Stickman Readers' Submissions September 25th, 2009

Money Can’t Buy You Love…but You can RENT it for a While!

Sure, we've all heard the old saying, "money can't buy you love". Since I've been going to Thailand, I've come to realize well, no, but you can rent it for a while! Then, there's the one old saying "Money can't
buy you happiness". Oh yeah? I was in Thailand for 20 days last time, and let me tell you that money CAN buy you happiness, and a hell of a lot of it! I haven't had that much fun in my entire life. There I was in beautiful Bangkok where
cash is king. I had plenty of cash, and believe me. I felt like I was the man! I was on top of the world. I remember saying to myself, God, just kill me now, cause it just can't get better than this! I was with two girls at once on three
different nights. Wow. Tell me. Where's the downside to that? I don't know if I believe in Heaven, but I was somewhere near there. I know the girls were all angels! Guess I was the little devil? Ha!

Guess I'm an addicted sex tourist, and to be arriving in Bangkok with a load of cash and 20 days to burn through it is a rush in its self. No cell phones. No emails back home. No ties with the "real world". All ties cut. I'm
in fantasy land now! Friends and family back home? Heck. No one even knows where I'm at. I flew here alone. I'm free from all responsibilities. I do have a mission statement though. "Have fun. Enjoy Life." We're all going
to get old and die. It's like the Bon Jovi song: It's my life, it's now or never, well, I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive, IT'S MY LIFE! That pretty much sums it up. We're all living
some sort of fantasy in our minds. In Bangkok, you can actually live it out. My fantasy involves being around a bunch of sweet women and getting treated like royalty. Of course, I'm paying for the privilege.

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We pay for all sorts of escapes from reality like sporting events, concerts, movies. They all take us away from our present reality. Even though we know, when we're watching a movie, we're not really in the movie. For an hour in
a half, our mind makes us feel as though we're a part of the movie. We're mentally in another time or place, even though we 're sitting in a big room with a bunch of strangers. Bangkok is an escape like that for me.

When I first saw the Beatles on TV with women screaming at them, I thought, "Wow, I want to do that!" Not that I wanted to play and write music. It was for all about the chicks in the audience. That's exactly what I was thinking
when I picked out my first guitar in eighth grade. This is a step towards lots of pussy! And it was so true. Girls back then were all over you if you were in a band. Even guys that have become famous will admit, it was always all about the babes.
Now, here I am. In my fiftys and I can still live out that same fantasy. Maybe it's even better! In the band, we had to be on the road, haul heavy equipment, play in smoke filled bars. Sure we would get some occasional groupies but they were
with any musician that came through town. Being a sex tourist in Thailand is way better! Tons of women, and I do mean tons! Great food. Nice climate. Did I mention tons of women? Ha! As long as you use protection and treat the women nice, you
get treated nice in return. That's a win-win in my book. Is it really love? Nope. I don't what you'd call it. How about "Having a hell of a good time!" Will this rush of being with all these babes last? No. Nothing lasts
forever. Maybe till the next trip back with another pile of money.

I had a girl the other day say she'd read a book about how to treat your husband by Dr. Laura. She said, "Wow, that book made me realize… that just by being a women, we have all the power! I really don't want to admit it,
but she was right. Then, I asked a girl I know. Since men have such great sexual orgasms every time, wouldn't you want to be a guy? She said absolutely not. Men's lives suck. They're always in pursuit of the woman to fulfill their
needs. Once again, she was right on with the comment, even though I'd rather not admit it. As long as they have what we need, we'll always somehow be a slave to women. In Thailand, that reality is put on the back burner for a few weeks.
Sure, we will always need women, but in Thailand we are in charge of the when, where and how! We suddenly are the ones in charge. It's all about power and control. Even if it costs money to have this power and control for a few weeks a year,
I will gladly pay it! We're paying for it either way, even back home. Those guys that say they've never paid for sex. Get real! There is always a price to be paid. I heard a comedian say that guys only get married so they can get sex
at a "Bulk Rate"! Ha! Oh so true I'm afraid.

CBD bangkok

I have to make a comment here about the guy that writes on this site named Dana. He's a gifted writer with a hell of a sense of humor. When I read his stuff, I think it's written by a guy about 28 years old. I was so surprised to
read that he's in his late 50s. Guess that just goes to show you, you can grow old in years, but still stay very young at heart, Speaking of hearts. Dana's heart must be in excellent shape judging by all the sex action he's getting
with all the Thai ladies! That will certainly keep anyone young at heart! I've never met him, but it sounds like he's a fun guy who is enjoying life, and that, to me is what it's all about. It's called "living". Some
people are alive but not really living. What a shame.

Thailand for me, is about about feeling young. It's like being 20 years old again, even though I'm 56. Like I said it's all a fantasy. I know it's not real. It's the guys who think the pay for sex thing is about love
that get into trouble. It's like renting a car. Rent the low mileage vehicle. Take it for a spin or two and return it without dinging it up for the next renter to drive. (Some guys try to lease. Ha!) I'll stick to renting. Some guys
like driving a cute little tight riding sporty model car. They are fun to drive! It's so much unlike the old bulky sedan they've got parked in the garage at home! Ha!

A person just has to be aware of his surroundings in Thailand. Sure there are people out to take advantage of you and your tourist dollars. Just use your head. Don't act like a jerk. You can have a lot of freedom to do what you want
in Thailand, just don't get over confident. You're a guest in their country. You must play by their rules. Treat people with respect. Especially the women. People that get drunk and stupid (maybe they're already stupid) can really
run into problems. If accosted by the police for even the slightest problem, keep your cool. Don't raise your voice. You'll only make matters worse for yourself. Avoid any confrontations in Thailand. Even if you're in the right,
it is not worth making a scene and perhaps escalating things. Thailand is not perfect. Just enjoy the great things it has to offer.

I think someone should have an interactive Bangkok website that you could just scroll over the bar areas on a Bangkok Map, and take a virtual tour of each bar and look at the girls. Kind of like You can click on a hotel and take
a virtual tour of the grounds. I think if a guy set something like that up, he'd be one rich guy. Can you imagine walking down Walking street in Pattaya and walking (virtually) into any bar with just a click of the mouse? Stick, perhaps you
should work on that? Ha!

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113 days till my feet touch the ground in Thailand! Like I said, I'm an addicted sex tourist. Even a twelve step program couldn't help me. Perhaps doing 12 bargirls in my room? Now that might help. ha! Like the saying goes… All
good things in Moderation!

Stickman's thoughts:

Some good advice in that third to last paragraph. And I like your philosophy of treating the girls nicely.

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