Stickman Readers' Submissions August 6th, 2009

Nice Thai Girls

Having read many submissions on Stickman’s site over the last 7 years, it appears that a lot of guys believe most Thai girls are ruthless money grabbing wenches with limited education incapable of supporting themselves other than working in a bar.

I agree that in many cases this is true but I have met a few Thai girls who are quite clever and make enough money to have a good standard of living outside the bar industry. Names have been changed to protect individuals’ identities.

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I met her about 7 years ago on the Internet while I was working in Malaysia. We got chatting and eventually I took off up to Hua Hin on my motorbike to meet up. We got on well and we were a couple for about 6 months…this is how she made a living: –

When she was about 22 years old she inherited some money from a relative. Instead of blowing it she bought a field, cleared it and planted coconut trees. Over the years she bought up adjacent land and now has a thriving coconut farm; not big money but a steady income.

She speaks good English and passable German which created an opportunity for her second job; providing a simple internet translation service for bargirls or any other girl that wanted to write to Farangs overseas. She charged 200 baht per letter and reckons she could translate 3 or 4 letters per hour and with internet shops all over the place she could work anywhere in Thailand. A spin off was when Khun Farang came over to meet his girl, Nok would often be asked to tag along as a translator charging 500 baht and getting a free meal at a plush restaurant thrown in. She really did make a success of this and made a lot of money.

As a sideline she also took girls' details, and entered them on various dating websites targeting foreigners… for a small fee. I last spoke to her about 18 months ago; she was still in Hua Hin, running a crèche for expat kids, which I imagine, would be a nice little earner.


The wife and I live in Chiang Mai, and my Mrs wanted to learn to swim, so off she went to the local municipal swimming baths and signed up for lessons. She got on well with her swimming instructor, Noi, and they became good friends. We were new to Chiang
Mai and Noi helped us find our feet, showed us where to buy furniture and where the best shops and restaurants were.

Noi had a few irons in the fire: –

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Her main business was designing neon signs for local businesses. Not sure how it worked but she did produce some stunning drawings and was never short of customers. Her other business was running Thai cooking courses for tourists. She advertised at local guesthouses and hotel information boards and used her own kitchen and garden as premises. She still teaches swimming even though the pay is small, but she does it because she enjoys it.

Noi is the most financially successful girl I know in Thailand. She owns two houses worth around 3 million baht in total (renting one of them to a foreigner) and drives a new Honda Civic. She is 33 years old, very pretty, speaks English and has no problems attracting Farang guys, but doesn’t seem too keen on settling down yet. Last time I saw her she was with a Korean guy about 50 years old, who, I was told, owns a kitchen manufacturing company in Korea.

My Mrs

Not going to say much about my Mrs. except that she is from Isaan and we met in Hong Kong. We have spent the last 5 years together, have a 19-month-old daughter and life just couldn’t get any better.

We live in a small village about 6km from the centre of Chiang Mai and living there has been a real eye opener. The people are friendly and we often get invited to BBQs, weddings and other functions. I bought a Honda 250 off road bike and at weekends, I charge off into the hills with a group of local Thai guys. Through the people living in our village and the off road guys, I have met a lot of ordinary Thai folk including young, pretty single females, some with university degrees, nurses, accountants and bank employees. A few are career women but many appear to be on the look out for a guy who will make a suitable husband, and although I can never be 100% sure, I doubt if any have seen the inside of a gogo bar or massage parlour.

We have quite a bit of time on our hands and me and the Mrs. often go horse riding. Now, if I were single looking for a long term Thai girl, this is one hobby I would definitely take up. There are very few Thai blokes, but a lot of Thai girls into horse riding; ok some of them tend to be up market hi-so types but there are some absolute stunners, very polite and easy to talk to. With a bit of effort, a single western guy, interested in horses and wanting to meet a nice (well off) Thai girl couldn’t go far wrong at the stables.

Before I met my missus, I spent about 4 years trawling the bars of Thailand and had a couple of live in bar girls. However, I have learnt over the last 4 years there are genuine, honest Thai girls that have no interest in shuffling around a chrome pole or sitting on a bar stool for a living. The off road guys in Chiang Mai are not rich by western standards but neither are their families poor and their sisters, sisters friends, cousins etc. are a world away from the girls found in Nana and Soi Cowboy.

Even bar girls can react favourably if something unexpected is offered. I discovered this by accident a few years ago when I barfined a couple of Chiang Mai girls in the afternoon and took them ten pin bowling. We had a great time, had dinner and said goodbye. No tip was asked for or offered and a couple of weeks later one of the girls rang up and asked if I could take them bowling again, only this time there was no barfine as it was their day off, which I thought was nice.

In my opinion to meet a nice girl in Thailand, it is simply a matter of looking in the right place, learn to speak a little Thai, understand a bit of how Thais interact with each other and most important, take time to join in things that other Thais do.

…and…if you want a posh girl, learn to ride a horse.

Stickman's thoughts:

There are a lot of very lovely Thai women out there. The worst Thai women to forge a relationship with seem to be those who are found in places where farangs are commonly known to be found – and not necessarily in bars only.

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