Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2009

Short Walk

I more or less have to agree with Chiang Mai Kelly. About 30 years ago I thought that it was possible to buy just about 98 – 99% of all Thai women. I am not talking about bar girls but about the so called good ladies. I was of course younger
then and experimented a lot.

Well I have to say that I found what I thought was quite correct. From 1000 or thereabout ladies I got maybe 10 to 15 rejection slips. Ha Ha Ha, OK I was younger then flying planes and very well dressed etc.

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In 1975 I had to leave Thailand due to the political situation and spend a long time in South America. Well in Argentina and Brazil the situation was quite different, maybe only 20 -25% of the normal ladies could be directly bought. That
does not mean that you could not get them, but it took a lot of time, dinner invitations and spending a fortune on flowers before you could get to first base. But just the same, in at least 25% of the ladies approached you could get what you wanted.
Actually I do believe that the direct “purchase” like in LOS is actually much cheaper and more efficient, certainly much faster. Remember I am talking about so called good girls.

I can not talk about woman in the US, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. I never did feel the need to bed baby elephants or buffaloes. So the situation might be quite different in the so called western countries. I simply do not know.

I came back to Thailand in the early 1980s. By then the situation had changed a bit, girls which could not be approached in the 70s could now be had quite effortlessly. I am talking about cashiers at a bank, receptionists at a hotel etc.
Well this is progress I suppose, however the new generation tried to hide their actions more and maintained to outsiders the innocent baby girl mask. This of course was dropped once inside the room and I found that the girls appeared to be much
more experienced as before.

In the late 80s I had to go at least once a month to Bangkok, again the hunting was much easier as ever before. But again you had to watch for the right moment to make the approach. The girls did not want to loose face and show other Thais
how easy they are to be laid. One thing I noticed during the late 80s and early 90s that the age of the available ladies was going down at an alarming rate and you had to be very careful indeed not to be trapped with an underage girl. This is
not as easy as most experienced Thai travelers know. A girl can look from the outside like an 18 year old, once the drawers are off you can see it of course but then it might be too late, and the door knock from the men in brown might have already
come. Also an 18 or 20 year old girl can look like 12 or 13. So the traveler really had to be very careful and make sure that the selection was on the older side.

One funny thing I noticed was that those Thai women really well off and have plenty of the folding stuff do not seem to mind making a bit of extra money on the side. I wonder if this could be caused by their genetic code, otherwise it seems
to be unbelievable. Another explanation of course could be “what my friends and family does not know doesn’t bother me” so let’s enjoy ourselves and do what we would not do with our husbands.

We were running a dormitory and English school in the general North / Northeastern area of Thailand from 1996 until 2005; this was only for high school girls. Our student and dormitory girls trusted me completely and told me almost all of
their small or larger secrets and sometimes asked me for help. Let us put it this way, as far as I know there were maybe four or five virgins in the about 180 students we had in classes. Now I am talking about 14 to 18 year old girls. From what
they said they tried it out for the first time between 12 and 14, they also said that they liked it and would not be without sex. The only untouched girls usually were so fat or ugly that no Thai boys would touch them. That actually shows one
of two things. Firstly that the general morality in Thailand has changed drastically or secondly that it always was like this but completely covered up by the face saving system as practiced throughout the Kingdom. Their parents of course did
not know anything about this and probably would have killed the girls if they ever found out. The parents probably did not remember the time when they were teens themselves.

Funnily enough I still get e-mail messages from a lot of our girls. Most of them now study at university in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. I did a recent blitz trip from Perth to our place in the North / Northeast, I mentioned to a few of my former
students that I would have to stay overnight in BKK on the up and on the down trip, I got invitations from two of the young ladies to stay with them overnight, both had only one room and we would have to sleep together. One was only 15 minutes
from the new airport. Well I did tell them that I had other arrangements already made. It simply would not do. I still considered them my students and would or could not touch them. In many ways I am very old fashioned.

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Ok enough of my ravings.

Stickman's thoughts:

You should be a fiction writer. You clearly have the imagination for it.

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