Stickman Readers' Submissions September 17th, 2009

Letter from KL

What is Kuala Lumpur, or KL as most everyone in SEA calls it, really like? I had read so many conflicting stories about the country that I really didn’t know what to expect. Yes, there was the fact that it was mostly a Muslim country which gave
me a little worry. Sorry, I don’t mean to pre-judge, but the citizens of Muslim countries can act bit crazy, almost as much as Christian countries. <I would suggest, based on what I have seen in all my time in Thailand, that on a daily basis, Buddhists are much crazier than Muslims or ChristiansStick> It was only going to be a two day marketing event; presentations and lunch meet-and-greets, but I still had some misgivings. They disappeared when I found out my friend Tony was going to be there. Tony, short for
Anthony of course, grew up in Naples, Italy when at the age of 14, his parents sent him to live with his aunt and uncle in northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. They wanted him to go to school in America and get a much better
education than he could possibly have got in Naples. After a couple of hard years, he began to fit in and started to thrive. Hard working and naturally street smart, he also possessed an ironic sense of humor that gained him many friends.
He went to school at Penn State for computer science, where he graduated with decent grades and established a legend for partying that exists to this day. His first jobs were with small technical firms where he learned the basics. After five
years of this, he was hired by my global computer company where his friendly personality and technical knowledge made him a sought-after resource for service engagements at customer sites. One day, he was sent on an 8 week engagement to Singapore
and never returned to America. He had been hired as a local employee by our company where he spent his days engaged with customers and his nights chasing the pretty Chinese girls of Singapore who loved his friendly smile and his easy-going
ways. In many ways, customers and girls were both the same to Tony. We had met at a customer conference there and we instantly hit it off. Now we would be working together for the first time. I knew we would have some memorable adventures.

As is my custom for Asian business trips, I got to my host city Saturday night so I could spend Sunday getting used to the time zone change for a Monday start of business. We would be staying at the Hilton, a wonderful place with good
service and immaculate rooms, and close to a most vibrant part of the city. I went for a walk on Sunday and encountered a lot of upscale shops and eateries. I knew Tony would be coming in late so we arranged to meet the next morning for breakfast.
As usual, Tony arrived looking like he had crawled out of bed after a few hours sleep. After some coffee, be started to revert to his good natured self as we exchanged personal news. This two-day marketing event would be from 10 AM to 5 PM
so we would have plenty of time to play. Tony said we would be going to Chinatown that evening as a friend had told him of a new “place”. I readily agreed and we decided to meet in the hotel lobby at 6 PM.

He Clinic Bangkok

At the event, I gave several speeches and met many of our largest customers. Tony had a similar schedule but I managed to make it back to the hotel by 4 PM for a quick nap and shower. At 6 PM, Tony was eagerly waiting for me in the lobby
and soon we were in a taxi headed for Chinatown. It looked like all other Chinatowns in Asia; many small shops with many people walking the streets, when it occurred to me how absurd it was to have a Chinatown district in a country that was
30% Chinese. Anyway, Tony found us an outdoor restaurant where we ordered prawns and noodles and lots of Tiger beer. After we finished, Tony said it was time to go. We got into a taxi and Tony told the driver to go to some name. The driver
looked puzzled and Tony said the name more slowly. Soon we were in front a small shop in a seedier part of the city. We walked into a small room where there was a couch and desk. Tony was talking Singlish to the man behind the desk and after
a minute the man left for the back room. A young woman appeared and beckoned us to sit on the couch. She looked Malaysian but maybe with some Chinese or something else. She asked if we wanted something to drink. Tony ordered more Tiger beer
and smoothly put his arm around her when he did so. She responded with a big smile and then left to get our beer. Fifteen minutes later, we were on our second beer and Tony was on his third story about his exploits in Singapore. This story
was about a Singapore Airlines flight attendant and Tony was just about to finish when the curtains from the back room opened. The man from the desk walked out along with four girls in tow. He lined them up in front of us and they all gave
us their best fake smile. Tony immediately pointed to the one with the largest breasts; a Malay girl who looked indifferent at her chance to be with the famous Tony. I chose the one with the least fake smile and she clapped her hands together
when I did. I guess she really needed the money.

