Stickman Readers' Submissions September 4th, 2009

GFE Bullshit And Other Related Stuff

A long time ago I wrote like a one off piece for Stickman and I never thought I’d write another. But over time I’ve visited Thailand a few more times, always as a side trip on my way to Malaysia, and I kinda thought it was time I contributed again.

I’ve read a lot of stuff on here from the monger community, the high rollers, the young guys, the old guys, and anyone else you care to mention. I’ve been down to Pattaya a couple of times, done the train thing up to Chiang Mai and down to Butterworth. Stayed at the old Nana Plaza in Bangkok thrice times, and what an entertaining establishment that is! All this stuff is maybe material for another piece. But what really bugs me now is bargirls and how western guys relate to them.

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A little about me. I grew up in the east end of London and from the earliest age life was rough. I was surrounded by villains and thieves. I was bright, passed what was then called the eleven plus , went to grammar school and thence to university, which I screwed up and got chucked out of. Fine so far. However, from my intermingling with Thai bargirls I find my background has been ideal preparation. What concerns me is all the middle class guys who seem to write in to your website who do not have my background. How the hell can they know what’s going on? <What an *incredibly* ignorant, arrogant and truly narrow-minded thing to sayStick> As soon as I slip into the scene I feel at home. It’s like my childhood, a land filled with sharks, villains and rip off artists. Girls nice to yer face to take money behind yer back. Nothing wrong with that.

But I find it hard to relate to the guys who come on your site who profess to be high fliers in life. What the hell are they doing hanging around with a bunch of not so attractive low-lifes? I mean, if you are a guy with serious wad you can find far more attractive women in this world, particularly in eastern Europe. I just don’t get these guys who turn up in Thailand who are from middle class professional backgrounds who hit on a bunch of essentially rice farm whores. In my experience these girls are very similar to what you meet on the social housing projects in England. Nothing wrong with that, but how do the so-called intellectuals relate to them? For me it’s fine. I know they are rough tarts who will enjoy a good laugh and a good time with a guy who is nice to them but don’t take no bullshit. Which brings me to the GFE.

What the feck is the GFE? Either you have a girlfriend who likes you or you don’t. You can’t buy the experience. You know she is faking it. You know that in your own country she wouldn’t give you a second look, or maybe she would if you could pay her enough. Get real. I met a massage girl down in Pattaya once. We knocked around for a few days and had some fun. She still did her job, I trawled round the bars drinking and having a laugh. When she knocked off at about 9.30 we got together for a bit of partying and other stuff. Man, she was cheeky and used to give a good whack on occasion. Hey, I used to say to her, how come you don’t treat me like these girls treat these guys, fawning on them and attending to their every need? Oh, she said, those girls don’t really like the guy, they are just doing it to get money out of them. You see, Thai girls are like girls all over. They don’t want to serve you, they don’t want to be subservient. If they want a real relationship then they treat you like they would treat a Thai guy. Ah, you say, how do you know my son that she wanted a real relationship with you. Simple answer, my boys, I don’t know that. And it don’t matter, because I was off to Malaysia never to see her again. She wanted me to stay, settle down in Thailand etc., but really, I ask you. Oh yeah, we exchanged mobile numbers but nothing ever came of that, no call either way. Great girl, and I shall never forget her suggesting I get a motorbike taxi back to Pattaya bus station complete with my case, just to save a few baht. I mean, you pay a few bob for a nice meal in a restaurant but on something like that they want to shave a few baht. Oh, did I give her some dosh (money)? Of course I did, it’s only polite and I’m a gentleman. Poor girl got to live and pay the rent and lord knows what else.

Speaking of rent, went back to her place. It was a one roomed apartment she shared with her mate who worked in a beer bar. It was on Soi 7 off Central Pattaya Road. They paid 2400 baht a month rent. Looked not bad to me, would have suited myself with an air-con unit smacked in. Just goes to show how cheap you can rent down there.

Don’t know if I got my point across but heck I don’t care now. I might have digressed and rambled on a bit because Stickman did write back to me, pointing out I was under the 800 word minute. Oh yeah, one last point to that Mark Holt. I seem to remember he wrote the girls in Thai bars enjoy their job. Bullshit, I never met a whore yet who enjoyed it. It’s a nasty dirty dangerous job where you meet a lot of less than pleasant guys. Wherever there is a P4P scene in world the villains, the scammers and the con artists are never far behind. Or worse Next time I’ll write about something much nicer.

Stickman's thoughts:

Eastern Europe? Why would an Australian or New Zealander want to spend 24 hours on a plane to go all that way!?

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Yes, the GFE IS an illusion but it makes many guys happy. Whether they are foolish or not is up for debate BUT the important thing is that they are happy. What makes you happy might not be what makes someone else happy. Each to their own, right?

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