Stickman Readers' Submissions September 5th, 2009

Morals and Curiosity

I always book a window seat when I fly. As the Boeing 747 descended through the thick grey storm clouds I slowly began to see the lush green landscape below me. The plane was on its final approach into Kuala Lumpur Airport. I had previously been to KLIA
but always in transit to Perth, Australia to visit my relatives. This year I planned a 1 night stopover in KL. I was looking forward to my first real experience of an Asian country.

Getting through the new modern airport was a breeze and I soon found myself sitting on the express rail link which took me from the airport straight to Sentral station right in the heart of KL. From Sentral station it was a quick taxi ride
to my hotel. A reservation had already been made for me at one of the nicer hotels in the centre of the KL shopping district. I booked into the hotel but it was still early, only about 7.00pm. Although I was tired from the 11 hour flight I knew
I couldn’t sleep due to the excitement of being in this new foreign land. Food and beer was the first thing on my mind and so I went out to get something to eat and have a couple of beers. Exploring the main streets near the hotel I found
a bar/restaurant with tables and chairs outside on the pavement. I chose an outside table with a good view of the street and ordered some food and a bottle of Tiger beer. Then I sat back and started to ‘people watch’.

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15 minutes passed with not much happening, people were going about their normal daily lives. Then a Malaysian man wearing a suit caught my eye. He was looking straight at me and walking towards me with a big smile on his face. ‘Oh
God’ I thought, not another conman/salesman. What will it be this time? Timeshare? A free ride to a jewellery shop? I was too wise for all those scams, or so I thought.

He walked straight up to my table and pulled up a chair and sat down beside me.

“Hi, My name is Robert” he said and held out his hand for a handshake.

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“That’s a very English name for a Malaysian man” I said shaking his hand as not to cause offence.

Robert laughed and started with the usual salesman chit chat. .. What’s your name? . . Where are you from? etc. After the initial formalities Robert asked me whether I would like some entertainment for the night. Being totally naïve
I wasn’t 100% sure exactly what he meant until he spelt it out to me. Robert was offering me a prostitute.

Up until then I had never paid for sex. As far as I was concerned only desperate, dirty old men went with prostitutes and I certainly was not one of them. I was a clean living, honest man and always prided myself for doing the right thing.
However, I was curious and started to ask Robert questions. How old are the girls? Are they pretty? What do they do? How much? Robert explained all to me. You can imagine his disappointment when I finally told him I wasn’t interested because
I’m not the sort of man who does that type of thing.

Robert persisted and said that if I were to see these girls I would not be disappointed. He described them as being in their early 20’s and pretty with nice bodies. I told Robert that I was quite happy sitting here having a few beers
and that I couldn’t be bothered to go with him to some seedy hotel. Robert then suggested that he would bring the girls for me to see and if I liked one, then I could take her back to my hotel. It was agreed that if I didn’t fancy
the girls then that would be the end of that and I would owe him nothing. I agreed to view the girls as a ploy to get rid of Robert. While he was away organising the girls I would make my escape. Robert finally left and I didn’t really
think he would be back. Anyway, I had almost finished my beer and would be heading back to the hotel very soon.

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A few minutes later I looked up to see Robert walking towards me with 2 girls by his side. The girls must have been waiting somewhere very nearby as he was only gone a short while. I was trapped and there was no way out. I thought I would
politely say that I wasn’t interested and get out of this stupid situation I found myself in. Hassle from a Malaysian pimp was that last thing I wanted. As Robert came nearer I could see the girls more clearly. ‘WOW.’ . they
were both nice but one was an absolute stunner. To my eyes she had the prefect slender body, long straight black hair and the prettiest smile. Surely she can’t be a prostitute I thought, she’s far too nice. Back then I assumed all
prostitutes to be big, fat and ugly and riddled with STDs.

Instead of dismissing Robert and the girls I found myself asking them to sit down and offered to buy them all a drink. Robert seemed to be in a hurry and politely declined the drinks and got straight down to business. I asked the pretty one
her name. She said her name was Nong and that she was from Thailand. She seemed very relaxed and moved in a very natural kind of way. I was smitten by Nong's lovely features but hesitant as to what to do next. Do I go against my morals and
go with this girl or do a politely decline? I gave Robert 280 ringgit to have Nong.

As Robert walked away with my cash I had a strong feeling I had been scammed. This can’t be true. Is this beautiful girl really going to sleep with me? I was half expecting Nong to run away leaving me looking like a complete idiot.
Robert disappeared out of sight and Nong was still sitting by my side. I offered to buy Nong a drink and she asked for a Coke. 5 minutes later Nong was still there by my side chatting with me in her limited English. We seemed to be getting on
well together.

I’d heard many bad stories about prostitutes drugging their ‘clients’ and stealing all their cash and even worse so I was very careful not to let Nong near my beer or my wallet. Soon we were walking back to my hotel.
As we walked she took my hand and snuggled up to me. This sign of affection took me by surprise, I had always imagined that paying for sex would be a cold and unaffectionate experience and would merely involve the sexual act and nothing more.
It was only later that I found out I was having a GFE (Girl friend experience).

We arrived at my hotel room and I was nervous and apprehensive. Although I was no virgin, I had never done anything like this before and my conscience was telling me to do the right thing, which would have been to send Nong back to where
she came from. . . but I didn’t . . Nong was so nice to me I wanted her to stay. I had no idea of the protocol with ‘ladies of the night’ so I told Nong that this was my first time. She smiled and told me not to worry and
to relax. She would take good care of me. We showered together and then Nong led me to the bed where she started to give me a long slow body massage. As she massaged my back I was impressed by how incredibly strong her hands were for such a petit
girl. A while later and the deed was done. Nong was the perfect girl in every way.

After a while Nong got out of bed, showered again and got dressed. I found this to be the most awkward moment of the evening. I didn’t know what to say to her. After getting dressed she sat down on the bed and gave me a kiss, smiled
and thanked me. I thanked her back and gave her a 30 Ringgit tip. As the hotel room door closed behind her I felt a wave of mixed emotions come over me. I had done something morally wrong but it had felt so good. To me it was a very powerful experience
and I was confused and disappointed with myself for not having the right moral fibre. Then other thoughts started to enter my mind. We had used a condom but what if I’d pick up an STD? These thoughts ran through my mind all night and the
following day. It was not until I was on the plane to Perth the following evening that I eventually began to stop having guilty thoughts about what I had done. Before boarding the plane at KL airport I saw an advert for Air Asia. It was advertising
return flights from KL to Bangkok for only 100 Ringgit (plus tax)

During my holiday in Perth I found myself thinking more and more about Nong and what had happened in KL. I eventually forgave myself for my wrong doings on the bases that I was a red blooded single man and I had not cheated on anyone. I reasoned
that Nong would have probably gone with another customer that night if she had not stayed with me, and so I hadn’t really been all that bad after all. My experience in KL and my curiosity led me to begin to take an interest in the ‘naughty
night life seen’ and I started to do some research on the internet. That’s when I came across the Stickman website (among others) which gave me an insight into a whole new different world. The world of the naughty night life was
beckoning me and I found it hard to resist. I decided to see it for myself and arranged another stopover on my return trip to the UK.

As I said before, I always book a window seat when I fly. As the Air Asia flight descended through the wispy white clouds I could slowly begin to see the sprawling city and glistening waterways below. The plane was on its final approach to
Don Meuang Airport, Bangkok. . . .That was 7 years ago and this is where my story begins . . .

Stickman's thoughts:

Ah, the conscience of that first time!

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