Tony said we only had an hour with them so don’t waste any time. We were led to the back of the house where the desk man opened one door for Tony and one for me. My girl immediately took her clothes off and jumped into the shower
and invited me in. She was younger than I thought with small but firm breasts. She looked Malay, but like so many other people I had seen in Chinatown, she could have been Chinese as well. In either case, she spoke little English and had to
gesture for everything she wanted me to do. I joined her in the shower and afterwards, we jumped on the bed. She was a playful lover, smiling, laughing, tickling, and at one point almost singing. It was like having sex with a pixie. We finished
five minutes before the hour was up so we started to put our clothes on. As we did, I heard Tony’s loud voice close by. It sounded like he was yelling and when I opened my door and looked down the hall, I could see Tony nose-to-nose
with the desk manager. They were both speaking in loud Singlish that I couldn’t understand. Tony was trying to use his considerable size along with his booming voice to make his point but the Chinese desk man wasn’t giving him
an inch. I watched this grudge match while I had my arm around my now silent pixie, when suddenly Tony threw his arms in the air and screamed “I am never coming back to this rip-off joint.”

With that he started walking quickly for the door. I kissed my pixie good-bye and tried to catch up. The desk man followed behind me screaming something. Tony started to run and I did too until we reached a taxi waiting about a block
away. We jumped in and as the taxi sped off, I could see the desk man waving his arms and screaming something other than “have a nice day”. I asked Tony what happened and he continued his rant about being ripped off. He said
his girl had been unresponsive and just laid there while he tried to reach his apex of pleasure. He “came” close, he said, but couldn’t finish as his girl was like a blow-up doll. He was adamant that he wanted his money
back. I suggested he let this go as a lesson in being seduced by big boobs but he was inconsolable. Tony folded his arms and brooded all the way back to hotel. In the bar, there were no opportunities for him to continue his exploits so he
drank a few more drinks and stormed up to his room. I followed him up to my room but silently said a prayer that I was lucky to prefer sweet smiles and nice asses instead of the more obvious and milk-producing glands on the chest of a woman.
I slept soundly that night.

CBD bangkok

The next day was more of the same at the event and I did not see Tony until late in the afternoon. One look at him and I could tell he was still brooding. I tried to be pleasant and asked where we were going that night. “No worries”
he grunted, “I know a place that will be so much better than last night”.

I said “OK, what time should we meet?”

He said 7 PM in the hotel bar and turned his back to resume his meetings. I did the same but I was a little worried that if last night was the first choice, what would tonight bring? Oh well, I thought, one must adapt to local conditions
and in Tony’s case, local prejudices.

We finished our work early but I still had just enough time to get back to the hotel, change into something more casual, and make to the bar 5 minutes before 7 PM. As I sat sipping my Tiger beer, I remembered that Tony had a late night
flight back to Singapore; what did he have planned? At 7:30 PM, I was worried that Tony had forgotten about our night out when suddenly he appeared; breathless and obviously a few drinks in front of me. He said his last customer had insisted
he accompany him to a “special” bar where there were some “great” women. I could only imagine what this meant but he assured me we were still going to this better place. I asked him what time his flight was and
he said 11 PM. That would give him about 2 hours in the bar I told Tony. “No worries”, he said, “We’ll have plenty of time, but let’s get going now.” I was a little dubious as it was starting to feel
like the previous night, but as I would later find out, I should have trusted Tony’s instincts.

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We jumped in a taxi along with Tony’s small overnight bag and laptop case, and after five minutes we stopped in front of what looked like an over-sized shack one would find in some older beach resorts. In fact, we were about to
enter the now infamous Beach Club. It was bustling with people in the outdoor restaurant and inside there more tables and chairs with a large bar at the far end of a large room. Tony handed his bags to hostess who stored them away as we walked
into the outdoor area. We found an empty table and ordered some beer. It was still hot and humid outside but the cold beer made it more tolerable. Although this looked like a good place for a beer after work, I told Tony that I didn’t
see what made it so special that we had to come here on my last night in KL. Tony gave me that wicked smile of his and said that around 9 PM, they would push the tables to the side of the room, turn down the lights, and start playing loud
disco music. Then it would fill up with people and this quiet restaurant would become KL’s best night club. I did the math again and pointed out that gave Tony 30 minutes until he absolutely had to go to the airport, but he just smiled
and said “no worries” again.

True to his word, at 9 PM and after 3 beers, the whole atmosphere of the club changed. People started to stream in through the front door, mostly young girls, and soon the large bar was 2-deep in patrons. Tony and I found a small opening
there and ordered more beer. I looked around the room and noticed the many nice looking girls, some of whom returned my glances with smiles. “What is this place?” I asked Tony.

