourists to expats who visited the kingdom. I find that one common theme from Thailand besides the women, are the wonderful vibrant kooky people that flock to the LOS. My intrigue brewed for years, however I always put off that trip to Thailand. I always said this is the year, then unexpectedly a death in the family, another relationship, or some event in the game of life kept me from making the trip. Finally after my last relationship went belly up, I pulled the trigger on my dream trip, I booked the flight and was headed to Thailand for a month. From all my research and advice from Stickman's site, I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go. However, I made no concrete plans. I packed a light travel pack, and headed off to Bangkok.

No need to describe the flight over, other than H. E. double hockey sticks!!! Upon arrival to Bangkok I knew about most of the touts, and scams (thanks Stick and others) and got to my hotel in Sukhumvit unscathed. Needless to say I was juiced up, and the jet lag was going to have to take a backseat. You really have no words to describe the scene that is Bangkok. I just knew that I finally found a place that felt right, felt alive, and to say the least was a stimulus overload to the body!!! Little did I know that my adventures were just beginning…

He Clinic Bangkok

The good doc aka Phil. Also from the States and also a newbie to Thailand was fresh off an intense residency program. He had also decided on spending a month in Thailand, mainly for the diving, but Phil too wanted to check out Bangkok. He was the first of many interesting people I came in contact with during my Thailand adventure. Over beers at a street cafe in Bangkok I learned Phil was no stranger to Asia. He had been raised in the international scene, all over Asia from India, Singapore, and China. His sister was now a big wig in the music industry, branching off on her own and hitting the jackpot signing Shakira as her first client. However, Phil was not into the music business. It was medicine and after his trip he was heading back to San Fran and a nice contract in a big hospital near the bay. But for now he wanted some R&R.

I persuaded Phil that we should check out the city, and I figured a long tail boat ride down the Chao Praya river was a good start. Of course during our conversation I still could not believe the amount of beautiful women walking up and down the street throwing glances and smiles our way. Both Phil and I knew you just did not see this amount of hot women in the US. I for one could not wait to investigate this matter further. But for now we were off. We got in a taxi headed across town, and back along some side streets to the river. Here our taxi driver hooked us up with some family owned operation, and our own boat / guide. Needless to say the trip was eye opening. More so for the views on poverty, and wealth that live side by side in Bangkok. (still blown away by the old women in makeshift wooden kayaks that paddle out from under wooden docks right up to your boat, with cold beer and whiskey!!!) After our journey our guide dropped us off at the cobra farm, (cheesy but hilarious) and then near Wat Pho, where we had lunch, and more beers. Taking in the scene, monks, tourists, vendors and their goods (seriously how many loud stereo speakers can one street have, let alone sell???) By this time we were both hot, sweaty and wearing thin, so off in a taxi back to the hotel to shower and nap. Phil wanted to hit up Lumphini boxing stadium later that night, however I declined and was now ready to venture off into the nightlife of Bangkok.

Needless to say I was out like a light, and did not wake up till around 1 AM. After a shower and a bite to eat, I made my way over to see the show that is Nana. Where in the world can you see Arabs, Africans, Germans in socks / sandals, Aussies, Brits, trannies, and hot women condensed in one place??? It truly is the human Barnum and Bailey's circus, and I loved it. I quickly grabbed a perch, outside one of the beer bars next to the Nana Hotel and took in the scene and the varied cast of characters. While a fellow drinker told me it was down season, the street looked to be busy, and hustling. I then ventured into the complex, and headed into Rainbow (upstairs) and saw many stunners. I was met with many smiles, and stares, had a few drinks and talked to the mamasan. While it was entertaining I just wasn't up to bar fining a girl. I wanted to look around more, and I knew Nana would be there tomorrow.

CBD bangkok

I was headed back toward soi 11 when I met Jan from Belgium. I was suspicious at first because he came on way too friendly and wanted to take me to a bar for a drink and hang out. I finally gave in and I am glad I did. Jan gave me the low down on the local nightlife scene in lower Sukhumvit. We hit Gulliver's and I somewhat got the story on Jan. I could tell he had probably spent a little too much time in Bangkok, was a little shady, had a bit of cynicism / wisdom about him, tempered also with a good sense of humor and quick wit. Jan was helping run some international business, (what I don't know) that saw him making trips all over Bangkok and down to Pattaya. When the topic of Thai ladies came up Jan described them as "pros" and to not lose your mind or money like so many "saps" he had seen before. He advised to take it for what it is, an illusion, enjoy it and if you can, take your time and try and meet a good girl at some point. (Sound advice, and words I have heard before.)

After Gulliver's we hit a bar with a band, next to Eden Club. Jan introduced me to the French owner and described all the details on Eden. Funnily enough I had already heard of Eden club and its reputation…(weird seeing these places after reading about them for years!!!) Jan was a good guy and picked up all my drinks and advised me to hit Spice Club, and then a late night disco like Spicy or Boss. We walked over to the club said our goodbyes and in I went. After paying my entrance fee, I settled into the club and I was quickly met with many curious looks and smiles. The place was crowded but as the night went along it became more and more packed. Many freelancers approached and I had the usual conversation, where you from?, you come to Thailand before?, what hotel you stay at? In other words, how much money can I get out of you? I was not biting, and believe me there were many attractive girls, but I still wanted to see where the night would take me, and sure enough that is when I met the hot Bee.

Her English was excellent, and more importantly she was up front about what she did, and the vibe she sent me was not pushy or hardcore in any shape or form. Bee told me how she used to work in the bar, but her American boyfriend at the time moved her in and took care of her. Over the two years they were together she learned English and was able to communicate at a higher level than any other Thai girl I had met up to this point. Obviously Bee was a freelancer and described it as her "work" now since her boyfriend left her. Anyways to me, Bee sent off a vibe of being down to earth and was just up for fun / dancing if she happened to met someone great. Soon Bee explained to me her crew wanted to go to Spicy and if I went with them we would all get a free cab ride, and it would be worth my time…so off I went with Bee and three of Bee's very attractive girlfriends…and while it was nearing 3 AM, my night with Bee was just beginning and it was about to take me for quite a ride…to be continued…

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Nice start.

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