Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2009

Scammed, Lied To And Then Cheated In Tilac

Stick, you’ve extolled the virtues of Tilac and the girls there many, many times, and as I’d never been in before, I thought “Let’s see what all the fuss is about”.

So, last Thursday I was a bit bored sitting at home. I’d watched all my DVDs a million times over and couldn’t face another week night indoors so decided to take a trip into Cowboy.

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Shower and a shave, a quick hop on the skytrain and about 1 hour later I’m sitting in Tilac. I arrive there around 10 -10:30 PM and settle down (with a big smile on my face) on the sofa seats with a good all round view and start chatting
and carrying on (as you do) with some of the girls who were sitting on either side of me. The music is good, the bar looks great and I’m glad to have made the effort.

I’d been there about 30 minutes and 1 girl in particular, who’d been dancing on one of the tables down from me, had caught my eye a few times. She had a lovely smile, really nice body, no tattoos or pot belly. She wasn’t
as beautiful as some of the “lookers” there, but she was pretty…so I motioned for her to come and sit with me when she had finished dancing.

She turns out to be a really nice girl. She’s 22, very friendly, good English and we get on really well. Importantly, she never once asked me to buy her a drink…in stark contrast to some of the girls I had chatted to earlier, of
which at least 5 persistently and constantly asked “You can buy 1 drink for me, na?”

So, we’d been sitting there about 10 minutes or so, chatting, joking and flirting, when one of the very old service women (I thought she was a mamasan) appeared in front of me, never said a word, never looked me in the eye once, just
took hold of my hands and started massaging them, then my arms, shoulders and face and head. I didn’t ask for this and I didn’t want it and to tell the truth, it wasn’t up to much.
Anyway, after about 5 minutes of this,
I was getting bored and made the excuse to visit the toilet.. Came back and she’s sitting in my place and then proceeds to ask me for 300 baht for the massage! I refuse and tell her I didn’t want it, but she doesn’t listen
and just stares into space with her hand out towards me saying “Sam loy, Sam loy.

The atmosphere in that little space I was in decidedly changed for the worst. My girl and the other girls beside me were quiet now and pretending to be occupied with something else. I felt shit but thought to myself, “There’s
no way I am going to hand over 300 baht!”

I know about all the various scams and tricks in Thailand and I am pretty wary and never been burnt yet, but this woman was still sitting there with her face like a smacked arse and it didn’t look like she was going to take no for
an answer… so after 2 or 3 minutes of this, I pulled out a 100 baht note, gave it to her and said, “no more!” She SNATCHED it out of my hand then disappeared, visibly annoyed and muttering something in Thai. I breathed a sigh of
relief and was damned annoyed about being scammed out of 100 baht! But I was determined not to let it spoil my night out. It’s not the 100 baht! it’s the totally shit feeling that you’re left with afterwards!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I decided to barfine my girl and asked her the procedure etc. She told me not to barfine her as she was on her period and wouldn’t be finished until the following Sunday. I’m not sure if this
is a ruse to put unsuitable punters off or not, but she had never asked me for anything and as I said, we were getting on really well, so I had no reason to doubt her and it was fine for me… just bad timing that I happen to choose a girl who’s
not available. Oh well…

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On that point… If she’s not available…why is she dancing and cavorting with customers? Or is it really bullshit? <The girls only get two days off a month so it is inevitable that they will dance for at least some of the time they have their periodStick>

At this point, it’s around 12.30pm, I’m feeling pretty horny and don’t want to go home to 5 fingered Pam. I told my girl that I wanted to boom boom tonight, she gave a knowing smile and quietly slipped away to leave me
“available” again.

I had been talking previously with another girl, who was also 22 years old (I should give her number and name and shame her…but I won’t, unless specifically asked) and when she saw that I was on my own she quickly slotted herself
onto my knee and started wriggling about…anyway, I decided to take this girl as she was pretty and was seriously pushing my buttons. But before I took the plunge I wanted to make sure of the ground rules.

I like kissing a lot, I like my dick getting sucked (who doesn’t) and I particularly like foreplay. So I made a point of asking her and made a point of making sure she understood what I wanted…

I asked her if she liked joop? Answer, “Yes” I told her I like Joop mak, “ Me too”

Will you smoke me? Answer, “Yes, I like” (wriggling her arse on my lap and biting my ear) I mean suck my dick? You understand? “ Yes, I cow jai, I like”

Foreplay? Answer, “Yes, make me more horny” (more biting and sucking my ear).