Seeing the smile on my face, Tony smartly said he knew I would like this place. He explained that much like Orchard Tower in Singapore was a respectable shopping mall by day and a giant whore house by night, so was the Beach Club in KL.
But being in a Muslim country, the naughty side of the club had to be more subtle and disguised than Orchard Tower. So, are most of these women are working girls I asked? Yes, Tony assured me. I looked around the room again and noticed most
of the feminine faces were Filipina, Malay, some Chinese and Thai, and others I couldn’t quite make out. I asked Tony if the same rules of OT applied here: ask a price and take them to your room? “Yes”, Tony said, “but
you need to be more discreet, buy them a drink, dance a little bit, and make conversation before you pop the question.”

With that, Tony said he had to leave for the airport and shook my hand and then gave me a big bear hug. “Have fun” he yelled as he worked his way through the crowd.

As I watched Tony walk away, I noticed he stopped to talk to several girls on his way towards the door. Each time, he would chat for a few seconds and pull his hand phone out and punch in a few numbers. When he was out of sight, I pondered
on this curious action when I remembered that Tony told me he was coming back to KL in a couple of weeks. The ever efficient Tony, I realized, was filling his phone with numbers he could call without the hassle of being discreet in public.
My friend Tony; always a step ahead in all business situations.

Now that Tony was gone, I concentrated on my own situation. I ordered a refill of my beer and scanned the bar area for interesting faces. Not seeing any, I started to walk around the bar through the layer of people just outside the light
of the bar. Near the edge of the dance floor I caught a glimpse of a very pretty Asian face who returned my stare without a smile, but with a look of mild interest. I walked towards her, put my beer on the table beside her and asked her to
dance. She agreed and for the next 20 minutes we danced to various rock hits of the 80’s, mostly British bands. Afterwards we returned to the small table where I ordered another beer for me and vodka tonic and lime for her. We stood
in loud music for a while, not speaking but smiling at each other, when I asked her if she would like to leave. She asked where to and I replied that my hotel was close by. She said some number in Ringgit and I quickly calculated as $100 US.
I asked if that was all night and she said yes. We were standing a couple of inches apart and at that moment she moved a little closer so that my right leg was now touching her pussy. Almost without notice, she moved slightly up and down while
looking away from me onto the dance floor. I said “OK”, grabbed her hand and we both headed for the door. A few minutes later we were in my hotel room and in the clear light, I noticed something I had not seen in club.

As she took her sweater off, I saw that she was absolutely beautiful; about 5 foot two and 100 lbs, she had medium dark hard and bright dark eyes, but her face made me speechless. She had high cheekbones such that she could have modeled
for any Buddha statue in Asia. She smiled brightly and hugged me around the waist. Things were moving fast now and soon we were unclothed in the bed. Afterwards, I looked into that beautiful face asked her name and where she was from. She
said her name was Mia and looking uncomfortable, answered that her father was a Malay businessman who married a Chinese woman in Penang. They had three children and life was good for a while until her father died of a heart attack at 39. As
both sides of the family had not approved of the marriage (it was OK for a Chinese man to marry a Malay woman, not the other way around) her mother was now on her own trying to raise 3 children. When Mia was 16, her mom decided life was too
much and killed herself by slitting her wrists. Now Mia was the head of the family and after trying to find work in KL as seamstress, a friend turned her on to the action at the Beach Club. Now 18, she took her money back to her siblings every
few months where she made sure they were still in school and going to temple. A Chinese auntie, whom Mia paid as well, looked after the day-to-day responsibilities.

Later that night, we made love again only this time she was the leader. After we showered and dressed in the morning, I gave her $200 in American dollars which she immediately tried to give back. I insisted she keep it, after which she
gave me a deep bow. We walked out of the hotel as proud as any married couple and got into a taxi. We went to her small flat on the outskirts of the city, where she gave me another bow and a sweet peck on the cheek. I instructed the driver
to go to the airport where I waited in the business lounge a few hours before my flight home. Again, I wondered as I always do when I am with some working girl who seems to be of nobler purpose than myself, what it would be like just to stay
here; be together with this beautiful creature, adopt her family, find a local job, etc.? Would we be happy? Would I be happier settled with one woman and a new family? How long would it last? By the time I tried to honestly answer these questions;
I was halfway across the Pacific and already pondering my next overseas journey. Perhaps, that is the way it should be.

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