Stickman Readers' Submissions August 31st, 2009

My Thoughts About Bargirls

"I learned a lot here, and everything I'm going to pass on is pretty much common sense and has been said before. But I also had an experience before. I'm just helping to be that reminder. But I wouldn't say all bar girls are the same. Yeah I know that half, if not the majority of the girls are mind screwed besides something else, and having the cultural differences and etc. I wouldn't even say I have been with all the girls out there, but to even bang 200 ladies out of Pattaya or Bangkok still wouldn't be enough for a thorough conclusion.

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I still believe even though they might be corrupted in the head which makes them look/act the same, they do not necessarily have those same traits when they walk to the whore houses or put on the g-string bikinis, and dancing the chrome poles. I believe only one thing remains common in their thinking. Money. I do believe that is where the "mai pen rai" deal comes in that they all "share", I do agree. They gotta do what they gotta do, and if that is what their mind is set on money wise, then they're gonna have to like whoring and deal with it however they got to whoring in the first place (which I know some are independent). And the lying and deceiving and whatever else, or now becomes a part of it. You never know how much weight is buried inside them for however long it takes. You don't know their mood when they try to sleep every night.

If you pick the right ones, and don't deal with all the other bullshit, you know that there will be guaranteed sex. So all I'm saying is stay cool, they give you the girlfriend experience. Have a good time. Give her that boyfriend experience back. Treat her good if she treats you good. Then give her money and let her be on her way, but to see her again you would have to understand there’s a possibility of attachment between you and her. I'm really sure you would know whether or not she’s that type or not. All I'm saying is, that it is what it is. The job title says it enough.

Bar girls are bar girls. Whoever they are, and what they were will not be revealed the time spent with you. Honesty is a plus but it is a bar girl. A sophenee. Ga-ree. Prostitute. Whatever she may say about herself, well that’s up to you to decide. But this isn't about pity. She came here for money. There’s that big chance she is forcing herself to boom boom you, or she became so use to it, that she mai pen rai 's the whole situation. Also I notice a lot of women choose their type of farang men, by age, looks and whatever. But when money's tight, well, mai pen rai. These are just generalizations, assumptions. But it has been said before, and seen.

You know that she has got friends in the bar as well. Mama-san and her friends show her the "secret" game but which is quite obvious that it would exist in prostitution, especially in a capitol of prostitution. There isn't no game, only for drunk farangs who forget. I also still believe what everyone else believes, there could still be some good girls in there. But for how long, or how many…

To be so judgmental over somewhere, where you do not exist to their own eyes from what I hear. They look at you, "Oh! Farang! (Money)". Then when it’s all said and done, they probably don't give a rat’s ass no more. I am being judgmental. But if that’s the case apparently from all the writers here. Well, get on top of their game. I know I ain't gonna look for love there, and on top of that, I'll be using my peripheral vision to my fullest, and checking my pockets every minute. I'll be studying the way the girls come to me, their actions, and their looks. I am a picky guy. It’s not that hard to tell a girl once you have been screwed over anyhow. You generally become more cautious. Beauty is beauty, but don't let that block everything out from seeing through this prostitute. You can analyze this lady the same as an old granny.

To share my stupidity with you guys. Changing the subject.

I had a cool time my first time I went to Thailand. But as a first timer I screwed up and stayed with one chick. Stayed with her 4 days, paid her good. Talked to her for 5-6 months on the phone. Even if she did love me I know she was screwing guys to her liking left and right. But my other "head" was thinking for me due to the sex. I am not that type of person that can deal with dating a bar girl that is supposedly good and her only income is banging up guys besides getting paid monthly by the mama-san for showing up. She wants to lie she doesn't boom boom other man then so be it. But I played her game long enough to make her reveal she boom boomed a guy before I even got serious with her completely.

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I was serious enough to want to know her and on top of that, to see if she was lying about screwing customers. Well I got her good, with a little persuasion and not sending any money, but spending money to call her, she had her phone off a good while one day and she called me around 7am Pattaya time, saying she was with friends looking at the computer. All I said as I always said before, "Did you boom boom a man? You need to tell me, not good you lie to me." She said yes (me leaving out the details and her crying. Fake crying? Not too sure).

There you have it. Now she can boom boom as many man as she wants, another fish back in the pond of prostitutes for everyone, well I think she’s the type that picks who she wants to screw. But now she probably lost face and is boom booming anyone. That would be nice to see some lesbian action, oh yes. I tried, but she didn't want to do it. Damn it all to hell!!!!! Just joking. But not really. She was the possessive type. I wouldn't be surprised if she sees me, she would start following me around.

I tried to become her friend, she didn't want that or me to look her as a customer again. So I was like ok then, you go boom boom other guy and email your other boyfriends for money every month if that’s what you're trying to get out of me, but I didn't say that directly. Bye bye. But of course I gave her a good speech afterwards, that I said I loved her, but I do not want to love a lady who works the bar. Heart me dead! Hah!

Honestly I'm pretty mad writing this. The fact that I was dumb enough to do it in the first place. And the fact I'm writing an article at all for what reasons or to make a point, not sure. I guess I want to ramble about it to someone. I know I probably will get some haters, or people who wanna say "greenhorn". Greenhorn to what? This isn't smoking weed. You get drunk enough your first time out somewhere you don't know anything about at the time, and also you have an Asian fetish. See where that brings you. A mans "hum" thinks for them sooner or later.

But to think back, she was a good person. She cared for me always, whatever her purpose was to do so eagerly. I do not care. I feel bad for taking it this far, when I had the option to grow a pair of balls and say, sorry, but I do not want to get attached even though she didn't know English too much then. Obviously she does now. She even comes up with new words about everyday or week haha.

But honestly, that was my first experience with a bar lady from Thailand. The lying and deceiving and reading stickman was all non-existent to me until I met her. Meaning I did not know this information during my time spent in Thailand. Only the fact they were prostitutes. Didn't know about the whole GFE and crap like that. Whether or not stickman saved or destroyed that relationship between me and her, the obvious factor is that I was able to leak out 1 customer from her through new methods after finding out more about bar girls in Thailand. Which that 1 man have been a lie to send money to her (may been true either way), but then again who knows how many other man she banged up before and didn't say to me. It’s not like I call her a long time, and everyday.

I heard from a friend once, "Have a good time, not a long time". I'll do just that. I'm there to have fun from here on out. So the same as a Thai lady ignoring that being a prostitute is bad, will be the same I ignore that paying for a prostitute is horrible for a mans pride. So all in all, we even out. Mai pen rai.

My point, I have no damn clue. But if you think of it clearly, all farangs and Thai ladies that go to walking street, nana or Patpong…for sex…are all whores. No matter what the case may be.

Why complain?"

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