She asked me to buy her a drink, so I figured “why not?” She seemed to be into me big time and seemed to be really horny and I thought that I was in for a good session! I paid the 600 baht barfine, she downed the drink and said
she was off to change. I told her I’d wait outside as I wanted a ciggy, so I headed towards the front doors (or curtains). The girl I’d been with previously was sitting near the door. I hadn’t seen her, and as I walked past
she squeezed my hand and gave me another lovely, knowing smile. This made me think she was being truthful about the period.

I’m outside about 2 or 3 minutes and the girl I barfined appears and settles down beside me, cuddling me, hand on my crotch etc. She asks for another drink and I agree. I ask her about short time hotels and she says the Penny Black,
almost opposite Tilac, is ok, has nice rooms and is 350 baht. Turns out the room is crap, dirty, dingy and 450 baht, not 350 (maybe a quick price rise for khun farang?) and it’s directly above a disco so the room is literally buzzing from
the pounding speakers underneath!

So, off to the Penny Black, pay the 450 and up to the room. Usual shit, she showers, comes out with the towel tightly wrapped around her and jumps under the sheets. I shower and come out ready for a good couple of hours of debauchery. I lie
down beside her and try to kiss her, she pulls away and says “I don’t like.” <You should have walked at this point. No ifs, no buts, no payment. Walk! – Stick>


Ok, I pass it off as a misunderstanding and gently try to pull the towel off her…after pissing about for a couple of minutes or more she finally lets go of her tight grip of the towel and it slips slowly off. I catch a fleeting glimpse
of her breasts, but quick as a flash, her arm has come up and over to shield them and hide them…


Is this a prostitute I’m with or a fucking 14 year old virgin?

She then tells me to get condom out. Now, I’ve only been on the bed with her for a couple of minutes at this point and I’m not 100% ready to go. As I said earlier, I like some, well, a lot, of foreplay and I specifically made
sure that she understood the ground rules of me barfining her. She refused to blow me saying “I only smoke for boyfriend, I never smoke customer”. “You put condom now na?”

I reminded her of the ground rules we had agreed on and asked her why she let me barfine her? She said she didn’t understand.

Ok, I am seriously pissed off now but I try not to show it. All the feeling and energy has gone now. Mr floppy has given up, so I tell her to forget it and I go and get dressed. She asks me “Why you not want boom boom? I don’t

I just say “maipenrai” and give her the agreed short time fee of 1,200 baht (I thought about not giving her anything, but just couldn’t do with the hassle that would involve). A couple of minutes later I was
in a taxi on the way home.

This whole night cost me around 3000 baht and all I got out of it was a bad fucking mood! Scammed by one of the staff, constantly and persistently asked for drinks and then cheated and LIED into barfining a girl who didn’t come up
with the goods. I didn’t even have a wank when I got home as I was too tired… cheated twice! Haha!

Stick, you say this bar has farang owners? Are they aware of this sort of bullshit happening and if they are, what do they do about it? Surely this is not a one off? Should I make a complaint or just pass it off as a bastard of a night or
do I have any redress at all? I mean… 600 baht for a barfine, 2 lady drinks at 100 baht and 100 baht for an unwanted massage, 450 baht for a minging room and 1200 baht for nothing!

That’s 2,550 baht, not including my drinks. What a fucking waste of money! I am SERIOUSLY FUMING!

The bar itself is good, lots of hot babes and a few ugly ones too, but in my experience, too many pushy girls asking me for drinks and asking to be barfined. It takes the gloss off what should be an enjoyable and fun experience and I think
it would piss many people off.

I just want to warm everyone else about this. Please be aware of these types of girls, all that glitters is not gold etc. I felt so crap and angry that night and it’s not a good feeling… but then again…if you set the ground rules
and she then reneges on your deal when you get to do the business…what CAN you do?… chalk it up I guess?

The only good thing about the whole evening was the girl I originally intended to barfine, I intend to return soon and take her out. Shit can’t happen twice?

Can it???

Stickman's thoughts:

It's not easy to comment on this. The main massage woman and some of the wait staff in Tilac Bar who attempt to extort money are a pain and about that I have no argument. However, you were weak caving in to her demands because you make out you have been in Thailand for a while so you should know that in such an environment a woman performing a massage expects a "tip". Usually she massages for about 15 minutes and 100 baht is expected…

With the girl in the short time room, you really should have walked. Before you had laid a finger on her, you should have walked.

I will admit that Tilac is a bar in decline and is not what it used to be. Where a few months ago they would constantly remind staff before the shift began that they were not allowed to hassle customers for drinks, these days it almost seems that the complete opposite is true and that they encourage the girls to badger punters.

For what it's worth, in the last month I have received more complaints about Tilac than all other bars put together although that it probably because I played it up to be so good – and it was – and readers obviously don't agree.

I am also disappointed at the totally hands off management style of the farang owners.

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